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Theres One Figure in WaPoABC News Poll on Biden Thats a Potential Election Killer

Why Well Definitely Be Talking About Trumps Heartbeat Comments for Months

Texas National Guardsmen Attempt to Stop the Flow of Illegal Immigrants Into Eagle Pass

Does This Mean Newsom Is Running for President

Widow Sues Google After Husband Was Killed Following GPS Directions

The Suspects Who Ran Over a Retired Cop in Vegas Have Been Identified

The Destruction of the United States Is Intentional Heres What Will Happen Next

New York Post TRIGGERS Gisele Fetterman with hilarious piece MOCKING her hubbys slobbish attire and LOL

Zelensky Cozy Ups With the Worlds Richest Elites After Begging the US for More Money

McCarthy Backtracks on Promise to Strip Ukraine Funding from Spending Bill

The Left Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus Nightmare Scenario for Democrats

Photos Texas National Guards Defends Southern Border From Illegal Immigrants

WATCH Matt Gaetz Causes CNN Host to End Interview After FactChecking Her Live OnAir

Why are teachers TALKING about this Libs of TikTok exposes ANOTHER teacher talking about sex to kids

Democrats Demand Joe Biden to be Given Credit For a Successful Economy

How Dave Portnoy Reacted to a NYT Reporter Roaming Around His Pizza Festival

Tulsi Gabbard states the obvious about Trump indictments and leftists cant deal watch

AOCs Amusing Answers Why Rubio Is Responsible for Flood of Illegal Aliens Why She Still Has Her Tesla

Details About the Third GOP Debate Have Been Released Here Are the New Criteria to Qualify

Heres the ProLife Message Airing in Ohio During the OSUNotre Dame Showdown

Biden Promises to Supply Ukraine With Missiles After Announcing Another 325 Million Aid Package

Joe Biden Blames His Border Crisis on MAGA Republicans

The Man Who Attacked Kyle Rittenhouse Got Run Over by a Car

KJP Tries to Explain Why Biden Repeated a Story During a Campaign Event

Dementia or Disrespect Youll Never Believe What Biden Did When He Met with Netanyahu

Community Note on WaPos Dave Portnoy hit piece is another nail in the coffin of journalism

Prominent Doctor Says Biden Wouldnt Be Able to Answer the Question Who Is the President of the US

Biden Makes Bizarre Eyebrow Raising Gun Control Remarks

Ken Paxton Claims Secret Texas Court Threw Out Nearly 1000 Cases of Voter Fraud

GOP Reacts to Biden Exempting Ukraine Aid from Government Shut Down

Didnt Go Well Reporter Learns Hard Truths Attempting Fine Dining in NYC Dressed as John Fetterman

So Thats Why Zelensky Can Wine and Dine With the Worlds Finest With No Worries

WaPo Slapped With Community Note Over Barstool Sports Piece Dave Portnoys Reaction Is Perfect

Private Video Captures What This Democrat Really Thinks About Bidens Border Crisis

Heres the WaPo Hit Piece Dave Portnoy Intercepted Before It Got Published

Neil deGrasse Tyson makes mindnumbingly stupid case for men in womens sports watch

Ten examples where Expertsx2122 were wrong

Eagle Pass Fire Department Takes the Lead in Recovering Bodies From the Rio Grande

The Reaction From the Driver Who Killed a Retired Cop in Vegas Is Sickening

Big City Mayor Flips From Democrat to Republican

Hunter Biden Has Entered the Bob Menendez Indictment

House GOP Points out the Interesting Email Involving Joe Biden Hunter Biden and Bob Menendez

CNN Pushes Already Debunked Narrative About IRS Whistleblowers

Gavin Newsom Will Be at the Second RNC Debate

Bob Menendez Issues Defiant Response to Federal Corruption Charges

Report Another IRS Official Confirms Biden DOJ Interfered in Hunter Probe

Nikki Haley Announces The Freedom Plan to Rescue Middle Class From Bidens Failed Policies

Ramaswamy Made an Interesting Revelation About His Father While Discussing His Immigration Plan

How the COVID Booster Vaccine Rollout Went Will Not Shock You

Why Some Trump Supporters Might Find This Looming Government Shutdown Intriguing

The Biden Admins Next Plans for Illegal Aliens Should Scare You

Project Veritas Declares Bankruptcy Months After James OKeefe Firing

Americas Vaccine Foghorn Falls Ill Parliament Falls for British Tabloids and CNN Falls to Record Lows

Dave McCormick Launches Senate Bid in Pennsylvania

Rules For Thee Not For Me The Democrat Partys Tried and True Slogan

Bidens Suffers a Second Awkward Moment In Less Than 24 Hours

The Morning Briefing Legit QuestionHow Is Chicago Even Still Here

Are you drunk The New Yorker tries to convict Elon Musk for the sins of his grandfather

Hollywood Actor Finally Realizes the Truth About the Democratic Party

Congress Heads Home for Long Weekend Without a Deal to Avoid Shutdown

Education Secretarys Comments About Parents Are Extremely Concerning

Dave Portnoy Humiliates Washington Post Reporter

Missouri High School Faces Backlash for Crowning Trans Male As Homecoming Queen

Remember Those 70000 Afghans the Biden Admin Relocated to the US Well

MTG Announces Declaration of War Plan

The Illegal Immigration Industrial Complex

Project Veritas Announces Suspension of Fundraising After James OKeefe Firing

BREAKING This Indictment Against Senator Bob Menendez Is a Real Doozy

Eagle Pass Mayor Reveals What Type of Response City Has Gotten From Biden Admin

And With That Speech ExNew Zealand PM Has Become the AntiFree Speech Queen

Guess What Happened to a Man Arrested for Attacking a Homeless Person With a Baseball Bat

Cringe Kamala Harris announces her new czar role Twitter points and laughs accordingly

West Coast Messed Coast Police Chief Defunds Himself and Seattle Votes to Save Itself

Heres What Chicago Plans to Do With the Illegal Immigrants Sleeping in Airports Police Stations

Psaki Explains What Unquestionably Hurts Bidens Reelection Chances

Heres the Anticipated WaPo Hit Piece on Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy

Politico New Jersey Democrats Are Freaking Out Over Menendezs Corruption Charges

Poll Shows New Mexicans Are Not on Board With Gun Ban

Democrat AG Sues ProLife Organizations for Promoting Abortion Pill Reversal

Why People Are Saying Bidens Meeting With Zelenskyy Adds Insult to Injury at This Time

