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Oh The Desperation

Tim Scott Claps Back at Founder of 1619 Project

Oilfield Rando MOCKS NBC sob stories about ADULTS having to pay student loans back in HILARIOUS thread

Progressive Philly Journalist Who Downplayed Citys Crime Is Shot and Killed

UAW Strike Expands Again Its the First Simultaneous Strike of the Big Three

Hmm Democrat Congressmans Latest Move Has People Speculating

Fox News Contributor Reminds Dems of Their Hypocrisy When Eulogizing Dianne Feinstein

Defending Fire Alarm Crimes and Cashing in on Swifties Swooning Over Football

New York Governor You Know on Second Thought Our Border Might Be Too Open Right Now

Heres What Californias New Senator Just Scrubbed From Her Social Media

Heres How TX State Troopers Are Taking on Mexican Cartels

Why MTG Is Siding With Speaker McCarthy in Removal Battle

Biden Administration Gives Update on Student Loan Bailout Effort

MTG joins in on beating The Fire Alarm horse to death as she shows how to EXIT the Cannon building

35000 Morons The Taylor Swift Problem

Theres One Big Problem With the Possibility of RFK Jr Running As an Independent

Weekend Drama Congress Kicks the Government Shutdown Can GOP Insurgents Achieve Nothing

Heres What Trump Wants to Know After Dem Congressman Caught Pulling Fire Alarm

Watch AOCs Weird Defense For House Democrat Pulling Fire Alarm

Heres Whats Odd About Newsoms Pick to Fill Feinsteins Vacancy

Matt Gaetzs Plot to Remove McCarthy Faces a Monumental Obstacle

More Proof Joe Biden Was Involved In Hunters Corrupt Business Dealings

Heres the Hitchhikers Guide to Matt Gaetzs Plot to Remove Kevin McCarthy

GOP Senator Explains What Bidens Green Energy Transition Really Means for America

PAGOP Meets to Unanimously Endorse Dave McCormick for Senate

Matt Gaetz Hurls Serious Allegations at Speaker McCarthy Over How ShutdownAverting Bill Got Passed

Bill Maher Came to the Defense of One of the Lefts MostHated Republicans

Bidens Green New Scam Is Coming For More Than Just Your Gas Powered Stove

WaitThats What NBC News Focused on Instead of the Migrant Crisis

Illegal Immigrant Bites Off Police Sergeants Finger After Arrest

Rep Jamaal Bowman Accused of Pulling Fire Alarm As Democrat Lawmakers Try to Stall GOP Bill

Thomas Massie shares DAMNING video showing everyone how stable Jamaal Brown really IS isnt watch

Should Rep Jamaal Bowman be expelled from Congress

Massive Florida Human Trafficking Bust Sheds Light On the Dangers of Bidens Border Policies

So Theres a Plot to Remove Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House UPDATE Its Happening

A Key Dem Provision Was Left Out of the Spending Bill That Prevented a Government Shutdown

Theres One Dem Senator Holding Up the Vote on the Spending Bill Preventing a Government Shutdown

Shutdown Stunner House GOP Passes Spending Bill to Keep Government Open

Bowman Issues Formal Statement About Pulling Fire Alarm Thomas Massie Has the Perfect Response

Things white families do Woke K12 opposes positive activities wants focus on oppressive policies

Woke DA Alvin Bragg Sued After Questionable Murder Charges Dropped

WEF Believes the Next Crisis Is Among Us

One Photo That Shreds Jamaal Bowmans Narrative Over Fire Alarm Incident

McCarthy GOP Calls For Jamaal Bowmans Arrest Over His Fire Alarm Stunt

Not Even Jake Tapper Is Buying AOCs Ridiculous Defense of Jamaal Brown

CriminalFriendly Seattle Is So Bad This Guys Shocked When a Judge Wont Let Him Go

Heres What the Trump Campaign Is Now Calling on the RNC to Do After Second GOP Debate

Bill Maher Admitted Ron DeSantis Did Something Better Which Will Drive Liberals Insane

The Most Cringe Worthy Moment of the Week Goes to Antony Blinken

RFK Jr Reportedly Plans to Run As An Independent Candidate

Remember When San Francisco Considered Renaming This Elementary School

Trans Student Violently Attacks Female Student

Seriously Heres where the media spin on Biden allegations stands for now

Never Mind Those Hordes of MilitaryAged Chinese Men With the Same Clothing Haircuts and Tattoos Swarming Our Southern Border

House Republicans to Vote On Clean Stopgap Funding Bill Ahead of Potential Government Shutdown

Why a Local NYC Bodega Owner Is Suing the DA Going After Donald Trump

Democrats Kick Americans to the Curb In Order to Make Room for Illegal Migrants

Union Joe Gets Trolled For Picketing With UAW

Watch out Elon Musk plays along with The Babylon Bee and it is HILARIOUS

So Ron DeSantis went on Bill Mahers show here is what happened

Shutdown Stunner House GOP Passes Spending Bill to Keep Government Open UPDATE Senate Likely to Pass Bill UPDATE Or Not

So Thats Why a Democrat Pulled the Fire Alarm Before Vote on a Key Spending Bill

Trump Hilariously Mimics Biden Trying to Figure Out How to Exit Off a Stage

Why a Local NYC Bodega Worker Is Suing the DA Going After Donald Trump

DeSantis Promises to Deport Every Illegal Migrant That Came to the US Under Joe Bidens Term

We Need to Talk About These Epic Floods in New York City

HEY GUYS the ratio on this post about gender neutral languages has us ROLLING

Scientists study consciousness after death with surprising results

Top Georgia State Senator Removed From Caucus For Daring to Stand Up to Fulton County DA

Philly Endured Another Night of Looting Rioting and Mayhem

Major Financial Institution Gives Its Prediction on the Looming Government Shutdown

Liberal Media Sidelines Biden Impeachment Inquiry

MTG Obliterates Democrats With New Photos From Hunter Bidens Laptop

Its Time to Put Down Bidens Dog

The GOP Needs to Get Some of These Idiots Off Stage

Virginia Democrats Double Down on Extreme Position Defending Abortion Until and After Birth

You Wont Believe What Gavin Newsom Just Admitted About Trump

Social Media Reacts to Chaotic GOP Debate and Its Not Good

Updated Whats Going on in Arizona Heres Why 4th in Line Had to Step in As Acting Governor

WATCH Harry Sisson hits a new low attacking Sarah Fields and the blowback is a sight to see

The Morning Briefing A Most Perfect Comparison of DemRep Differences Regarding the Border

Was This the Worst Debate Moderator Yet

Senate Comes to Unanimous Agreement on Dress Code

Newsom Says He Baited DeSantis Into Debate

Gingrich on GOP Primary This Race Is Over

Florida School District Removes All LGBTQ Reading Materials

DeSantis Won the Second Debate Does it Matter

So Thats Who Authorities Think Should Be Blamed for Creating Havoc in Philly

Sixth Circuit Allows Laws to Remain in Effect Protecting Children From Mutilation

FBI Finally Apprehends Man Who Fled Before Being Sentenced Over January 6 Riot

Poll Republicans See Trump As a Person of Faith More Than Pence Romney

Bob Menendez Wanted to Address Corruption Charges With Dem Colleagues Heres How They Reacted

How One California City Is Handling the Illegal Immigration Crisis

Heres How Much California Fast Food Workers Will Be Paid Starting April 1st

Michigan Judges Now Forced to Refer to Attorneys by Their Preferred Pronouns

LATEST Sen Dianne Feinstein Has Died

Why Elon Musks Southern Border Trip Could Trigger Liberals

Gavin Newsom SCHOOLED by stats and MATH after making ugly dig at Kristi Noem about gun violence in SD

West Coast Messed Coast Report Leftists Swarm Like Sharks After Senator Dianne Feinsteins Death

House Oversight to Hunter Biden Surrender Your Bank Records

Heres the Government Spending Measure the House GOP Failed to Pass Late Last Night

Rand Paul Explains What Hell Do to Avoid a Shutdown

Heres What Happened When Elon Musk Livestreamed His Visit to the Southern Border

The Liberal Medias Description of Dianne Feinsteins Political Views IsInteresting

Government Shutdown Inevitable All But Assured After ShortTerm Spending Bill Fails

Heres What Republican Members of Congress Are Doing to Prevent Future Shutdowns

New Poll Highlights Why More Families Are Choosing to Homeschool

Elon Shames Journos by Doing Their Job and WaPo Tells Us to Stop Picking on the ChiComs

Gavin Newsoms Old Interview Reveals His Anger Issues

Remember That Time Dianne Feinstein Totally Owned a Bunch of Kids on Climate Change

Stephen Miller the other one drags Phillip Bump like only he can and ROFL

BREAKING RFK Jr to Run as an Independent

DeSantis Continues to Hammer Trump on Spending With New Veto Pen Merchandise

FactCheck Time Haley Says DeSantis Banned Fracking in Florida During 2nd GOP Debate

Heres When Kari Lake Plans to Announce a 2024 Senate Run

What Does the Menendez Indictment Mean for New Jersey

Oh We Have Another Labor Strike on the Horizon

Shifting Disinformation Standards

Poll Republicans See Trump As a Person of Fath More Than Pence Romney

The Second Republican Debate Was a Dumpster Fire

Senator Blows Through Bidens Soul of the Nation Slogan With Facts About the Border Crisis

Rep Nancy Mace has had it with this whole my uncles brother bullst

The backlash to twoparent privilege continues

Tim Scott Attacks Ramaswamys Previous Business With the Chinese Communist Party

Amid Damning Wire Transfer Revelations Lets Review What the Bidens Said About Chinese Money

Former J6 Prosecutor Is Now a Stabbing Suspect

New Text Message Shows Joe Bidens Work With Hunter Was the Usual

Seven Wild Moments From the Second GOP Debate

You Wont Believe How Many Democrats Want to Limit Americans Freedom of Speech

Christie Unveils New Nickname for Trump The Former President Responds

The Second GOP Debate Was a Messand It Exposed a Glaring Issue Within the Republican Party

Heres What DeSantis Says Hell Throw in the Trash Can on Day One

Really Nikki Haley and Tim Scott Get Into It Over Curtains

Every Time I Hear You I Feel a Little Bit Dumber Nikki Haley Smacks Down Opponent in Debate

This Is Who Tucker Carlson Will Be Interviewing During the Second GOP Debate

The biggest loser of last nights debate was

The Morning Briefing After 2 GOP Debates Trumps Sabotage Is Almost Complete

When Social Justice Replaces Actual Justice Critics Blast Ethan Liming Death Verdict

95 Year Old Korean War Veteran Evicted by Illegal Immigrants

Its Time for GOP Debate BINGO

Does This Mean Matt Gaetz Will Replace DeSantis As Governor of Florida

The Devastating Effects Border Patrol Agents Have to Endure Because of Joe Bidens Border Crisis