KJP Is Challenged By One Reporter MSNBC Declares Biden President of the World and Cher Eschews Cheese

Heres Why Some Doctors Say Trans Women Should Be Allowed to Compete Against Females

NYT Columnist Busted After Complaining About Cost of Meal in Viral Tweet

When Democrats Do Corruption They Do It Right

Texas Defies Joe Biden Reinstalls Razor Wire to Keep Illegal Migrants Out

Trump Breaks His Silence Comes Out in Support of Tubervilles Holds

Americans Concerns Over COVID19 Are Growing Poll Shows

KJP Hammered Over Catastrophic Border Crisis

Photos Thousands of Illegal Immigrants Invade Eagle Pass TX

How Could Kamala Harris Possibly Make This Claim on What the Biden Administration Has Done for Americans

Even Top Democrats Are Coming Out Against Senates Relaxed Dress Code

Eagle Pass TX Is About to Have Its Most Difficult Week Yet This Year

Another IRS Official Slams Justice Departments Handling of Hunter Biden Tax Charges

SovietBorn Republicans Exchange With AG Garland Will Give You Chills

ExNYT Reporter Flees Podcast After Being Asked About Hunter Biden Reporting

Hollaria Briden shares a completely totally real new Senate rule and ROFL

Liars Nothing but liars

ProAbortion Organization Rebrands Ahead of the 2024 Election Showing Its True Agenda

Schumer Caves Grants Tommy Tubervilles Call for Votes to Confirm Certain Military Promotions

Biden Admin Just Made Hundreds of Thousands of Foreign Nationals Eligible to Temporarily Live Work in US

Randi Weingarten Brutally FactChecked Again

It Looks Like the Historic Hollywood Strike Could Be Ending Soon

Biden Administration Announces Another Pandemic Program Is Coming Back

Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy Heard WaPo Was Writing a Hit Piece on Him So He Called Them

Merrick Garland Chairman of the KnowNothings

NYC Goes Woke Again This Time Over Racist Statues

California Democrat Sues Liberal City For Allowing It to Turn Into a Third World Country

Bidens Gaffe of the Day Involves Him Nearly Knocking Down a Flag and Shuffling Off Stage

Updated Schumer Caves Grants Tommy Tubervilles Call for Votes to Confirm Certain Military Promotions

How the Biden Impeachment Differs From Trumps

Elitist David Brooks steps on all the rakes talking about why Americans THINK the economy is bad

Canary in the Granite State coal mine

Angry NYC Residents Protest In the Streets Against the Arrival of Illegal Migrants You Are Not Welcome

Ken Buck Could Be Headed to CNN After Leaving Congress

Louis CKs Insane Take on Border Security

Garland Deflects Claims That DOJ Targeted Parents Concerned About Their Childrens Education

Trump Responds to Special Counsel Efforts to Obtain a Gag Order

Did You Catch What This Democrat Wants DOJ to Do Next

Thomas Massie Catches Merrick Garland in a Lie

Lawmakers Applaud HHS for Move Involving Wuhan Institute of Virology

Round Two FactChecking Another Common Media Talking Point on Abortion

Guess What Iran Did Right After Biden Gave Them 6 Billion

Virginia Democrats Go for New Low Right Before Statewide Elections

Whats Next for Kari Lake Heres What Reports Are Saying

Ken Paxton Tells Tucker Carlson Who He Thinks Was Behind Failed Effort to Impeach Him

As the Border Crisis Rages on DHS Just Made a Move That Affects Nearly Half a Million Illegal Immigrants

In Bidens America a Man Killed a Republican Teen and Got a Slap on the Wrist

Biden Gets Even Worse With Concerning Report About Repeating the Same Story He Just Told

Amazon cancels a guy for what his Ring doorbell said

GOP Rep to Garland Many Americans Feel the Justice Department Has Become the KGB

Leaked Veterans Affairs Training Video Claims Men Can Get Pregnant Promotes Abortion

Massive Number of Migrants Traveling Toward US Border Is Now Affecting International Trade Heres Why

After FBI Targeting Merrick Garland Claims He Doesnt Know What a Traditional Catholic Is

RFK Jr Jokes That France Appears to Have Fallen for His Conspiracy Theory

Major Car Maker Lost an Astonishing Amount of Money on Electric Vehicles

PA Students Stage Walkouts in Protest of Inclusive Trans Restroom Policies

Chinas Not the Only Foreign Power Seeking Influence Over American Students

Democrats Are Deluding Themselves Over Bidens Age

Will RFK Jr Mount a Third Party Run

Florida Republican Absolutely Bodies Biden Ahead of Zelensky Visit to Washington

Bidens Plan for Mining and Drilling in New Mexico Is Not Going Over Well

Biden Administration Is Reportedly Creating an Office for Gun Violence Prevention

The Members of a New DHS Intelligence Group Should Set Off Alarm Bells

Merrick Garland disgusts me and should disgust you too

AG Garland cant explain Ray Epps J6 misdemeanor vs sending grandmas to prison

The Number of Illegal Crossings at the Southern Border in Just Four Days Is Staggering

Why Trump Jrs Twitter Account Caused a Stir This Morning

Attorney for IRS Whistleblowers Responds to Lawsuit Filed by Hunter Bidens Attorneys

Kamala Harris Climate Anxiety Remarks Concerning Young Adults Have to Be a Joke

Ukraine Militarys Trans Spokesperson Suspended Under Investigation

Someone Else Has Flipped Against Trump

Federal Reserve Makes Interest Rate Announcement Amid Accelerating Inflation

California Predicted to Lose Even More Congressional Seats

Attorney General Garland Left Speechless Under Scrutiny From Republican

The Press Stoops Lower for Fetterman

Americans Trust in the Political System Hits New Low Poll

Unconstitutional Republicans Sue Hochul New York Over NoExcuse Absentee Voting

Merrick Garland Cant Define Traditional Catholic

Schumer Caves Grants Tommy Tubervilles Call for Votes on Certain Military Promotions

Illegal Immigrant Influx Prompts Halt of Cargo Processing at El Paso

Barstools Dave Portnoy calls out activist WaPo journo writing a hit piece THIS IS THE WAY

It sounds like Disney is backing down

Tucker Carlson Debunks Claim About Ron DeSantis That Was Made by Shoddy Author

Staten Island Residents Are Sick of the Immigration Chaos Block Buses Full of Illegal Aliens

Fetterman to House Lawmakers If You Do This Ill Wear a Suit

Huh What in the World Was Fetterman Trying to Say at the UAW Strike

Crisis Border Patrol Reveals Stunning Number of Illegal Crossings in Just Four Days

New Mexico State Republicans Are Moving Forward With Their Plan to Impeach Governor

New Emerson College Survey Shows Where Biden Trump Stand in Hypothetical Matchup

American Transgender Spokesperson for Ukrainian Military Responds to JD Vances Letter

Ridin With Biden Right Over The Cliff

Howard Stern Joins Morality Police Force

Conservatives React to PA Governors Announcement on National Voter Registration Day

Joe Bidens 2024 Reelection Campaign Hit With More Bad NewsIf Anyone Cares

Cruzs Prediction on How Michelle Obama Could Be the Democratic Nominee Makes a Scary Amount of Sense

AOC Just Gave MTG Another Opportunity to Remind Us How Corrupt Hunter Biden Is

The FBI Didnt Know How Many Paid Informants They Had at the Capitol on January 6

We Know How Hunter Will Plead to Gun Charges But His Lawyers Have a Request

Funniest X post of all time Roseanne knocks selfrighteous George Takei down a few pegs

Study Reveals Childrens Mental Health Deteriorated After Taking Puberty Blockers

A Key Democrat Voter Bloc Is Fleeing Biden Heres Why

Democrats New Fetterman Rule Is Embarrassing

Trump Slams Bidens UN Speech as Surrender

Gov Abbott You Have a Serious Problem in Your Backyard

DeSantis Responds After McCarthy Hits Him As Not at the Same Level As Trump

Chicagos Mayor Has Quite the Take After Illinois Implements Cashless Bail

Republicans Might Want to Pay Attention to Canadas New Conservative Leader

Massachusetts Zeroes in on Plastic Bottles

Majority of Voters Do Not Think Biden Is Fit to Serve Another 4Year Term Poll

NYT More Democrats Suffering From Restless Biden Syndrome

The Percentage of Voters Who Believe Biden Would Finish a Second Term Is Just Sad

Trump Can Win

Heres What Happened When Newsom Was Repeatedly Asked If There Should Be Limits on Abortion

Why MGM in Vegas Is Losing Millions of Dollars Per Day Right Now

US National Debt Surpasses 33000000000000

Biden Admin Moves to Enact 50Year Ban on Mining Drilling on Thousands of Acres in New Mexico

Biden Slurs His Way Thru UN Speech Fighting the Teleprompter and Going Into Brain Freeze

WTH What is going on in Plum Grove Texas Governor Abbott

Heres Trumps Plan for the Second Republican Debate

The Biden Admin Just Declared War on Consumers

What Do Trumps Heartbeat Bill Comments Say About Abortion Issue and ProLife Candidates in 2024 Race

Democrat Admits What the Worst Case Scenario Would Be Leading Up to 2024

Janet Yellen Cant Answer a Simple Question About the Economy

Residents in LeftWing State Sound the Alarm Over Illegal Immigrants

Republicans to Biden Admin How Did So Many Chinese Spies Access Military Sites

Trump Weighs in on Bidens UN Speech

Maybe This Latest Blatant Ballot Box Stuffing Scandal Will Be the Last Straw

Matt Walsh pulls ZERO punches in this brutal Come to Jesus moment addressing trans activists watch

Gavin Newsom Lies About Abortion

Heres What Ray Epps Was Just Charged With for His Role in January 6

Senate Republican Jokes About What She Can Wear to Work Now Thanks to New Dress Code

We Have a Date for the First Biden Impeachment Inquiry Hearing

Yellen Confronted About Rising Gas Prices

Jim Jordan Calls for October 11 Meeting With Special Counsel David Weiss

The Bizarre Tale of the Missing F35 Might Have Ended

Bidens White House Is Made of Glass

Welker Uses Trump to Launch MTP and Ayman Mohyeldin Repeats CNNs Debunk Blunder

Hakeem Jeffries Weighs In on the Kamala Harris Problem

Poll Offers What Could Be Valuable Lesson for Republicans on Abortion in 2024

Ron DeSantis Claps Back at McCarthy in House Republican Spending Battle

Stand Down Marine Corps Issues New Order As Search for Missing F35 Continues

WHOA Indie journo drops NEW and damning J6 footage of Ray Epps and others at police line watch

The Morning Briefing ChiComs Probably Cant Wait to Have a Go at Woke US Military

Schumer Blasted for Fetterman Dress Code

Will the Biden Admin Reconsider Its Rejection of Secret Service Detail for RFK Jr After This Incident

Virginia Democrat Will Not Seek Reelection Due to New Diagnosis

Hunter Bidens Attorneys Just Went Scorched Earth on IRS Whistleblowers

Tucker Carlson Sums Up Whats Happening to Russell Brand

Kevin McCarthy Makes His 2024 GOP Nominee Prediction

Nancy Pelosi Defends Impeaching Trump Twice We Had No Choice

Trump Vows to Review Cases of Bidens Political Prisoners Who Were Targeted for Their ProLife Beliefs

So Many Scumbags On The Left

Fettermans Trademark Hoodies and Shorts Are Here to Stay After Senate Makes Dress Code Changes

Why Liberals Are Obsessed With the Lauren Boeberts Theater Antics

After Horrific Execution of LA Sheriffs Deputy Empty Words From Empty Suit Politicians

The Marines Need Help Finding a Lost Stealth Fighter and Nobody Can Stop Laughing

Another CA School District Will Protect Parents Rights in Education

House Dem Heres What We Should Look at Instead of Bidens Age

The UN Admits Its Sustainable Development Goals Have Made Things Worse

New Videos Show the Illegal Immigrant Caravans Are Not Stopping

Lets Talk About Kristen Welkers Interview With Trump

Buckle Up Merrick Garland to Testify on Capitol Hill This Week

Texas Voters Support Border Buoys in the Rio Grande Poll Shows

Insane Johns Hopkins Professor Reveals Stunning Truth About New COVID Vaccines

The Problem With Fake Republicans

Arrest Made in Connection to Ambush Killing of LA Sheriffs Deputy

An F35 Pilot Ejected During a Mishap But Engaged the AutoPilot Now Its Missing

Special Counsel Jack Smith Requests a Trump Be Muzzled in Election Interference Case