Heres Why Missouri Will Sue a School District

Senator Katie Britt Testifies About American Nightmare at the Border

Why This Teacher Was Arrested Will Shock You

Are National Parks the Next Destination for Illegal Immigrant Tent Cities

Will Menendez Indictment Affect the Political Landscape in New Jersey

Whats Going on in Arizona 4th in Line Steps in as Acting Governor

Burgum Heres Whos to Blame for the UAW Strike

Biden Campaign Is Now Using This Clip of DeSantis From GOP Debate

Disturbing Border Officials Reveal the Number of Criminal Encounters Over the Past 11 Months

Wait Thats Why the DOJ Dragged Its Feet on Charging Hunter Biden

Theres Another 1on1 Debate DeSantis Is Seeking

Heres What Happened to That Virginia Dems Poll Numbers After Her Sex Video Scandal

House Judiciary Details Impeachment Inquiry Scope Ahead of First Hearing

Why Hunter Bidens Lawsuit Against Rudy Giuliani Is Hilarious

Riley Gaines DROPS AOC like the sack of STUPID she is for trying to speak for ALL women at the ballot box

Chaos Erupted After Tim Scott Went After Ramaswamy During Second GOP Debate

Pences Attempt to Grab Audiences Attention During Second GOP Debate Failed

The Biden Administration Found AsylumSeekers It Wants to Deport

Decay Major Retailers Announce Hundreds of New Store Closures Due to Mounting Crime in Cities

Buttigieg Tells UAW to Pound Sand Over Electric Vehicle Mandate

Former Special Forces Green Beret Derrick Anderson Is Running for Congress Again With Key Endorsements

Fauci Made a Secret Visit to the CIA During the COVID Pandemic Guess Why

Here Are All the Dem Senators Who Want Gold Bar Bob Menendez to Resign

Elon Musk I Would Rather Go to Prison Than

Newsom Signs Extreme Gun Control Measures Into Law

House Republicans Have Some Questions About DOD Officials Close Relationship With Iran

Oof Voters Chewing Up and Spitting Out WH Bidenomics Talking Points

Gallagher Draws Attention to the Most Important Issue That Hasnt Been Mentioned Much in the Debates

Pump the Brakes Scientists Say Theres Something Off With These Long COVID Studies

SHOTS FIRED AOC just LOSES it after Elon Musk says shes not that smart and popcorn

The sick man of Europe

Heres the Line That Matt Gaetz Used to Savage Democrats on Federal Spending

Heres Why the Mayo Clinic Just Pulled This Information About Hydroxychloroquine Off Its Website

Border Patrol Seized Enough Fentanyl to Wipe Out the Entire US Population This Year Alone

Read Jim Jordans Response to Fulton County DA Fani Willis

James Carville Delivers a Scathing Observation About LeftWing Democrats

Ian Sams Has a Brutal Day

We Keep Hearing This Line of Defense for Biden

New Survey Shows How Many Americans Will Get the Updated COVID19 Vaccine

Poll Shows Iowans Are Still Undecided in GOP Primary

MSNBC Guest Thinks Trump Is a Nazi for the Craziest Reason

Trans Rights in America panel asked to define what a woman is gets testy

Joe Biden Is About to Be Let Off the Hook for Mishandling Classified Docs

Musk Would Rather Go to Prison Than Do This

Biden Admin Faces Questions Over DOD Officials Close Relationship With Iran

This Country May Soon Be a World Judge of Human Rights

Absolute Pandemonium Broke Out in Philly Last Night

Kari Lake Steps On A Landmine With Absurd Claim About Ron DeSantis

The Republican Poll Dance

Senator Tubervilles Not Only Fighting Pentagons Illegal Abortion Policy But Fake News

Heres the New Rule Concerning Trump and His Legal Drama

Ana Navarro Has Some Thoughts on Whether Menendez Will Resign

Why Canadas House of Commons Speaker Just Resigned

Nicole Malliotakis Praises Judges Order Closing Migrant Shelter on Staten Island

The Start of Progress House Manages to Advance Spending Bills

The Morning Briefing Michelle Obama Is the New Gavin Newsom in the Biden Dementia Sweepstakes

Insanity Mass looting breaks out in Philly after er

Senate Votes on ShortTerm Funding Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

Bidens Dog Bit Someonefor the Eleventh Time

California Will Fine Schools That Ban Books About Race LGBTQ Issues

Has the Biden Admin Been Infiltrated by Iranian Sleeper Agents

Heres Why Democrats in New Jersey Are Changing Their Tune on Illegal Immigration

Biden Admin Says LowIncome Women Kids Would Lose Support During a Shutdown But Not These Foreigners

Leaked Docs Might Offer Some Insight As to Why the Biden Admin Has Been So Eager to Make Deals With Iran

A Republican Senator Joined the UAW Picket Line This is Why

Is This the Escape Hatch to Avoid a Government Shutdown

Dem Senators to Bob Menendez Its Time to Say Adios to Your Political Career UPDATE The List Grows

Ford Delivers a Major Blow to Bidens Electric Vehicle Push

Why Was a Venezuelan Flag Planted on US Soil by Illegal Immigrants

Hunter Biden Has Filed Another Lawsuit

NY Times readers let Ibram Kendi have it

Dave Portnoy Pulled the Greatest Public Shaming Since Andrew Breitbart Roasted Anthony Weiner

Shocker AntiDark Money Sheldon Whitehouse Has Deep Ties to Secret Donors

Hochul Calls in Even More National Guard Personnel Amid Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Canadian PM Trudeaus Reaction to Parliament Praising a Literal Nazi Is Outright Delusional

A Reporter Tried Eating at NYCs Finest Establishments Dressed Like John Fetterman

Bank Records Show Hunter Biden Received Wire From Beijing With Joe Bidens Home as Beneficiary

New Poll Confirms What Weve Already Known About Democrats

Hero Mom Confronts School Board

Biden State Dept Launches New Attack on Fossil Fuels

WaPo Hates GOP AntiCensorship as Steve Schmidt Smears Vaseline on His Camera and Sees Nazis

Voters Trust Republicans More Than Democrats on Several Key Issues Poll Shows

Whos to Blame for a Potential Shutdown Heres What Voters Had to Say

House Judiciary Hearing Highlights Surging Violent Crime in Chicago

Major Media Mogul Headed to See the Disaster at the Border

Energy Secretary Under Investigation for Disastrous Electric Vehicle Road Trip

Childrens book author says parental rights really anger me

AXIOS blows lid off WH Operation FFS At Least Keep the Geezer Upright UPDATE OMG UAW visit

Theres an Update on Bidens Health Status

Fashion Designers Stolen Clothes Found in Unwearable Condition at ExBiden Officials House

CNN Anchor Immediately Ends Interview With Gaetz After Getting Fact Checked on Air

We Now Know Who Will Qualify for Second RNC Debate

Why Did Biden Receive His COVID Booster in Private

Comer Announces Witnesses in First Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Did ABC News Political Director Engage in Doublethink in TrumpBiden Poll Analysis

Should the GOP Gamble on the Government Shutdown

A Disturbing Amount of Democrats Young People Want Government Censorship

How Scared Is the Biden Reelection Campaign About Recent Polls

Jim Acosta Shamelessly Covers Up for Bidens Role in Border Crisis

WHOA Post sharing reported inside info explaining how Democrats will install Newsom a real HUMDINGER

UNCANNY FBI Predicted Those Jan 6 Riots They Instigated

Heres the Name Thats Been Mentioned in Hunter Biden and Bob Menendezs Corruption Cases

A Top Senate Democrat Just Threw Bob Menendez Under the Bus


Turley Four Biden Impeachment Articles What The House Will Need To Prove

Watch Biden Engages In Desperate Gaslighting Blames MAGA For Americas Ills

How Great Is Our Economy If The Bottom 50s Share Of The Nations Wealth Has Plummeted Since 2009

A September To Forget Here Are The Best And Worst Performing Assets In September Q3 And 2023

Supreme Court Case About Financial Regulator Sparks Industry Anxiety

Goldman BTFD In Cheap Magnificent 7 Stocks As RateRout Peaks

Are Small Nuclear Reactors The Answer To BigTechs Energy Crisis

EU Pledges Lasting Support At Historic Kiev Meeting As America Steps Back

US Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Block Trump In 2024

In Furious Reversal Hedge Funds Are Back To Shorting Energy Rushing Into Tech

Is Dark Money AntiHate Group CCDH Run By An Intelligence Operative

Watch Trump Calls For Radical Left Lunatic Democrat Who Pulled Fire Alarm To Be Prosecuted

The USA vs SBF Jury Selection In Sam BankmanFried Trial To Begin Tuesday

Philadelphia Journalist Who Mocked Concern Over Violent Crime In Democrat Cities Shot Dead In Home

Sidney Powell Paid For Georgia Election Machine Examination Upon Threat Her Lawyer Says

Fifth Circuit Court Rules Against Bidens ATF In Ghost Gun Case

Sisi Tells Egyptians Hunger A Price Worth Paying For ProgressIn Bizarre Speech

2OutOf3 Gen Zers Still Get Financial Help From Their Parents

Unlocking The Psychology Of Bitcoins Bear Market

US stocks traded mixed as the dollar and yields surged Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

After Liquidating 100 Billion CTAs Are Done Selling Stocks Will Buy 187 Billion If Markets Bounce

The 11 Retailers Most At Risk Of Bankruptcy In The Next 12 Months

Dollar and rates surge oil dips while volatilities stay bid

Can An Independent Kennedy Destroy The Whole LeftRight DemonDriven Pyschodrama

Strong data sees yields and dollar surge but big tech keeps stocks propped Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Bonds Bullion Black Gold Battered As Hawkish FedSpeak Inflation Fears Lift The Dollar

Small Business Bankruptcies Surge In 2023 Five Reasons Why

Lindsay Graham Suggests If Conservatives Want Border Security They Will Have To Support Funding For Ukraine

3 charts we are watching This could cause severe PL pain

Newsom Fills Feinsteins Empty Senate Seat With Wealthy Black Lesbian From Maryland

UPS Offers Rebates To Win Back Diverted Volumes

Ukraine Fatigue Will Grow Kremlin Reacts To Congress Dropping Aid

Shutdown Averted For 45 Days

Renewed Upward Pressure On Inflation US Manufacturing Surveys Signal Stagflation

Key Events This Busy Week Payrolls Jolts ADP ISM And Tons of Fed Speakers

Tesla Delivers 435059 Vehicles In Q3 Missing Estimates Blames Planned Downtime

Peter Schiff A Fork In The Road

Student Loan Payments Officially Resume After ThreeYear Pause

Stocks Reaction To Septembers ISM Will Be Telling

Futures Slide Losing Early Gains As Attention Turns From Govt Shutdown To Rising Rates

Apple Blames BugFor iPhone 15 Overheating Plans To Issue Software Update

Almost Half Of All Young Adults In The US Are Living With Their Parents

FCI Will Tighten Until Something Breaks Here Are The Top Trade Ideas On Goldmans Floor

SEALs Other Navy Special Warfare Troops To Be Randomly Tested For Performance Enhancing Drugs

3 big charts we are watching

Equities weaker US futures tentative DXY bid ahead of US ISM Feds Powell due Newsquawk US Market Open

Magnificent 7 Time for the next leghigher

US Meteorologist Warns Winter This Year Going To Be Very Different As El Nino Ramps Up

Watch Gaetz Announces Motion To Oust McCarthy After Deceitful Ukraine SideDeal

RFK Jr Could Make Announcement On Run As Independent On Oct 9

ClassAction Lawsuit Filed Against Remdesivir Manufacturer Over Alleged Deceptive Practices

Slovakia May Stop Backing Ukraine War After Populist Election Win

Russias Military Budget Set To Rise By 70

Atlantic Overfishing Europes Worst Offenders

More Deceit Gaetz Rages Over McCarthyUkraine Side Deal To Pass Stopgap

Anthropology Session On Importance Of Biological Sex Canceled To Appease LGBT Advocates

Escobar RussiaChina Partnership Defangs US Empire

How SickDay Culture Differs Around The World

Solutions Are Scary Part 2 Economic Rebellion And Black Markets

US Dominates World University Rankings

A Climate Of Fear

These Are The Worlds Top DiamondMining Countries By Carats Value

11 Assumptions About The Future

Biden Embarrassingly Reverses Plan To Defund Schools With Archery Hunting Programs

This Is Personal McCarthy Hits Back After Gaetz Removal Threat

AOC Defends Lawmaker Who Pulled Fire Alarm To Open Door And Totally Not Disrupt The Democratic Process

These Morons Are Pushing Us Towards WW3 Sunak Backtracks After UK Defense Chief Wants To Send British Troops To Ukraine

Michael Wilson The Market Is Beginning To Question The Higher For Longer Narrative

Trump Sues Christopher Steele Over Hoax Dossier

Smart Borrowing Has Made Monetary Policy Laggier

Path Of Least Resistance Is Higher Hedge Fund Short Selling Ends As Stocks Are Bought For First Time In 4 Weeks Goldman PB

Homes Are Unaffordable In 99 Of US Counties

Things Are Going So Well For Biden That

Michigan Teen Who Clocked Teacher In Head With Metal Chair Arrested On Felony Assault Charges

20th Busload Of Illegal Immigrants Arrives In Downtown Los Angeles

Trump Receives Cheers From CA Crowd After Arguing In Favor Of Shooting Looters

Who Do Americans Think They Are Charles Nenner Warns Its Over They Cant Rule The World Anymore

Premiums Are Going Nuts Everywhere Plunging US Supply Sends Oil Prices Around The World Soaring

Over 277000 Vaccinated COVID19 Cases Hidden By CDC In 2021 Newly Obtained Files Show

No Path Forward McCarthy Says Senate Stopgap Bill DOA As Shutdown Approaches

Its Such A Fine Line Michael Hartnetts Big 15 Charts

The Costco Gold Indicator

GM Ford CEOs Blast UAW Boss As Strikes Expand

10 Numbers Which Prove That The US Economy Has Hit A Major Pivot Point

Sweden Turns To Military For Help Amid Daily Shootings Bombings In Migrant Gangland Chaos

Escobar The Abuse Of Europe Is NeverEnding While Hegemon Is Making A Killing

These Are The Worlds Largest Oil Producers

Over 186000 Migrants Crossed The Mediterranean So Far This Year UN Says

Springtime For Hitler

A Timeline Of US Government Shutdowns

Warning Reality Is Escaping Out The Back Door

Russian Mystery Plane That Landed In Pyongyang Making Washington Nervous

Macleod The End Of The Road For The Dollar

These Are The Most SoughtAfter Entry Level Jobs In 2023

Its Time For NASA To Step Aside And Let Private Industry Take Us To Mars

Ejected For The Last Time Netflix Officially Pulls Plug On DVD Business

US MilitarySanctioned Diversity Initiatives Are Out Of Control

House Passes Rep Marjorie Greenes Amendment To Cut Defense Secretary Lloyd Austins Salary To 1

House Democrat Pulls Fire Alarm To Try And Delay Shutdown Vote House Sends Clean Stopgap Bill To Senate

Michael Hartnetts Big 15 Charts

Arab Gulf State Demands Israels Shadowy Nuclear Weapons Program Be Subject To IAEA Safeguards

Satanic Pedophile Extortion Cult Uncovered By FBI After NY Arrest

TME Weekend Some things are as neutral as they get

Time To End The Fed And Its Mismanagement Of Our Economy

Putin Signs Decree To Draft 130K Young Men In Fall Conscription

Turley Ten Reasons Why The Biden Impeachment Inquiry Is Justified

Supporting Ukraine Is Tough Painful Amid Growing War FatigueUK Foreign Secretary Admits

Now Hiring The Ministry Of Failure

Despite Democrat FireAlarm Delays Congress Set To Avert Shutdown After Abandoning Ukraine Funds

Is The US Military Laying The Groundwork To Reinstitute The Draft

Hunter Bidens Daughter Was Living In White House While Representing Peruvian Government

What Is The Top Priority Or Number One Concern Of Most Americans

Victor Davis Hanson Blasts The Most Politicalized Weaponized 4Star Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Ever

Wheat Prices Record Most Consecutive Quarterly Declines Since GFC Meltdown

Heres Whats Really Going On Elon Musk Livestreams Southern Border Chaos

Senator Dianne Feinstein Dead At 90 One Day After Casting Vote

3 charts we are watching Bounce bullets

Tesla Sued For Pervasive Racial Harassment Of Black Workers At Its Fremont Factory

Evergrandes Arrested Chairman Suspected Of Committing Crimes Latest In Saga Of Chinas Real Estate Collapse

Watch Dramatic Footage Shows NYC Hit By Floodpocalypse After Rainstorm

UMich Sentiment Sinks In September Inflation Expectations Rise Intramonth

Supreme Court Returns To Mountain Of Cases From Conservative 5th Circuit

Government Prepares Employees For Shutdown As Congress Rolls Out Last Ditch DOA Stopgaps

Bonds Remain Oversold After Fastest Yield Rise On Record

Savings Rate Tumbles To OneYear Lows As Feds Favorite Inflation Signal Remains Sticky High

Futures Global Stocks Rise As Yields Dollar Drop Ahead Of Core PCE Print

The Biden Impeachment Begins Beaking Down The Evidence

Crying Wolf on the US Consumer again But is it for real this time

Yet Another FearMongering COVID Surge Turns Into Trickle As Hospital Admissions Wane

Here Is What Stops And What Doesnt When The Government Shuts Down This Weekend

The 109 Trillion Global Stock Market In One Chart

The Answer To American Electric Grid Reliability Is Fuel Cells

Equities firmer amid positive risktone DXY dips on softer yields US PCE due Newsquawk US Market Open

Goldman Trader This Is The Key Chart To Watch For Global Risk Sentiment

Positive Term Premia Drive Yields And Steeper Curve

Something Dangerous Is Happening In America Biden Warns Of Trumps Extremist Movement Blasts Republicans Silence

Treasury Selloff Cascade BasisTraders On Edge As SurgingRates Spark Bond Liquidation Fears On Unforeseen Quirk

California Raises Minimum Wage For FastFood Workers

Putin Crowns New Wagner Chief Tasked With Sending Fighters Back To Ukraine

Life In America Has Never Been More Unaffordable Than It Is Right Now

Malaysia Aims To Become A Semiconductor Powerhouse

Do You Understand What We Are Saying

Eurozone Inflation Tumbles To TwoYear Low

UAW Unleashes Wave Of Reinforcements As Strikes Intensify At Ford GM Amid Strained Talks Progress Seen With Stellantis

Mike Lindell Says MyPillow Crippled By Major Credit Card Company

Blinken China Is The Number One Threat To USLed Liberal World Order

COVID19 Vaccine Found In The Hearts Of Dead People Study

Is Google Rigging The 2024 Election The Controversy Over Invisible Republicans

Tale Of Two Scandals The Striking Similarities In The Menendez Biden Cases

Philadelphia City Council Votes 141 To Ban Safe Injection Sites

Parents Teachers Start Winning Court Battles Against Secret Gender Transition Policies

Fed Engages In Shocking Seasonal Adjustments To Convert 92BN Bank Deposit Outflow Into 36BN Inflow

Kunstler Bringing Back This Gaslit Nation Into The Daylight

SPX marks largest quarterly decline in a year as Treasury bulls struggle Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Feds Last Hike Triggers Q3 Carnage Traders Sell All The Things In September

Soft Landing Hope By The Fed Is Likely Optimistic

X Shreds Threads As Active Users Hit Record High Legacy Media Fails To Kill Free Speech Platform

Currency crossroads metals meltdown

It Feels Like A Storm Is Coming Gloom Of 2023 Confronts Upbeat EndOfYear History

Boston University Will Investigate Kendi Center After Ignoring Questions For Years

Jim Grant Fed Policy Is A PhD Standard Of Improvisation

Our Society Is Melting Down Even Faster Than Most People Thought That It Would

A Third Of All Workers Say Theyd Quit Or Find A New Job If They Were Asked To Return To The Office

Fauci And The CIA A New Explanation Emerges

US stocks gained as yields and oil prices eased back from recent peaks Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

North Korea Enshrines Permanent Nuclear Power Status In Constitution

Watch Biden Tells People To Stop Questioning COVID Shots

Banks Demands For Feds Emergency Funds Remains Near Record Highs As Retail MoneyMarket Fund Inflows Continue

Stocks advance as Treasuries hit highs in choppy monthend trade Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Victor Davis Hanson The Ukrainian Gordian Knot

Bear barrage

Massive ShortSqueeze Lifts Stocks Bitcoin Jumps As Bullion Black Gold Dumped

Goldmans Trading Desk Lists Five Reasons Why The Consumer Is Sinking

One Map Summarizes Status Of Ukraine War Russias Strategy

Iran To Build Oil Refinery In Central Syria In Partnership With Venezuela

Watch Live Biden Impeachment Inquiry Kicks Off

iPhone 15 Pro Sales Threatened By Phones Overheating Up To 122 Degrees

The American People Know The Fix Is In OReilly Warns Carlson We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now

Old Habits

Shutdown Imminent Senate Stopgap Will Be Dead On Arrival In House McCarthy And Biden Not Speaking