How Americans Describe the State of the Economy Is a Warning Sign to Biden

Why the Senates Dress Code Rules Are Changing

Rumors Are Flying That Fetterman Has Been Replaced With a Double but Theyre Missing the Biggest Oddity

Dude take the L John Fetterman finally breaks his silence on how he dresses and comments are GOLD

Liberal Media Claims Theres No Evidence of Biden Wrongdoing

One State Just Did Away With Cash Bail

An Update on the Marine Corps Missing F35

Horrific Footage Captures Moment a Retired Cop Was Murdered

Warnings Issued After Bidens 6 Billion Ransom Payment to Iran

The UN Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About Its Sustainable Development Goals

McCarthy Has a Warning for GOP Lawmakers Threatening to Tank a Government Funding Bill

This City Just Elected Its States First Transgender Politician

Dont look away They are coming for our democracy Missouri GOP burn boxes and the Left loses it

Stars and Stripes

Illinois police release funeral procession route for Marine killed in crash

The Biden administration is poised to allow Israeli citizens to travel to the US without a US visa

Government should pay compensation for secretive Cold Warera testing St Louis victims say

Kosovo police officer killed 1 wounded in attack raising tensions with Serbia

Watch Ukraines helicopters fire rocket salvos from treetop level

US ambassador to Japan calls Chinese ban on Japanese seafood economic coercion

Menendez corruption charges complicate tense ties with Egypt

Tasty recipe for making your own Japanese pickles

Exploring Guam Hiking through jungle to beautiful waterfalls

Weakening Ophelia still poses a risk of coastal flooding and heavy rain in some parts of the US

Former President Jimmy Carter makes appearance at peanut festival ahead of his 99th birthday

Masked gunmen attack Kosovo police and kill 1 officer in an escalation of tensions with Serbia

FEMA plans to test national alert system on Oct 4

US will establish diplomatic ties with the Cook Islands and Niue as Biden hosts Pacific leaders

A bombing at a checkpoint in Somalia killed at least 18 people authorities say

VIDEO Korea Kitchen Simple recipe for US Army base stew

USS San Juan once cuttingedge attack sub ends final voyage in Washington

Senate confirms Army chief of staff and Marine Corps commandant bypassing Tuberville promotion block

Fatal collision that killed 2 pilots brings a tragic end to the Reno air show and confounds experts

Not sure where the airplane is Pilot of crashed F35 jet in South Carolina called 911

A month after Prigozhins suspicious death the Kremlin is silent on his plane crash and legacy

A Ukrainian missile strikes the headquarters of Russias navy in Crimea

Hawaiis governor vows that tourists wont displace Maui fire survivors

A fresh wave of migrants is crossing the southern border

Fall for Japan Chestnut trees bear their fruit in Misawa

Korea Kids Corner Enjoy a heavenly picnic at Anseong Farmland

Guide to Okinawas popular alcohol Awamori

VIDEO Exploring Okinawa Terrific trip to mellow Minna Island

WWIIera weather records rescued by researchers citizenscientists

As the worlds problems grow more challenging the head of the United Nations gets bleaker

Historians race to find Great Lakes shipwrecks before quagga mussels destroy the sites

What are ATACMS which the US is nearing a decision to send to Ukraine

Ukraine targets key Crimean city a day after striking the Russian navy headquarters

Egyptian presidential hopeful targeted by Predator spyware

Yemens southern leader renews calls for separate state at UN

Trudeau pledges Canadas support for Ukraine and punishment for Russia

Nations around the world commit to sending force to Haiti US top diplomat tells UN

Russian foreign minister lambastes the West but barely mentions Ukraine in UN speech

The mission to create Europes battery hub whatever the cost

Kenyas president is committing his country to lead a multinational force to Haiti to combat gangs

Weve got to do better Senators plead for improved response to veterans suicides after report reveals hotline failure

Air Forces enlisted education revamp means more classroom time new curriculum

800 additional activeduty troops to deploy to USMexico border as migrant crossings increase

Army soldier shouldve returned to Earth months ago instead he broke a NASA record

Life aboard a floating airport through the eyes of a junior enlisted Navy sailor

Austin to visit key allies in Africa amid bloody struggles on the continent

Gun violence is the ultimate superstorm President Biden says as he announces new federal effort

From an oldstyle Afghan camera a new view of life under the Taliban emerges

Zelenskyy speaks before Canadian Parliament in his campaign to shore up support for Ukraine

US Vietnam coast guard cooperation grows tighter after Biden visit

Sewage rats and crime GAO finds military barracks in deplorable shape

Massachusetts senators press feds for update on semiconductor lab at Hanscom Air Force Base

More than 19000 gallons of water contaminated after oil spill at Florida port Coast Guard says

Netanyahu tells UN that Israel is at the cusp of an historic agreement with Saudi Arabia

Black teens learn to fly and aim for careers in aviation in the footsteps of Tuskegee Airmen

India suspends visa services for citizens of Canada Trudeau says hes not trying to cause problems

US considers twin defense treaties to achieve IsraelSaudi Arabia normalization

Haitis government to oversee canal project that prompted Dominican Republic to close all borders

Korea Tip of the Day Hiking this season Plan your hike with map apps

Fun in Korea Top 4 autumn activities in Korea

Plant some strawberries at Chura Ichigo in Nanjo

Enjoy Guams Mangilao Donne Fest at Night Market Grounds this weekend

Get to know Guam Dededo where things happen

F35 fighter jets mission capable only 55 of the time watchdog report finds

Japan with favorable ruling orders Okinawa to resume work on Marine airfield

Hill worries mount about delays in arming Ukraine

Capitol rioter who attacked AP photographer and police officers is sentenced to 5 years in prison

Limits on medical appointments expected in Europe as military health records system debuts

Poland seeks to mend Ukraine rift with arms supplies Uturn

Indias Parliament passes law that will reserve a third of legislature seats for women from 2029

North Koreas Kim sets forth steps to boost Russia ties as US and Seoul warn about weapons deals

Tokyo Game Show 2023 opens with latest video games from Asian developers

Saudi crown prince says in rare interview every day we get closer to normalization with Israel

UN warns disease outbreak in Libyas flooded east could spark a second devastating crisis

India expels Canadian diplomat escalating tensions after Trudeau accuses India in Sikhs killing

This Weekend September 22 to 24

Navys unmanned surface ships make historic visit to Japan

Elmo and friends star in new Sesame Street videos geared toward military families

State and Justice Department contractor charged with spying for Ethiopia

Outdated headline sparks vicious online hate campaign directed at Las Vegas newspaper