Pending Home Sales Puked In August To The Lowest On Record

Elon Musks SpaceX Wins Space Force Contract As Democrat Efforts To Cancel Him Fail

Fifth Circuit Allows Biden Admin To Continue Social Media Censorship Demands

9Sigma Miss Personal Consumption Unexpectedly Collapses In Latest GDP Revision

Initial Jobless Claims Drops To 12Month Lows

Futures Flat As Yields Extend Gains After Brent Crude Hits 97 Overnight

UAW Boss Set To Announce Expanded Strikes AtDetroit Automakers If No Progress Made By Friday

3 charts we are watching Bounce belief still unbroken

It will end in disaster

Americans Arent Buying The Great Economy Narrative

Here Are The Last 79 Colleges Still Mandating COVID Vaccines

UAWs Real Enemy Is Forced EV Conversion

Equities indecisive DXY Fixed weaker US IJC GDP Final Nike earnings due Newsquawk US Market Open

Ukraine Offered To Conduct Strikes On Syria Iran To Halt Drone Production

Watch AOC Claims Illegal Immigrants Are Actually Legal When They Seek Asylum

The Psychology Of Inflation What Makes You Say No Way Am I Paying That

Killing Of Baltimore Tech CEO Is Yet Another Failure Of SoftOnCrime Policies Pushed By Democrats

California School District Considers Removing Honors Courses For Sake Of Equity

Nestle CFO Says People Are Consuming Less As Food Beverage Demand Wanes

Tailing Subpar 7Y Auction Prices At Highest Yield On Record

Elon Musk Has Fired Most Of Twitters Election Integrity Team

You Will Never Guess What Happened To The Strong US Consumer After Todays Huge GDP Revisions

Irony Of The Day California Regulations Boost Diesel Truck Orders

UAW Action Expands Beyond Big 3VolvoOwned Mack Truck Workers Vote To Strike

Wagner Fighters Have Returned To Ukraine Battlefield CNN

Credit Risk Heightens As Equity Gamma Flips Negative

Goldman Bearish Sentiment Is Everywhere

2nd GOP Debate Post Mortem Hot Mess Helps Trump As DeSantis Disappoints Haley Hammers Vivek

Nothing Is Working Volkswagens Factories In Germany Paralyzed After Massive IT Malfunction

TreasuryBill Issuance Increase Will Support Steeper Yield Curve

Goldman CEO Solomon Sidesteps ESG Embraces Support For Fossil Fuel Companies

Watch Biden Almost Falls Down Steps On Same Day As Report About Handlers Mission To Prevent Him Falling

Credit Card Losses Are Surging At The Fastest Pace Since The Global Financial Crisis

They Courted Chinese Investment Now Theyre Running For President

What Happens To Social Security Payments If The Government Shuts Down

CIA Building Own ChatGPTstyle AI Bot In Shadow Of Chinas Advances

Meat From Animals Vaccinated With mRNA Vaccines May Soon Make Its Way Into The US Food Supply

Mayo Clinic Nukes Hydroxychloroquine Information Page After People Take Notice

US stocks finished mixed and bonds dipped amid Fed rhetoric and higher oil prices Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Food Stamp Program Losing 1 Billion Every Month To Alleged Fraud Errors Sen Ernst

Highly Likely Chinas Batwoman Warns Of New COVID Outbreak

Pritzkers Illinois Nations Worst State To Own A Home

White House Spox Lies Has Meltdown Over Hunter Bidens 260K Chinese Wires

Systematic storm aggressive gamma and volatility punters

Yields and Dollar surge to fresh YTD highs into monthquarterend Newsquawk Market Wrap

Timeline What Did The Feds Not Do About Alleged Biden Family Corruption When Did They Not Do It

Bonds Bullion Purged As Crude KingDollar Surge Into QtrEnd

Morgan Stanley Another 3540BN In Forced Systematic Selling Left This Week

Shutdown Toward The Brink Or Why This Time Might Be Different

Trump Rages At Deranged NY Judges Corporate Death Penalty Decision

Fauci Was Smuggled Into CIA Headquarters To Influence Covid19 Origins Investigation Select Subcommittee

Rabo Public Opinion Seems To Be Shifting Behind The Striking Workers

WTI Extends Gains As Cushing Stocks Near Tank Bottoms SPR Drained

North Korea Deports US Soldier Who Tried To Defect Over Racism

Newsom Signs Bill Mandating Gender Neutral Restrooms In California Schools

This Is A NoRules Market Goldman Flows Guru Warns Flows Trump Fundamentals Amid Record Negative Gamma

Elon Musk To Visit Texas Southern Border As Illegal Immigrant Crossings Skyrocket

3 charts we are watching Buying VIX here is a latetrade

Watch All Hell Breaks Out In Philadelphia As Teen Looters Target Retail Stores

A Crisis Is Coming Who Is Swimming Naked

Durable Goods Orders Unexpectedly Bounced In August But

Futures Rebound After Tuesday Rout As Rates Drop

Hollywood Screenwriters Approve Deal EndMonthsLong Strike With Studios

Russias Crude Oil Exports Drop Amid Terminal Maintenance

Heres What Retail Investors Are Most Interested In Buying

All that Dry Powder MA set to make a comeback

60 Of US Population Growth Since The Pandemic Is Age 65

European bourses mixed US futures firmer DXY bid AUD lags US Durable Goods due Newsquawk US Market Open

Deutsche Bank Subsidiary To Pay 25 Million For ESG Misstatements AML Violations

A CIA Front Organization Revisiting EcoHealth COVID19 Claims After Fauci Influence Campaign Bombshell

JPMorgan Collar PutStrike In Play As Market Hits Meaningful Short Gamma Pocket

All Philly Liquor Stores Closed After Mass Looting

Rude crude

False Misleading Information About COVID19 Vaccines And Myocarditis Spreads Widely

Head Of Trading At Largest US Bank Turns Apocalyptic Stocks Trading As If Hope And Confidence Are Dwindling Out Of The System

Peter Schiff Its The Beginning Of The End Of This Whole Phony Economy

US Shale Giant Agrees With JPMorgan Oil Headed For 150

Strong 5Y Auction Prices At Highest Yield Since Summer Of 2007

FCC Commissioner Blasts Net Neutrality Revival Proposal As Serious Mistake

Musk Warns BidenBacked 40 UAW PayHike Risks Big 3Bankruptcy Again

Canadas Speaker Resigns After Honoring Nazi NowWanted For Extradition By Polish Minister

Goldman JPM Trading Desks Warn Selling Starting To Turn Disorderly

When Shelter Becomes A Speculative Asset Society Unravels

US Orange Juice Prices Hit Record Highs As Supplies Tumble To 1968 Lows

Is It Time To Stop Backing Ukraine

Biden Orders Border Patrol To Cut Barbed Wire Fences Holding Back Masses Of Migrants

3 charts we are watching If it does not bounce soon it can get nasty

2Y Auction Prices At Highest Yield Since July 2006

Ted Cruz The Odds Are Very Significant That Michelle Obama Will Replace Biden

Americans Worried About A Credit Crunch What Happens When Consumers Cant Charge It

Russian Black Sea Commander Seen In Video The Day After Ukraine Said It Killed Him

FTC Sues Amazon Accusing Retail Giant Of Monopolizing Online Markets

Compound Market Returns Are A Myth

JPMorgan Settles Jeffrey Epstein Case For 75 Million Avoiding Trial

Dealer Gamma Hits Lowest On Record As CTA Sell Threshold Breached 37BN In Program Selling On Deck

Social Security Agency Demands Americans Pay Them Back After Overpaying

Tens Of Thousands Of Armenians Flee Their 2000Year Heartland In Karabakh Facing Genocide

The Restaurant With No Prices

Target To Shutter Nine Stores In Major Cities After Being Targeted By Violence Theft

US stocks declined and the early bond rebound faltered while the DXY touched a 10month high Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

What Id Tell Trump If I Thought Hed Listen

OpenAI Seeks 90 Billion Valuation In Potential Sale Of Existing Shares

From VIX euphoria to palpable panic

Rickards Its Not Coming Its Already Here

WTI Holds Gains After Cushing Stocks Continue Plunge Near Tank Bottoms

A Huge Backlash Against Globalism Climate Change Alarmism And Immigration Madness Has Started

Dollar hits YTD peaks as stocks and bonds trade heavy ahead of monthend Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Wrath Of Khan Wrecks Tech As Downbeat Dimon Batters Bonds Bullion Banks

Trump To Skip Second Republican Debate

For The First Time In 13 Years The Fed Is Cutting Workers As It Books 100 Billion In Losses

The Looming Economic Cauldron

Hunter Biden Sues Giuliani For Hacking His Abandoned Laptop

JPMs Dimon Warns World Not Ready For Feds Stagflationary Response

The Outlook Is Dismal Dallas Fed Surveys Signal Stagflation Threat In September

Oil now what

Conference Board Confidence Tumbled In September As Hope Fades

Sidney Homers Odyssey

US New Home Sales Crashed In August

Leftists In Canadian Parliament Seek to Erase Embarrassing Nazi Incident From The Record

US Announces 2 Billion Loan For Poland To Spend On Military

US Home Prices Hit New Record High Despite Soaring Mortgage Rates

Will 6040s Demise Make Stocks Irresistible

Citadels Ken Griffin Joins Consortium Of Investors In Bid ForTelegraph Newspaper

Futures Slide With Yields Lower As Dollar Hits 9 Month High

Ford Suddenly Halts Construction At EV Battery Plant AmidRepublican Probe Over China Ties

Majority Of Carbon Offset Projects Globally Are Likely Junk

Teslas Chinese Exports Included In EU Investigation Of Electric Vehicle Subsidies

Equities slip though UKs FTSE outperforms DXY contained Feds Bowman due Newsquawk US Market Open

Oil Can Push Higher As Cushing Stockpiles Collapse

Visualizing 200 Years Of Gold Production By Country

Stars and Stripes

FA18 Hornet training squadron is decommissioned at Miramar marking the end of an era

After 63 years in the air iconic flying tiger Stratotanker leaves NJ

Marines send new Southeast Asia rotational force to the Philippines

NYC braces for expected Trump court appearance in fraud trial

Biden presses McCarthy to deliver Ukraine aid absent in bill

Top European diplomats meet in Kyiv to support Ukraine as signs of strain show among allies

Serbia says it has reduced army presence near Kosovo after US expressed concern over troop buildup

Facing increasing pressure from customers some miners are switching to renewable energy

Video provides first clear views of WWII aircraft carriers lost in the pivotal Battle of Midway

At least 10 people dead after church roof collapsed in northern Mexico during Sunday Mass

10 Cuban migrants killed in freight truck crash in southern Mexico 17 seriously injured

Liechtenstein a fun word and a fun time

My perfect day hiking the Furstin Gina Weg

VIDEO Exploring Japan Enjoy Toyamas traditional townscapes in Inami and Iwase

Exploring Japan10 major Japanese cities to put on bucket list

VIDEO Exploring Okinawa Outside Camp Hansen Kin Town is waiting for you

The F35 fighter jet the worlds costliest weapons program just got more expensive

Milley defends democracy in farewell speech as Joint Chiefs chairman says oath wasnt to a wannabe dictator

Man arrested in Peru to face charges over hoax bomb threats to US schools synagogues airports

Chicago woman 104 skydives from plane aiming for record as the worlds oldest skydiver

Sound bite Opening of dental clinic at Ramstein exchange is cause for smiles

Nobel in medicine goes to 2 scientists whose work enabled creation of mRNA vaccines against COVID19

Rebels in Mali say theyve captured another military base in the north as violence intensifies

Here are the countries offering to help Kenya take on deadly gangs in Haiti

Retired Army general to lead Oregon disaster response

Birdwatcher finds decadesold American tank shell near Mount Fuji

Alumni celebrate high schools 50th year with football feasts at US base in Japan

Pentagon running low on money to replace weapons sent to Ukraine DOD comptroller says

Ohio companies win tens of millions in new defense contract awards

Azerbaijan moves to reaffirm control of NagornoKarabakh as the Armenian exodus slows to a trickle

Too expensive too scarce Doubt sets in on green aviation fuel

Mexicos president says 10000 migrants a day head to US border he blames US sanctions on Cuba

Mexicos rescue and drugsniffing dogs start out at armys puppy kindergarten

VIDEO Fall for Korea Check out Chuncheons autumn scenery in a canoe

Sign up now for the Dec 10 Tour of Guam Cycling

Caregivers want answers to mystery link between ALS military service

California governor rejects bill to give unemployment checks to striking workers

UK defense secretary suggests British training of Ukrainian soldiers could move into Ukraine

Suicide bomber detonates device in Turkish capital 2nd assailant killed in shootout

Fourth soldier from Bahrain dies of wounds after Yemens Houthi rebels attack troops on Saudi border

VIDEO Exploring Japan Enter the land of samurai in historic Hagi City

Exploring Korea The wonders of Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul

VIDEO Taste of Korea Simple recipe for Squid Games foam candy

Exploring Japan Best spots for snorkeling in Okinawas wonderful waters

Chamorro Recipe Latiya

Chamorro Recipe Empanada

For Supreme Court ethics have become the elephant in the courtroom

Jimmy Carter turns 99 at home with Rosalynn and other family as tributes come from around the world

Serbias president denies troop buildup near Kosovo alleges campaign of lies in wake of clashes

EUs top diplomat urges US to reconsider dropping Ukrainian aid from stopgap budget bill

Who is Robert Fico A proRussia populist wins Slovakias vote

Azerbaijan issues warrant for former separatist leader as UN mission arrives in NagornoKarabakh

Mexicos president slams US aid for Ukraine and sanctions on Venezuela and Cuba

Video Exploring Okinawa Cape Hedo a sight for sore eyes

Guam Kitchen Chamorro red white tamales heat up island food

Army vet forced to quit as cop because of burn pit illness wins nearly 25M in lawsuit

81 years ago single Japanese pilot launched only bombing of US mainland during World War II

What would a government shutdown mean for me SNAP student loans and travel impacts explained

UN experts allege systemic racism and rights abuses in US prisons

Slovakia election pits a proRussia former prime minister against a liberal proWest newcomer

NATO beefs up its Kosovo force as the US worries about a buildup of Serb troops in the area

Afghan embassy says it is stopping operations in Indian capital

Taste of Japan Slurp some radish soba in Echizen

VIDEO Bamdokkaebi Night Market tasty picnic on Han River

Chamorro Recipe Boelos Dago

Chamorro Recipe Ahu

Soldier transitioning from active duty suspected of triggering Hawaii lockdowns

Triplets go through Marine boot camp together at Parris Island Still my babies Mom says

On the brink of a federal shutdown the House passes a 45day funding plan and sends it to Senate

On the brink of a government shutdown the Senate tries to approve funding but its almost too late

Romania reports possible airspace breach during Russian attack on Ukraine

Putin marks anniversary of annexation of Ukrainian regions as drones attack overnight

Pentagon makes lastminute push to save Ukraine aid as shutdown looms

Apple says it will fix software problems blamed for making iPhone 15 models too hot to handle

Ukraine hosts a defense industry forum seeking to ramp up weapons production for the war

Stars and Stripes provides free government shutdown coverage

House votes down GOP shortterm spending bill with shutdown on horizon

A true blessing Venezuelan migrants in Georgia cheer about new status

Pentagon issues 101 recommendations for suicide prevention to be implemented by end of fiscal 2030

Democratic Sen Dianne Feinstein of California an advocate for liberal priorities dies at age 90

Philippines to host multinational naval drills amid confrontations with China

Navy secretary censures 3 former admirals for Red Hill fuel spills at Hawaii base

USS Ronald Reagan returns to sea to continue its IndoPacific patrol

Space Force could be the service branch hurt most by a government shutdown experts say

Updated COVID vaccines headed to overseas US military bases next month

Government shutdown would not affect Red Hill defueling Navy says

Gates will be locked and thousands of rangers furloughed at national parks if government shuts down

NATO turns to underwater drones and AI in bid to deter Russia

Spooky sea creatures lurk in night aquarium in Tokyos Ikebukuro District

Dont miss Japans jugoya moon tsukimi tonight

South Koreas 7 hottest new attractions of 2023

Fall in love with these 12 pictureperfect spots in Korea

VIDEO Kayaking on Okinawas beautiful Hija River

American soldier who crossed into North Korea arrives back in the US video appears to show

Navy to start randomly testing SEALs special warfare troops for steroids

McCarthy launches lastditch plan to keep government open but with steep 30 cuts to many agencies

The fall of an enclave in Azerbaijan stuns the Armenian diaspora extinguishing a dream

No NFL football movies and other popular AFN programming if government shuts down

Israel reopens the main Gaza crossing for Palestinian laborers after days of rising tensions

From food banks to pay advances troops have help in a government shutdown

House passes Pentagon spending bill stripped of Ukraine aid and full of controversial social provisions

Michigan mans uncle identified 70 years after being killed in military plane crash

Iranian naval forces target laser on American military helicopter US officials say

Wags of wellness Dogs enlisted in Navy effort to improve sailors mental health

Army still searching for armed individual after lifting shelterinplace order for Hawaii base

DODEA schools would stay open sports fields would not under government shutdown

The American soldier who bolted into North Korea 2 months ago has returned to the US

Senate adopts resolution requiring men to wear business attire on chamber floor

Blinken meets Indian foreign minister as row between India and Canada simmers

My Paradise Hop on a bike and challenge yourself riding Japans Shimanami Kaido

My Paradise My first taste of United States was Guam

Poor living conditions in military barracks will take years to fix officials say

Separatist government of NagornoKarabakh says it will dismantle itself by January 2024

Marine seminar on suicide prevention a first for enlisted leaders on Okinawa

Has a Signals Corps soldier created the perfect challenge coin

House bill proposes Pentagon pay to move any service members remains from a hometown service to a national cemetery

US secures the release of the soldier who crossed into North Korea 2 months ago

Okinawa governor ignores Tokyos deadline to approve Marine Corps runway permits

Legal review refutes claim that DOD abortion rules need congressional approval

How the war in Ukraine helped stoke an Armenian tragedy

Germany bans farright group that tried to indoctrinate children with Nazi ideology

Taiwan launches the islands first domestically made submarine for testing

The 90s sitcom returns with Barefoot in the Park

Dont miss enchanting spider lilies at Kinchakuda Park near Yokota AB

Tokyos best new restaurants 2023

Discover the beauty of autumn at Koreas Hadong Bukcheon Cosmos and Buckwheat Flower Festival

Chuseok Traditional Korean holiday of bountiful harvest

McConnell says arming Ukraine is an easy call Trump at fault for GOP wavering

Military leaders back Biden decision to keep Space Command in Colorado

A hidden climate danger threatens coastal communities

Kosovo accuses Serbia of direct involvement in deadly clashes and investigates possible Russian role

Germany and Israel sign an agreement for Berlin to buy a USIsraeli missile defense system

China takes back pandas from zoos in US UK

Chinas defense minister has been MIA for a month His ministry isnt making any comment

Lebanese Armenians scuffle with riot police during protest outside Azerbaijan Embassy

Iran says it has successfully launched an imaging satellite into orbit amid tensions with the West

Home again Marines WWII diary returns to his daughter 81 years after final entry

Frigate to deploy with USS Dwight D Eisenhower in Mediterranean this fall Italian officials say

Parts falling into place for NASAs next moon rocket for Artemis II

Shutdown odds grow as House GOP leaders reject Senates spending bill

4 in 5 Black adults see racist depictions in the news either often or sometimes says new study

Cheap drones have yielded huge results for Ukraine US general in top NATO role says

Russian admiral reportedly killed in Ukrainian attack shows up on TV

How did the Maui fire spread so quickly Overgrown gully may be key to the investigation

Israel says it foiled Iranian plot to target spy on senior Israeli politicians

Bahrain says a 3rd soldier has died after an attack this week by Yemeni rebels on the Saudi border

Empathy was hallmark of airman killed in Germany crash coworkers say

Nothing good about it DOD official says shutdown horrible for US good for Russia and China

New rules aim to make foster care with family easier provide protection for LGBTQ children

Top Navy Air Force officers join logjam of military nominees being blocked by Tuberville

Plans for Polands first nuclear power plant move ahead as US and Polish officials sign an agreement

An old car tire burnt trees and a utility pole may be key in finding how the Maui wildfire spread

Mexican mother bravely shields son as bear leaps on picnic table devours tacos enchiladas

Justice Department seeks reinstatement of Bowe Bergdahls courtmartial conviction

Soldier sentenced to 18 months in prison for Alaska crash that killed another soldier

Rocky Horror in the round Roller derby teams do the time warp again at Yokota

Tuberville says military is not an equal opportunity employer

Grissom runway reopens following 60M renovation

University of Hawaii launches Red Hill resource hub

Coast Guard searching for woman swept into ocean from popular Washington coast beach

Beaufort Marines remember Simple Jack a combat jet pilot known for his warriors spirit

An Abe Lincoln photo made during his 1858 ascendancy has been donated to his museum in Springfield

Fake coordinates and tanker tricks expose shadowy Russian oil trade

Kyiv says it killed Russian admiral Moscow says hes taking video calls

SEC fines Chinese EV maker 710000 over misleading statements about US entry

USIsrael visa deal could give some Palestinians new freedom of movement

US allows Israeli citizens to travel to US visafree as Israel joins a select group of countries