Fighting through hell To reclaim Bakhmut a Ukrainian brigade must first survive the forest

Tensions beginning to boil in Gaza as fears of new conflict mount

Canada gets muted allied support after alleging India may have been involved in killing of Canadian

DODEA elementary school in Italy earns federal award marking it among Americas best

Commander of Air Forces 9th Bomb Squadron removed due to loss of confidence

Activeduty troops some DOD employees could work without pay during government shutdown Pentagon says

Navy veteran punches aggressive grizzly that severely mauled him in Montana daughter says

Courtmartial delayed for former Fort Cavazos brigade commander

Bells Across America sound at US naval base in Japan to remember fallen sailors

US Japanese troops train to fight in many domains during 10day Orient Shield

Pentagon to review cases of veterans denied honorable discharges during dont ask dont tell

Airborne arrivals 101st brigade 82nd unit headed to Eastern Europe on rotation

This is what its like to maintain the US nuclear arsenal

After brutal 6year overhaul hope returns to young sailors aboard USS George Washington

Rupert Murdoch the creator of Fox News is stepping down as head of News Corp and Fox Corp

Military helicopters startle residents during training exercises over Cleveland

Poland stops sending its weapons to Ukraine while remaining conduit for US shipments

Inside a Ukrainian brigades battle through hell to reclaim a village on the way to Bakhmut

South Korean pilot safe after fighterjet takeoff crash

Syrian President Bashar Assad arrives in China on first visit since the beginning of war in Syria

Spooky season now underway at Sanrio Puroland Tokyo Disney and more

VIDEO A trip to Japans traditional countryside in Gokayama

VIDEO Hanging out in cool cafes on Seouls Songridangil Street

Korea Destinations Embrace the beauty of fall with 18 mustvisit destinations in Gyeongnam

VIDEO Getaway to mellow Minna Island

My Paradise Retracing gradpops steps on Okinawa

Gen CQ Brown confirmed as Joint Chiefs chairman as Senate works around Tuberville nominee hold

US jobless claims fall to 201000 lowest level since January

Auto strikes are expected to expand Friday with no deal in sight

The wartime aircraft factory that became a US military apartment complex in Tokyo

Synthetic cannabis raids net 17 US soldiers at 2 bases in South Korea

Ukraine Russia and the tense UN encounter that almost happened but didnt

Biden aides try to quell tension with UAW as Trump plans Detroit trip

UNESCO adds World War I remembrance sites to its prestigious heritage registry

Ukraine reaps a big harvest but war risks trapping it at home

Irans president urges US to demonstrate it wants to return to the 2015 nuclear deal

Saudi Arabia praises positive results after Yemens Houthi rebels visit kingdom for peace talks

US sanctions foreign companies aiding Irans drone program

Inside the delicate art of maintaining Americas aging nuclear weapons

Long road to compensation for Camp Lejeune victims takes a turn

White House to announce firstever federal office of gun violence prevention AP sources say

Top US Air Force official in Mideast worried over possible RussiaIran cooperation and collusion

Exploring Guam Gadaos Cave a limestone art piece

Mitsubishi to build theme park to rival Tokyo Disneyland on former US Navy base

What we know about the Marine Corps F35 crash backyard ejection and what went wrong

Abrams tanks to enter Ukraine soon Austin says at Ramstein meeting

Avoiding shutdown funding military vital to defending Taiwan countering China US officials say

Okinawa governor takes case against US military bases to UN panel in Geneva

Red Hill lawyers say Navy erased fuel spill evidence from Pearl Harbor leaders cellphones

New crest tops Coast Guards evolving presence in Western Pacific

2 new horses serving with funeral platoon named for Medal of Honor recipients

Bidens new Climate Corps will train thousands of young people

A federal government shutdown looks more and more likely What to know

Azerbaijan and Armenian forces reach ceasefire deal for breakaway NagornoKarabakh officials say

A ceasefire in the separatist region of NagornoKarabakh still leaves thorny issues unresolved

Iraqs president will summon the Turkish ambassador over airstrikes in Iraqs Kurdish region

Syrias Assad will visit China as Beijing boosts its reach in the Middle East

Enjoy tasty matcha at Tokyo tea ceremony events in October

My Paradise Hiking Japans Michinoku Coastal Trail

Eating out in Korea Best allyoucaneat restaurants near Humphreys

Korea Destinations Five islands to visit this fall

5 great tips for eating sushi in Japan

Walk back in time on Guams Hagta Heritage Walking Trail

Tour of Guam Cycling to be held on Dec 10

Republicans postpone procedural vote on shortterm funding deal

Americans released by Iran arrive home tearfully embrace their loved ones and declare Freedom

Russian drone attack on a city in western Ukraine sparks an inferno at a warehouse and kills 1

US military construction project finished at key air base in Romania

1 Palestinian dies and Israel shuts down main crossing with Gaza after outbreak of border violence

Irans president denies sending drones and other weapons to Russia and complains about US meddling

The Spouses Speak 2023 Military spouse employment part one

Hundreds of photos of blocked military nominees line Senate lawn as Democrats raise pressure on Tuberville

NATO exercise planned for next year billed as largest since end of Cold War

Driver leaves Marine passengers behind after fleeing Okinawa crash scene

2 patients of JBLM doctor charged with sexual assault start civil action against the Army

Army secretary warns Tubervilles promotions block could cause talent drain

A 15M rocket caused that squiggly line in the Fresno sky

Zelenskyy Russia is weaponizing food energy and abducted children in its war against Ukraine

Antiaffirmativeaction group sues West Point over race in admissions

Fighting flares again in a breakaway region in the Caucasus Mountains

EU urges Serbia and Kosovo to respect their pledges after a meeting of leaders ends in acrimony

Syrias Assad to head to China as Beijing boosts its reach in the Middle East

Israeli military raid kills 3 in West Bank officials say 4th man killed by Israeli fire in Gaza

US Navy to christen oiler named in honor of Civil War hero Harriet Tubman

Search crews find debris field from missing F35 in South Carolina officials say

Army turns to highaltitude balloons for more eyes in the skies

Excook at Camp Zama sentenced for attacking spouse near Army post in Japan

Bears raid a Krispy Kreme doughnut van making deliveries on an Alaska military base