JPMorgan agrees to 75 million settlement with US Virgin Islands in Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking case

5 Podcasts for pop culture fans

Halloween in Japan Spooky season at Sanrio Puroland Tokyo Disney

My paradise Aomori Japans land of summer fests winter fun

Oct 9Hangul Day A Democratic alphabet created for Korean commoner

Shopping in Korea Hunting for special souvenirs at Namdaemun Market

Taste of Japan Gohan no otomo Okinawan rice toppings

Nago Castle Park A kids paradise

VIDEO Guam Virtual Tour Gef Pgo

VIDEO Exploring Guam Virtual trip to islands famous Fouha Rock

Fort Drum soldiers train helicopter jumps on St Lawrence River

From Westover Air Reserve Base to Head Start Western Mass agencies brace for federal shutdown

Volunteers line 7 miles of Main Street with flags to honor fallen Belleville Marine

FTC sues Amazon in landmark antitrust case over marketplace

At UN North Korea says the US made 2023 more dangerous and accuses it of fomenting an Asian NATO

Monster machines floating on the waves could be the future of wind energy

Mexico weighs new screening plan with US UN to tackle migration

US shifting personnel to drone base as French forces pull out of Niger

USmade Abrams tanks arrive in Ukraine sooner than expected

Army command sergeant major demoted and discharged for sex offenses in Bosnia

Loss of 3 Marines in recent weeks at Parris Island is felt deeply within our ranks

Cubas ambassador to the US says Molotov cocktails thrown at Cuban embassy were a terrorist attack

NYC judge orders Adams administration to move migrants out of Staten Island migrant shelter

Moscow court upholds 19year prison sentence for Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny

Canadas House speaker resigns over inviting a man who fought for a Nazi unit to Parliament

South Korea marks Armed Forces Day with massive military parade warnings for the North

Significant victory US agrees to pay nearly 50M to Guam for former Navy landfills cleanup

Space crisis hotline with China a good idea says Space Force commander

173rd Airborne Brigade soldiers remember soldier killed in Italy car crash

Space Force is boosting its footprint in Japan top Guardian says in Tokyo

Gov Kathy Hochul says NY will commit 150 more National Guard members to help migrant crisis

North Korea allows foreigner entry for first time since 2020

Navy relieves ballistic missile submarine commander for loss of confidence

USS Bunker Hill one of the Navys last Cold Warera cruisers is decommissioned in San Diego

Small brush firenear Interstate 15 briefly halts Miramar Air Show

Trump lawyers say prosecutors want to silence him with gag order in his federal 2020 election case

Macron is pushing Europe into 900 billion fight with China

Russian drone strikes on Odesa region hit port area and cut ferry service to Romania

Japan plans new ammo depots amid security concerns from China North Korea

On a visit to Taiwan Australian lawmakers call for warmer relations with selfruled island

Lebanese security forces detain man suspected of shooting outside US embassy

US and Kenya sign defense agreement ahead of planned Haiti deployment

Five reasons to consider touring Europe by campground

VIDEO Japan Kitchen Cookin up Kabocha Korokke

My Paradise Retro seaside fun in Atami

VIDEO Hamahiga Island OkinawaGods Island host to many sacred sites

Exploring Okinawa Quick trip to beautiful Miyagi Island


Donald Trump Delivers Blow to Matt Gaetz in War With Kevin McCarthy

Donald Trump Court Appearance Could Spectacularly Backfire

Ukraines Army of Drones Hit Record Number of Russian Artillery Kyiv

Laphonza Butlers NonCalifornia Residence Raises Questions

My Sibling Cut Me Out Of Our Brothers Will

Mike Lindells Problems Just Got Worse

Putins Hold on Ukraine Territory Hits Roadblocks

Donald Trump Set for Potentially Awkward Showdown With Ivanka

Clarence Thomas in Spotlight as Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Trump Ally

Gray Davis Dianne Feinstein Was a Source of Inspiration

Woman Killed by Plane While Riding Lawnmower

What Happened to Charlotte Sena Everything We Know About Missing Girl

COVID Map Shows 9 States Where Cases Are Rising This Month

Donald Trump Told by Melania He Didnt Look Good on TV

Iowa Firefighter Started Blazes Before Responding to Them Police

Paris Tackles Bedbug Infestation as Videos Emerge

Red Sox Star Tim Wakefields Death Prompts Spread of Vaccine Misinformation

Beyonc Renaissance Movie Tickets and How To See Concert Film in Theaters

What Is Be12 Russia Dusts Off Relic Soviet Aircraft to Patrol Black Sea

Russian Kh59 Missile Factory Struck by Multiple Drones Ukraine

NATO Quietly Fortifying Eastern Border With F16s Air Defenses

Russia Accidentally Reveals Addresses of Putins Secret Service

Putin Quietly Mobilizing the Whole Country UKs ExDefense Secretary

The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Backlash Has Begun

Kourtney Kardashian BabyShower Video Sparks Outrage

JawDropping Taylor Swift Stat Explains NFLs Obsession With Her

Titan Submersible Tragedy Movie News Sparks Anger

Patrick Mahomes Brother Resurfaces on Social Media After Lengthy Hiatus

I was called little Black girl and treated like a gimmick

Dad Was Wailing Im Sorry I Killed Your Mother

Pilot Explaining Why You Shouldnt Be Scared to Fly on Plane Sparks Debate

Astronomers Worry About Bright Object in Night Sky

Americans Support for Reparations Drops

Have Hundreds of Children Gone Missing in Cleveland What We Know

Crystal Clear Water Spells Trouble for Historic Shipwrecks

Stay Prepared Ocean Temperatures Hit Record High Amid Hurricane Season

Was Chinas Foreign Minister Derailed by a Sex Scandal

Russias Kill Order on Defected Helicopter Pilot Has No Expiration Date

Russia Refuses To Pay Soldier for Injuries Sustained in Friendly Fire

Ukraine Soldiers Rifle Jams MidFirefight in Intense Trench Combat Video

Russias Black Sea Fleet Turns to SovietEra Aircraft Amid StrugglesUK

LongTerm Memory Discovery May Help Dementia Fight

PinkEye Epidemic Impacts Hundreds of Thousands of People

Scientist Reveals Essential Activity That Boosts Childs Brain Development

Donald Trump Gets Good News From the Supreme Court

MAGAs Outrage at Trump Not Having a Jury Has One Problem

Judge Fact Checks Trumps Attorney During First Day of Trial

Republicans Secret Police Sparks Fight With Democrats

How China Cut Off One of Ukraines Most Important Weapons

Russian Pilot Turned Himself In to US Mission in Middle East

US May Avoid a Student Loan Economic Crisis

Republicans Matt Gaetz Problem Isnt Going Away Soon

Man Decides to Film What His Dog Does at Nightthe Results Are Hilarious

COVID Vaccine Nobel Prize Sparks AntiVax Outrage

Millions of Headlice Crawling in Girls Hair Watched Over 9M Times

Entrenched Russian T62M Tank Annihilated with GMLRS Rocket Video

Russian TV Host Sends Nuclear Warning After Drone Falls Near Her House

Ukraine Anticorruption Prosecutor Demoted to Theft and Petty Cases

Disneys New Movie Wish Slammed

Patrick Mahomes Wife Brittany Mocked Over Photo Caption

Laughter as Dad Holds On for Dear Life To Keep Middle Seat Empty

Video of Judge Smiling During Trump Trial Goes Viral

Republican Congresswoman Threatens to Resign Over Debt Commission

McDonalds Faces Destruction of Its Business Model Under New Labor Rule

Charlotte Sena Missing Update As Family Appeals for Smallest Clue

Donald Trump in Peril as Fani Willis Makes Breakthrough in Georgia Case

Pregnant Shark Spotted in the Wild Sporting Big and Round Belly

Senate and House Republicans Say What They Need to Approve More Ukraine Aid

Chinas National Day Met with Worldwide Day of Mourning Protests

Did a Sex Scandal Derail Chinas Foreign Minister

Archaeologists Discover VikingEra Settlement and Human Skeletons

Hidden Parts of Ancient Greek City Revealed After Flooding

Sealed 5000YearOld Wine Jars From Ancient Egypt Unearthed

Tropical Storm Philippe Map as Path Set To Change

NFL Week 4 Winners and Losers Josh Allen Bills Slow Down Dolphins

Republican Push to Expel Jamaal Bowman is Madness Legal Analyst

Jan 6 Defendant Secretly Flips on Capitol Rioters in Win for Prosecutors

Manhunt Launched After Woman Found Dead Inside Tent at Virginia Park

Asian Games Athlete Accuses Winner of Being Transgender Show Proof

Scientists Look to Space Rovers to Limit Car Tire Pollution

Trump Testifying in Fraud Trial Wont Change Judges Mind ExProsecutor

Republican Slams Matt Gaetzs Plan to Paralyze the House

Trump Throwing in the Towel on Fraud Case ExDOJ Official Warns

Chinas Propaganda Paper Revels in US Division Over Ukraine Aid

How to Get 1 Margaritas From Applebees

LeBron James Gives Update on Bronny James Health Status

Will Jonathan Taylor Play This Week What We Know About Colts RBs Status

College Football Week 5 Takeaways and Questions for Week 6 Slate

MLB 2023 Playoffs Schedule Bracket for Wild Card Round

Kevin McCarthys Problems Are Far From Over

Matt Gaetz Mocked After US Government Narrowly Avoids Shutdown All Talk

Full List of 9 Republicans Who Voted Against Government Spending Bill

Russia Rocked by Simultaneous Drone Attacks Videos Show

Trump Outlines Bidens Three Major Problems

How Ozempic Could Help Combat the Next Pandemic

Marjorie Taylor Greene Accuses UK of Trying to Start WW III

Putin Gets Good News From European Election

Republicans Demand Bowman Face Charges After Pulling Fire Alarm

Lauren Boebert Snaps at Reporter Over Matt Gaetz Question

I Put Whiskey in My Morning Coffee It Was Just the Start

Dad Secretly Got a Gun Then He Ended Life as We Knew it

Russia Threatens Direct Attacks on US Allies Over Soldiers Taurus Missiles

Kevin McCarthy Gets Unexpected Praise From Democrats

Government Shutdown Averted for Now After Dramatic Day for Kevin McCarthy

Aaron Rodgers Injury What We Know About the Jets QB 2 Weeks Later

How Jameis Winston Started the Mike EvansMarshon Lattimore Feud

Matt Gaetz Vows to Oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker

Jimmy Carter Celebrated and Praised on 99th Birthday

COVID Map Shows States With Increased Hospital Admissions

Trump Supporters Highly Likely to Try to Kill People in 2024 Analyst

Videos Explosion as Russian Helicopter Base Aircraft Factory Attacked

Rumor Meghan Markle Could Replace Dianne Feinstein Sparks Ridicule

What Are Fateh110 Missiles Russia Eyes Irans Answer to ATACMS

Ukraine Gets Bad News From Two NATO Allies

Prince William and Prince Harrys Rift Was Not Just About Meghan

Michael Cohens Dire Prediction for Donald Trump Death Blow

Russia Loses 30 Artillery Systems 11 Tanks and a Plane in a Day Ukraine

Donald Trump Wants Jamaal Bowman to Suffer Like Jan 6 Rioters

Matt Gaetz Vows to Make Good on Threat Against Kevin McCarthy

US Travelers Could Face LongTerm Chaos if Government Shuts Down

Will Social Security Be Delayed if Government Shuts Down What We Know

Russian Official Calls for Ukrainians Genocide Creating Patriot Camps

Jack Smith Offers Two Theories on Trumps Gun Incident

Idaho Murder Victims Lives Detailed in Chilling New Book

Russian Soldier Shares Video of HIMARS Strike Aftermath

Who Could Replace Dianne Feinstein

Sound of Freedom Beats Pulp Fiction in Major BoxOffice Milestone

Donald Trump Mimicking Biden Getting Lost on Stage Sparks MAGA Delight

Ozempic Gave Me an Excruciating Side Effect

How All of Prince Harry and Meghans Media Projects Have Fared So Far

Mr T Sparks MAGA Fury After Getting COVID Shot Pity the Fool

Russias Gas Production Collapses to LateStage USSR Levels

Wagner Fighters Think Putin Appointee Is a TraitorUK

I Lost 94lbs Following One Diet RuleWith No Exercise

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Democrats for Looming Government Shutdown

Mary Trump Explains Worst Thing That Could Happen to Donald Trump

Mike Pence Says Hes Done Explaining Trumps Words Out of That Business

Kevin McCarthy Has Nothing in Back Pocket After Failed Vote Im Broke

China Officially Silent on Billionaire Evergrande Tycoons Arrest

USC vs Colorado What Deion Sanders Had to Say About Facing Caleb Williams

Kari Lake Slams Terrible Options for Arizona Senate as She Teases Run

Gastroenterologist Shares the Snacks They Eat To Avoid Bloating

ExProsecutor Warns Dominos Fall in Trump Georgia Case as Defendant Flips

Jordan Peterson Compares Justin Trudeau to Disney Character in Viral Post

Watch Miniature Poodles Excited Little Hops Going To Visit Grandparents

Spoiled Dog Who Loves Swimming With Owner in Pool Wins Pet of the Week

It Was RapeWoman Shares How Assault Led Her To Change Career

Woman Sheds 180lb Naturally in Under Two Years Doing Invisible Exercise

I Was A Glass ChildIt Made Me an Anxious Adult

Disneys Bambi Remake Will Change a Key Scene To Avoid Traumatizing Kids

Meghan Markles Nine Most Glamorous Pictures

Ilhan Omar Names Democrats Price to Save Kevin McCarthy as Shutdown Looms

How Bud Light Sales Are Faring Six Months Since Devastating Boycott

Putin Ally Issues Warning on RussiaChina Ties Very Dangerous

Video Russian Soldiers Warn Ukraine Better Armed After 1000 Troops Lost

House Democrats Bail Out McCarthy in Government Shutdown Battle With GOP

Congressman Pulls Fire Alarm Amid Funding Mayhem What We Know

Former Republican Official Accused of Murdering and Beheading Fiance

Melania Trump Could Save Donalds New York Business

Trump Defendants May Be Scrambling to Make a Deal

Anheuser Busch Gets Great News About Bud Light

This Miners Son Went Solar Can His CoalMining Home State See the Light

Full List of Republicans Who Voted Against Their Own Funding Bill

Top 10 Best and Worst States for Happiness

How to Watch Seahawks vs Giants Monday Night Football TV Betting Info

Trumps Lawyers May Rip Ivanka to Shreds for Testimony Against Father

Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Encourages Taylor Swift to Ditch Travis Kelce

Dianne Feinstein Dead at 90 Four Interesting Facts About California Senator

Dianne Feinsteins Death Celebrated by MAGA Good Riddance

Social Security Recipients Losing Everything Due to Overpayment Demands

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Ivanka Trumps NY Fraud Subpoena Shows Some Form of CooperationAttorney

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Sleep Late on Weekends You May Age Faster

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Sean Hannity Comes to Taylor Swifts Defense

I Was Captured Beaten and Interrogated by Russia for Months

Abused Racehorse Saved From Euthanasia Finally Finds Her Forever Home

Russian Su35 Fighter Jet Downed by Own Air Defense Video Appears to Show

Another Neighbor Turns Back on Russia

Russian State TV Lays Out Plans for New Empire

Russia Prepares Nationwide Drills With Nuclear War Scenario

Wagner Troops In Demand After Returning to Ukraine Frontlines UK

Netflix Taken Down by Hackers Over LGBTQ Content

Gavin Newsom Is a Strategic Swiftie

Noah Gragson Video Goes Viral After NASCAR Suspension Ends

Stephen Kings Trump Remark Sparks Debate

Elon Musk Alexandria OcasioCortez Go After Each Other in Wild Exchange

The XL Bully locked onto Beau Beaus leg and that was it

I Thought My Husband Was Clean How It Ended Broke My Heart

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Internet baffled by indoor pool on billionaires superyachtNo windows

Heres How to Fight Violence Against Women Around the World

Liechtenstein A Gateway to European Markets

Can the House and Senate Reach Agreement on the Border to Avert a Shutdown

List of National Parks Museums Buildings Closed in a Government Shutdown

COVID Vaccine Price Skyrockets

What Dianne Feinsteins Death Means for Senate Democrats

Bryan Kohbergers Internet History Could Provide Case Evidence

New York Flood Videos Show Whole Streets Submerged Amid Heavy Rain

US Accuses China of Spreading Digital Authoritarianism Worldwide

Putin Keeps Changing His Mind on Russia Using Mercenaries

Russias Increased Weapons Production Provokes Call for Tighter Sanctions

European Support for Ukraine Aid Is Plummeting

The US Diplomat Who Loves Calling Out China

Remains of 14th Century Shoes Discovered at Construction Site

Gigantic 122MillionYearOld Dinosaur Discovery Is Among Largest Found

Mystery Surrounds Discovery of Sandals Found at Stone Age Burial Site

Orcas are Killing Porpoises But Not Eating Them

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How to Watch Raiders vs Chargers Week 4 Game TV Betting Info

Student Loan Payments Have Begun Again and There Are Some Big Changes

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The Legal Reason Bidens Dog Commander Keeps Biting People With Impunity Opinion

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Patrick Mahomes Mom Compares Dad to Travis Kelce

How Dylan Mulvaneys Career Has Soared Six Months Since Bud Light Boycott

Putin Makes EyebrowRaising Military Appointment

Disneys Modernized Bambi Remake Sparks Furious Backlash

Pilots Smooth Landing Amid Unpredictable Winds Applauded

Biden Announces New Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Who Qualifies

Lake Meads Losing an Iconic Water Level Marker

Republicans Tank Their Own Bill Gutting Bidens Climate Plan

Video Shows Inside of Bus Flooded As Heavy Rain Drenches New York City

Marriages to Suddenly Stop on Sunday in One City

Republicans May Save Donald Trump From LongAwaited Deposition

How to Watch Commanders vs Eagles Week 4 NFL Game TV Betting Info

Who Is Duane Keffe D Davis Man Arrested in Tupac Shakur Shooting

Archaeologists Discover Exceptional 2000YearOld Female Marble Statue

Lost 4400YearOld Tomb Found With Ancient Egyptian Mummy Inside

Thousands of Schools Shut Amid Eye Virus Outbreak

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Rupert Grint Pays Highest Compliment to Dumbledore Actor Michael Gambon

The Golden Bachelor Is Here to Remind You Older People Have Needs Too

Internet Baffled by Indoor Pool on Billionaires SuperyachtWithout Windows

Lake Meads Water Levels Give Swimmer Rare Chance to Make History

Georgia Republicans Remove Fani Willis Biggest Threat

Donald Trump Headed for Disappointment

Conference Cancels Gender Discussion Over Harm to LGBTQ Community

Can Costcos Gold Bars Make You Money What the Math Shows

Brit Lawyers Plea For Court Funding After Roof Collapse And Electric Shock

Plastic Rainfall Contaminating Nearly Everything People Eat and Drink

Russian Soldier Reveals Putins Major Lie

Russia Loses 38 Artillery Systems 12 APVs in a Day Ukraine

Lying In on the Weekend Linked to Premature Aging

Microplastics Are Abundant in Clouds Scientists Discover

Why Are Carrots Orange Scientists Reveal the Answer

Ancient Humans Were Able to Compete With Giant Hyenas for Carcasses Study

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Lions Rookie RB Jahmyr Gibbs Modeled His Game After Thursday Night Opponent

Supreme Court May Upend the US Tax Structure

Housing Market Is Least Affordable This Century

How Rick and Morty Imploded Behind the Scenes

Iris Ceramica Group A Shift In Mindset

Is This the Year of the Strike

The Dress Code in PostPandemic America

Trump Dealt Another Legal Blow in New York

Examining the Significance of Ronald Acunas 40 Home Run 70 Steal Season

Most Transgender Adults Arent Democrats

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Should Be Executed Christian Commentator

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Lauren Boeberts Attack on Transgender Defense Official Sparks Backlash

Putins Plan for Next Year Raises Questions About End of Ukraine War

Mike Pences Sex Joke at Republican Debate Goes Down Like a Lead Balloon

Donald Trump Has Something on Putin to Control HimBill OReilly

US on Alert as North Korea Prepares for New Cold War

Chris Christie Attacking Jill Biden During Debate Sparks Fury Disgusting

Officials Sending Out 5000 Checks to Americans in One State

HalfMillion People at Risk After Huge Amounts of Fish Die in River

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Covid Vaccine Should You Pay Out of Pocket for Your Shot

Donald Duck Trump Meme Spreads Like Wildfire After Chris Christie Jibe

Reason Corgi Gives Up on Life Leaves Internet in Stitches

Ukraine ATGM Strike Destroys Russias AT6 Spiral AntiTank System Video

Putin Ally Questions Russias Red Line Threats Why Humiliate Ourselves

Three Ways RussiaUkraine War Could Escalate by Accident Report

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Meet The Golden Bachelor Cast

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China Moves to Counter US by Winning Over Japan and South Korea

Biggest Winners and Losers From Second Republican Primary Debate

Eric Donald Trump Jr Should Keep Mouths Shut Over MaraLagoMary Trump

Whale Calf Euthanized After Stranding on Florida Beach

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Suzanne Morphews Husband Reacts as Remains Found