F35 still missing in South Carolina after pilot ejects safely

Heading for UN Ukraines president questions why Russia still has a place there

Authorities identify 2 California pilots who died in air racing event in Reno

Germany bans neoNazi group with links to US conducts raids in 10 German states

Chinas foreign minister holds talks in Russia after meeting with US national security adviser

Air base in Japan celebrates Hispanic service in US military

Japan benefits from quite excellent relations between US and South Korea expert says

What to know about the Sikh movement at the center of the tensions between India and Canada

Who was Hardeep Singh Nijjar the Sikh activist whose killing has divided Canada and India

Kid perspectives are the focus in Childrens Letters to God

How famous Sasebo Burger influenced by US military

Taste of Japan History of ginger in Land of the Rising Sun

My Paradise Okinawa The Land of Evening Calm

Military harassment China sends record number of aircraft near Taiwan

Army set to end pandemicera program that allowed NCO promotions ahead of required courses

US soldiers sentence for beer mug assault suspended by Okinawa judge

Search on for a missing Marine Corps fighter jet in South Carolina after pilot safely ejects

Pilot hospitalized after ejecting from Marine Corps F35 during mishap

Environmental groups sue EPA over water pollution from large livestock farms

World War Iera plane flips onto roof trying to land near Massachusetts museum pilot unhurt

Ukraine fires 6 deputy defense ministers as heavy fighting continues in the east

Kosovos prime minister blames EU envoy for the failure of recent talks with Serbia

Israel criticizes UN vote to list ruins near ancient Jericho as World Heritage Site in Palestine

UN experts say Ethiopias conflict and Tigray fighting left over 10000 survivors of sexual violence

African Union says its 2nd phase of troop withdrawal from Somalia has begun

Invictus Games 2023 Highlights and Updates

Exploring Korea Hiking spacious Seoraksan National Park

A day trip to Okinawas uninhabited Ukabi Island

20 fun things to do on Okinawas interesting Ishigaki Island

Exploring Guam Islands marketplaces full of life energy fun

Netanyahu talks to Elon Musk in California about antisemitism on X and artificial intelligence

Trump calls DeSantis abortion ban a terrible mistake sparking anger from some key Republicans

Italy approves new migrant detention as talk turns to naval blockade to prevent launching of boats

Russia urges UNs top court to toss out Ukrainian case that seeks to halt Moscows invasion

Air Force base on Okinawa opens gates for first tsunami evacuation drill in 5 years

Airstrike on northern Iraq military airport kills 3

Attack on Turkishbacked opposition fighters in Syria kills 13 of the militants activists say

In Wagner Groups largest African outpost Russia looks to tighten its grip

Blinken meets Chinese VP as USChina contacts increase ahead of possible summit

Hundreds of flying taxis to be made in Ohio home of the Wright brothers and astronaut legends

Xis missing defense chief opens door for US military talks

USIran prisoner swap could pave the way for talks on bigger issues

Maduro lets mutiny film air in Venezuela betting on empty theaters

Whats on in Busan Sept 18 24

My Paradise Uncovering Okinawas legends myths


Bullish Goldman Flows Guru Warns Of ElevatorDown Possibility For Markets In ShortTerm

Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands Good Luck Getting Repairs

WatchNASA Spacecraft To Land InUtah Desert WithAsteroid Samples

Our System Is Collapsing In Real Time Tucker Carlson Gives Bombshell Interview

Seymour Hersh On The Mainstreams Ukraine Narrative Shift

UK Quietly Passes Online Safety Bill Into Law

From sad September to optimistic October

Polands PM Warns Zelensky Never Insult Polish People Again

France Foreigners Commit 69 Of Robberies Violent Crimes Sexual Assaults On Public Transport

The Censorship Industrial Complex Exposes The Kleptocracys True Intentions

Alzheimers Now A Leading Cause Of Death In US Is Becoming More Prevalent

Robots From China Dont Strike

Chicagos TrillionDollar Financial Engine At Risk Of Leaving Over 800 Million Tax Proposal

Defunct Disinformation Governance Board Sought To Censor Opposing Views On Racial Justice Afghan Withdrawal Other Political Subjects

Liberal Conservative Dating Apps Explode In Popularity

A Time Capsule From The 1930s Whats Different Now

American Dream Megamall Sees Losses Quadruple To 245 Million

Air Force General Defends Memo That Predicted War With China By 2025

Kerry Acknowledges Need For Nuclear Power As Climate Diplomacy Dominates New York City

Zelenskyy Trudeau Honor Actual 3rd Reich Nazi With Standing Ovation

Europe dancing on the edge

Bitcoin Mining Can Reduce Up To 8 Of Global Emissions Report

Von Der Leyen Speech Suggests Russia Dropped Nuke On Hiroshima

NetanyahusHardline Allies Threaten To Implode Israeli Govt Over Concessions To Palestinians

20 RoboTaxis CauseTraffic Mayhem In Austin

Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Now We Fear The Fed

Biggest Shorting Since March 2020 Goldmans Top Weekly Trader Report Finds Market Sentiment Turns Dire

Elon Musks Starlink Exceeds 2 Million Users Doubling In Just Nine Months

Spam Strike Looms After Hormel Minnesota Workers Reject Contract Offer

Zelenskyy Asks Spirit Cooker Marina Abramovic To Be Ambassador For Ukraine Help Rebuild Schools

WaPo Scrambles After Own Poll Accidentally Shows Trump Crushing Biden

Can You Spot The Difference

Californians To Pay 18 Tax On Firearms Ammo After AntiGun Lawmakers Strike

American Pandemic Samizdat Bhattacharya

Trouble Ahead Container Shipping Rates Sinking Further Into The Red

US To Finance Train Kenyan Soldiers For Mission To Haiti

US Abrams Tanks Arrive In Ukraine Next Week Biden Confirms

Frontex Only 8 Of EUs Illegal Migrants Were Women Last Year

Heres Where Grassroots Crypto Adoption Is Highest

The Coming Ukraine Collapse The Rebuilding Headfake

Governments Start Calling For Price Controls Rationing CBDCs Come Next

F35 Stealth Fighter Only Mission Capable About Half The Time Government Report Finds

Xi Assad Launch ChinaSyria Strategic Partnership Based On Belt Road Initiative

Minnesota Murder Suspect Accidentally Freed From Jail 2 Days After Arrest

Cancers Appearing In Ways Never Before Seen After COVID Vaccinations Dr Harvey Risch

Who Could Have Seen This Coming All Over America Blue Cities Are Facing A Severe Shortage Of Police Officers