Philadelphia Looting Update as Full List of Accused is Released

Taiwans First Homemade Submarine Arrives With Eye on China Tensions

Russians Crowdfunding For Sailors Wounded in RostovonDon Submarine Strike

Panic in Crimea Will Grow Zelensky Adviser Says

Videos Show Colossal Fireball After Explosion at Customs Warehouse

Ukrainian Protesters Want City Budget Funds Spent on War Effort

Farmer Unknowingly Captures Animal Extinct in Region for Over a Century

Seattle Given New Warning Over Earthquake Risk

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Real Estate Investor The Downsides of Balloon and 1 Downpayment Mortgages

Republicans Placing Government Shutdown Blame on Joe Biden and the Border

Dads Homeschooling Children Surges

Biden Impeachment Hearing Descends Into Chaos Youre Out of Order

Americans Dont Think Having a Woman President Is Important

Elderly Cat Reunited With Family Forced To Give Him To Shelter Years Ago

Tesla Will Be an Auto Allstar in 2050 GM Designer Predicts

Woman Found Dead in Her Backyard After Savage Dog Attack

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School Shootings Are Changing How Students Choose Colleges

Ranking of Americas Greenest Companies Showcases Large Environmental Goals

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UPS Driver Finds Goodbye Note From Sick Dog He Saw on His Route for Years

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Former Flight Attendant Reveals Where Secret Stash in Plane Bathroom Is

A New Level of Climate Awareness Feat Jeff Young

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Jan 6 Lawyer Accused of Stabbing Man Gets Better Bail Than Capitol Rioters

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Scott Van Pelt Shares Heartwarming Story Remembering Brooks Robinson

18 Signs Its Time for Your Business to Raise Prices

Second Republican Presidential Debate Live Updates Trump Lands in Michigan Skips Another Debate

Fani Willis Made a Serious Error in Donald Trump Case Legal Analyst

Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts Communists for Trumps MaraLago Problem

Student Debt Update Democrats Propose Wiping Out Lunch Costs

Student Loans Update Democrat Asks Biden to Halt Payments Before Shutdown

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Judge Chutkan Hands Trump a Loss on Recusal

Donald Trump Is in Greater Danger Than Ever Before Mary Trump Warns

Republicans Belief COVID Is Getting Worse Is Growing Fast

Visiting a Polluted City for Just a Few Days Can Increase Risk of Stroke

Archaeologists Discover 1500YearOld Tomb of Ancient Emperor in China

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Putins Hopes of a CounterAttack Are Dwindling

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How These Five Cities Are Leading the Way to a Greener World

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Trump Increases MaraLago Value Hours After Judge Rules Against Him

Republican Push to Protect Chocolate Milk Sparks Widespread Mockery

Ron DeSantis May Save Taylor Swift Fans From the IRS

How to Watch Second Republican Debate on TV and Online

Philadelphia Looting Videos Show Multiple Stores Being Ransacked

Fauci Had Secret Meeting With CIA About COVID Republicans Claim

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Whats Next For Electric Vehicles More Customization Options

Ukraine Gives Reason for Allowing Russian Gas Transit Despite War

Ukraine Suffers Four Diplomatic Nightmares in One Week

Video Shows Wagner Transport Plane Explode Upon Landing in Africa

Russian Officials Explain Photoshopping Dead Soldier Into Awards Photo

Russians Ready for Direct Conflict with NATO Putin Ally Claims

Crime Junkies Ashley Flowers Passion for True Crime Lets Her Give Back

Jennifer Lawrences Face at Dior Show Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

White Winner of Zimbabwes Miss Universe Contest Sparks Fury

Elon Musks COVID19 Vaccine Comment Goes Viral

Travis Kelce Calls Taylor Swift Ballsy Amid Romance Rumors

I Healed My Chronic Lower Back Pain With a Short Daily Exercise

Woman Finally Flies First Class With Champagne but It Doesnt Go As Planned

Costa Rica Nearshoring and Technology

Theyre Coming for Your Kids Feat Liz Wheeler

Joe Bidens Dog Attacking Secret Service Again Raises Questions

QAnon Man Threatened to Kill Congresswoman He Believed Was Transgender

Joe Bidens Gaffes Are Getting Harder To Ignore

Could Trump Org II Be Used to Escape Fraud Ruling What We Know

Hunter Biden Goes on the CounterAttack

Russia May Copy China to Rescue EconomyBut Its Unlikely to Succeed

Armenian Exodus From NagornoKarabakh Seen From Space

Shock As Woman Reveals Beach Worthy Of Throwing Passport Off The Boat

Ukraine War Map Shows Kyivs Forces Edge Closer to Key Southern Town

Evangelical Christians are Saudi Arabias Surprise New Best Friends

Mortgage Rates Have Skyrocketed Under Joe Biden Chart Reveals

Scientists Confirm Decriminalizing Drugs Doesnt Increase Overdose Deaths

Bizarre 465MillionYearOld Creature Found With Gut Contents Preserved

Ocean Acidification Set To Triple by 2100What This Means for the US Coast

Dozens of Preserved Dinosaur Footprints From 150 Million Years Ago Found

NFL Week 4 Watchability Index Which Games Are Worth Your Time

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Solving Skilled Labor Worker Shortages Now or Never Part II

Closing the Gap Addressing Ethical Issues in Integrating AI Systems

Im 36 and a Mom An Unexpected Diagnosis Left Me Heartbroken

Sustainable Beer Breweries Where Great Taste EcoFriendliness Go Together

Americans Get 500 Bill on Boat Trip After Making Simple Tourist Mistake

Countering China US Recognizes Two Pacific Island Nations

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing First Witnesses What to Know

Bryan Kohbergers Friend Had Scary Revelation After Idaho Murder Arrest

Supreme Court Conservatives Give Up Fight Over Alabama Maps

Joe Bidens Polling Woes Could Get Even Worse As Shutdown Looms

Womans Student Loan Cancellation Means Biden Admin Actually Owes Her Money

Trump Challenger Has Backup Plan if Supreme Court Wont Kick Him Off Ballot

Ukraine More Prepared as Russias Winter Bombardment Looms

Video Shows Russia Defenses Failing as Drones Fly Right Past Them

Russia Is Hemorrhaging Artillery Systems

Horror as Woman Finds Enormous Pregnant Spider in Ring Binder

Ukraine Trying To Outgun Russia in War of Inflatable Decoy Tanks

Archaeologists Find Skeleton and Mirror in 1800yearold Roman Sarcophagus

Scientists Link Timing of Exercise to Diabetes Risk

Rare Dumbo Octopus Spotted a Mile Beneath Ocean Surface

Lake Tahoes Ecosystem Facing Invasive Threat

Monday Night Football Joe Burrow Is Reaping the Rewards of Modern QB Bias

College Football Teams First Female Player Widely Mocked Over Kicking

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Five Tips for Interacting with Recruiters

Leading through the Burnout Era Strategies for Thriving Amidst Change and Challenge

Bidens UAW Picket Line Visit Tests Union Support in 2024 Battleground

As Trump Faces Abortion Heat GOP Senate Candidates Seek Middle Ground

Republicans Risk Losing Key Voters With Shutdown

More Democrats Support Mask Mandates Than a Year Ago

Student Loans on Collision Course With Government Shutdown

Sound of Freedom Becomes One of the Biggest Independent Films Ever Made

I See Phubbing All the TimeIts Ruining Peoples Love Lives

Photos Reveal Secret Cave in Texas Lake as Water Levels Fall

Trump Lawyers Provoke Judge Chutkan Legal Analyst

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COVID Map Shows Where Deaths Are Rising

Five Polls That Show Joe Bidens Chances of ReElection Are in Jeopardy

Ukraine Investigating After Dead Russian Admiral Seen at Press Conference

Important Ancient Mayan Burial Discovered on Site of Hotel Construction

Why Ukraines Raft of Breakthroughs Will Worry Putin

HIMARS Strike Blows Up Russian Command Center in Kherson Video

Chart Reveals How Mortgage Rates Have Skyrocketed Under Joe Biden

Spider Venom Toxin Could Help with Erectile Dysfunction

Scientists Use Bacteria to Turn Plastic Into Useful Substances

Eagles Rookie Jalen Carter Living Up To Hype As A NewAge Warren Sapp

FTC vs Amazon Explained Whats at Stake in Landmark Antitrust Lawsuit

Americans Are Gloomy About Their Money

TwoMonthOld Baby Found Abandoned at Southern Border Chilling Reminder

Prince Harry Has a Major Security Headache

Dogs Reaction After Learning His Mom Adopted Him Breaks Internets Heart

Russia May Have Just Given Ukraine Terms for Ending War

Why The Office Reboot Is a Big Mistake

Oregon Coach Dan Lanning Values Deion Sanders Impact on College Football

Man Sent Chilling Text Messages to Family After Killing Wife Police

Christian Leaders Are More ProLGBTQ Than Their Congregants

Laura Loomer Has New Theory Linking Taylor Swift COVID and George Soros

Republican Group Wants Mark Meadows to Lose Appeal

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How to Watch Broncos vs Bears Week 4 Game TV Betting Info

How Democrats Are Smoothing the Path to the Ballot Box

Donald Trumps Lawyers Make Stunning Plan to Escape Gag Order

Ukraine Drone Shops Cranking Out UAV Bombers Spycraft and Mine Detectors

COVID Map Shows 12 States With Most New Hospital Admissions

Wind Turbine Blades Could Soon Appear on Your Street

Mike Lindell Pleads For Help as MyPillow Crippled by American Express

The Palestinian Dream Is Dyingand Its A Nightmare for Israel

How a Nazi Veteran Ended Up In Canadas Parliament

Donald Trump Repeated Hang Mike Pence Chant Cassidy Hutchinson

Russian Troops Killed in Fog of War Azerbaijan Diplomat Says Amid Probe

Gas Prices Rise to 7 at California Stations

ExScientologist Reveals What Happened When Church Found Out She Was Gay

WhitesOnly Sign for Parent and Toddler Group Labeled Vile Garbage

Kate Middleton Making Girls Princess Dream Come True Goes Viral

Dog Who Can Switch Gears While Swimming Leaves Internet in Stitches

Russian TV Worries Over Crimea and Black Sea Fleet

Yaroslav Hunka Extradition Demanded by Poland Over Alleged Nazi Past

Putin Ally Surprised Russias Economy Didnt Collapse Amid Sanctions

New Poll Hints Russia Preparing for Life After Putin

Putin Has a Kadyrov Problem

King Charles III Has a Big Problem in Australia

Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory Takes Off Amid Travis Kelce Romance

Bethenny Frankel Weighs In on Jimmy Fallon Workplace Toxicity Allegations

New Kim Kardashian Photo Confuses InternetMissing a Toe

Dane Cooks Wedding to Kelsi Taylor Raises Questions