Where Gas Is Cheapest Most Expensive In The US

Pennsylvania Rolls Out Automatic Voter Registration

NY Man Arrested With 16 Million In Fentanyl Fails To Show For Court After Being Granted NonCash Bail

FBI Informant Created One Of Largest Nazi Groups In American History

Gov Newsom Attacks Federal Judge As ChildKilling Extremist RightWing Zealot Owned By The NRA

Ukraine Says Sevastopol HQ Strike Left Dozens Of Casualties Including Senior Leadership

Striking Autoworkers Will Only Harm Their Own Livelihoods

Watch National Guard Rolls Into Eagle Pass Texas As Bidens Border Crisis Spirals OutOfControl

Bidens Permitting Proposal Would Backfire Add Red Tape For Affordable Energy Projects

Why Did Bill Gates Make Sudden UTurn On Climate Doom Narrative

RFK Jr As A ThirdParty Candidate

Privacy Disasters On Wheels AOC Blasts NYC Mayor Adams New RoboSubway CrimeFighting Cop

California Democrats Could Guarantee Trump 2024 Win

Hartnett Did You Sell The Last Hike

Republicans Embrace Ballot Harvesting for 2024 Some Foresee Legal Battles

Murdered Ecuadorian Cartel Boss Buried With Hundreds Of Pistols Shotguns And Rifles

Lies Damn Lies And The Sierra Club

Tinder Is Now Offering 6000 Per Year VIP Subscription

Democrat Sen Bob Menendez Wife Indicted Over Gold Bar And Other Bribery Schemes

Britains Parliament Demands That Rumble X Deplatform Russell Brand

McCarthy Throws Fit Accuses GOP Hardliners Of Wanting To Burn The Whole Place Down As Shutdown Looms

In So Many Ways It Feels Like The Barbarians Are At The Gates

UAW Boss Says Ford Serious About Reaching Deal Expands Strike To All GM Stellantis Parts Distribution Centers

Zelensky Departs Washington Mostly EmptyHanded Amid Mood Shift In West

Global Stagflation US EU PMIs Signal Slowing Growth Rising Prices

Quantitative Tightening Is Not Biggest Threat To Global Yields

Commercials Set To InvadeAmazon Prime Video Unless You Pay New Ad Free Fee

Chevron LNG Workers End Strike In Australia

Rates Rock and Roll America no better than Greece

Futures Rebound After Three Day Rout As Rates Ease From 2007 High

With Most Central Banks Ending Their Tightening Cycle The BOJ Remains Too Terrified To Even Start

Teamsters Want Senate Investigation Into Yellows Bankruptcy

Green Bubble Burst US ESG Fund Closures In 2023 Surpass Total Of Previous Three Years

Go To Hell Brave EU Politician Delivers Damning Message To Global Tyrants

European equities lower PMIs note growth concerns JPY weaker postBoJ US PMI due Newsquawk US Market Open

Diamond Prices Are Crashing ForcingRussian Mining Giant To Halt Sales

VP Kamala Harris Becomes Bidens Gun Czar As War OnSecond Amendment Goes In Overdrive

Trudeau Unveils C650M More For Ukraine Defense As Zelensky Addresses Parliament

COVID19 Virus Levels In Wastewater Have Dropped

JPM Upgrades Energy To Overweight As Supercycle Returns Sees Oil Upside To 150 And Multiple Energy Crises This Decade

America Has Fallen And It Cant Get Up

In Reversal Biden Agrees To Small Number OfATACMS LongRange Missiles For Ukraine

TME Daily Hedgies retreat tech tanks and energys blaze

China Says Fossil Fuel PhaseOut Is Unrealistic

Government Shutdown Could Push Unemployment To 4 Triggering Recession Start Signal

Watch Rand Paul Blasts Corrupt Zelensky Begging For More Money

Texas Declares Invasion As 10s Of 1000s Illegally Cross Southern Border

Russia Confirms Ukrainian Missile Strike On Black Sea Fleet HQ Personnel Missing

That 70s Show

Democratic Mayor Of Dallas American Cities Need Republicans Im Becoming One

The Rise Of HuxWell

Sen Murphy Slams Biden Plan To Commit American Blood To Saudi Arabia

Will Poor Mans Cocaine Fuel The Next US Drug Crisis

Alternate Trump Electors Push Back Against State Racketeering Charges In Federal Court

Educational Homicide 13 Baltimore City High Schools Have Zero Students Proficient On State Math Exam

Author Of Gender Queer Book Found In Schools Says I Dont Recommend This Book For Kids

Domestic US Banks See Big Deposit Outflows Last Week But Loan Volumes Picked Up

A Turning Point In Americas Struggle Against Blobbery Has Been Crossed

Stocks fail to hold onto initial gains but bonds rise on PMI data Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Higher For Longer RealityCheck Wrecks Bonds Banks BigTech

Watch Biden Claims Its Republicans Who Are Undermining Our Border Security

Surge In Short Selling Has Goldman Prime Predicting Imminent Painful Squeeze

Eric Clapton Helps RFK Jr Raise 22 Million At Los Angeles Fundraiser

Biden Finally Gives Netanyahu LongDelayed White House Invitation

Next Arms Package For Ukraine Includes More InternationallyBanned Cluster Bombs

Trudeau Tried But Failed To Convince Allies To Condemn India Over Killing Of Sikh Leader

US stocks extended on losses as yields continued to climb in postFOMC fallout and amid a central bank frenzy Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Judge Denies Request Orders Hunter Biden To Appear In Court

Jordan Subpoenas FBI Censorship Czar Elvis Chan Over Apparent Perjury Ducking Testimony

Globalism Is The Real Pandemic

3 charts we are watching Make or break

Fed Balance Sheet Plunges By Most In Over 3 Years As Retail MoneyMarket Inflows Continue

The New Narrative

Stock and bond slump deepens after stagflationary data and BoE rate pause Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Bond Bloodbath Trounces Tech Batters Bitcoin Banks Bullion

Truck This Why Im Leaving The LongHaul Industry

Russia Attacks Ukraines Energy Infrastructure Ahead Of Winter

Thousands Of Bogus JetEngine Parts Sold To Global Airline Fleets Report

GOP Lawmakers Warn White House On Ukraine Aid As McCarthy Vows To Confront Zelensky

Rebooted Clinton Global Initiative Licks Chops Over Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

European Allies Reject Zelenskys Naive Plea To Strip Russia Of UN Security Council Seat

Oil Cracks Soar After Russia Bans Diesel Gasoline Exports

Six Reasons Why Corporate Profits Will Fall 50

US Existing Home Sales Suffer Second Weakest Summer Ever

Wronger For Longer

End Of An Era Rupert Murdoch Steps Down As Chairman Of Fox News Corp

Does The UAW Union Merit A Huge Raise

Philly Fed Business Survey Crashes Back Into Contraction In September

Initial Continuing Jobless Claims Continues To Plunge

VIX awakens

Banks At Risk From Positive StockBond Correlation

Futures Global Stocks Tumble As Markets Reel After Feds Hawkish Pause

Hollywood Writers Strike Could Be Over As Soon As Today

BOE Surprises Markets By Keeping Rates Unchanged For The First Time In Two Years

This Is The Worst Global Food Crisis In Modern History And It Is About To Go To An Entirely New Level

Broadcom Shares Slide On Report Google Plans To Abandon Chip Supplier

The HardAsset Inflation PaperAsset Deflation Theory

McCarthy Fails For 2nd Time To Advance Bill Funding Defense Department As Ukraine Sows Division

Musks SpaceX Countersues DOJ Says Case Over Refusal To Hire Refugees Is Unconstitutional

Morgan Stanley Quants We Are On The Verge Of Triggering Billions In Forced Selling

Large Number Of Issues Settled Strikes AtAustralian LNG Plants Might EndAs Early As Friday

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum A Culture War Rooted In First Principles

Nomura Warns Of PostFed Clustering Of DownsideFlow Accelerants

Supreme Court May Put AdministrativeState On ChoppingBlock In Upcoming Term Lawyers Say

Traders Bet Big On Fed Blowing It Gold Call Volume Explodes After Hawkish Powell

Broadcom Recovers Losses After Google States No Change In Chip Relationship

Joe Biden Defiles The Corpse Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserve

The Permanent Strikes Continue GM Joins Ford Stellantis With Mass Layoffs As Result Of UAW Action

Feds Dots Imply Highest Treasury Yields Since 2000

Adidas CEO Extends Olive Branch ToKanye West

Fed Talk Dot Plots Theres A Big Difference Between Saying And Doing

Ukraines Transgender Military Spox Fired For Unapproved Statements

JPM Markets Desk Sentiment Is Turning Very Negative On The US Consumer

Watch Live Garland Grilled Over Ray Epps Hunter Biden Influence Peddling

DOJ SEC Investigating Elon Musk Over Perks Paid At Tesla Going Back Years

Watch Live Fed Chair Powell Walks High Wire Between Being Done Being Dovish

American Eagle Sues Owners Of San Francisco Westfield Mall Over Rampant Criminal Activity

Dealers Stuffed On Gamma Ahead Of Fed As The Sell The Prem Live The Dream Dynamic Continues For Now

Lesson Of The Day Sanctions Dont Work Because They Create New Markets

Brace For Impact Bond CTAs Are Extremely Short Going Into The FOMC Decision

Peter Schiff The Inflation War Is Over Inflation Won

The Kitchen Sink Is McCarthys Only Path To Avoid Shutdown And It Probably Wont Work

We need to talk about inflation

The Authors Guild Launches ClassAction Lawsuit Against OpenAI

Stocks Bonds Slammed As Powell Pies In Next Years Punchbowl

NATO Fractures In UTurn Poland Announces It Will No Longer Arm Ukraine

We Will Get Nuclear Weapon If Iran DoesSaudi Crown Prince Tells Fox

Quinn Fake Climate Narrative Is Easily Debunked

FBI Had So Many Paid Informants In J6 Riot They Lost Track And Had To Perform Audit ExOfficial

US stocks declined and bonds were pressured after hawkish Fed dot plots Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Why The American Revolution Still Matters

Elon Musks Neuralink Gets Greenlight To Recruit Humans For BrainChip Trial

National Guard Refused Before Jan 6 Because Pelosi Will Never Go For It Former Capitol Police Chief

Ukraine Will Not GetATACMS LongRange Missiles Anytime Soon Fox

Stocks and bonds dip after hawkish Fed Dots Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Bidens Defenders Are Blowing Smoke

Volatility the dormant beast

Thousands Of Armenians Rush To Airport Fearing Genocide As Ceasefire Announced In NagornoKarabakh

Wall Street Reacts To The Feds Confused 2024 Hawkish Shock

NYT In Rare AboutFace Now Says Ukraine Not Russia Behind Mass Casualty Missile Strike On Market

Former NZ PM Ardern Urges United Nations To Crack Down On Free Speech As A Weapon Of War

WTI Holds Bounce Above 90 After AcrossTheBoard Inventory Draws

With Cushing Hitting Tank Bottoms Goldman Hikes Oil Price Target To 100

FOMC Preview No Hike With All Eyes On The Dots What Happens In November And How Many Cuts In 2024

It Could Be The Largest Healthcare Strike In US History Kaiser Workers In DC Virginia Maryland Authorize Strike

The 2024 Dots Take Center Stage

Trump To Skip Second GOP Debate Will Instead Address Detroit Auto Workers

September Siesta

The UAW Strike Is A Thorn In The Side Of Bidens Domestic EV Agenda

Is This Time Different Unpacking Bond Yields

Futures Rise Dollar And Yields Slide Ahead Of Fed Decision

0DTE Is The Fantasy Football Of Option Trading

Dot Plot To Show Fed Pushing Back On 2024 Pricing

Ukraines American Trans Spox Picks A Fight With US Senator JD Vance

3 charts we are watching Oil reversing

Its Getting Hard To Make A Bull Case For Europe

Odds of a BoE hike trim to 5050 postCPI FOMC looms Newsquawk US Market Open

FOMC Leaves Rates Unchanged Signals Much More Hawkish 2024

Russell Brand Demonetized After Sexual Assault Claims

Is The Gig Economy On The Verge Of Destruction

Goldman Lists 300 Volatility Catalysts Through YearEnd Which Will Propel VIX Higher

Dollar General To Grow Private Truck Fleet To 2000 By Years End

FTX Sues BankmanFrieds Law Professor Parents To Recover Fraudulently Transfered And Misappropriated Funds

Mediocre 20Y Auction Sees Steep Drop In Foreign Demand

Zelensky Fires Top Defense Officials In Corruption Purge Ahead Of Washington Trip

Amazon Announces Plans To Hire 250000 Logistics Workers For Holiday Season

Strong Tailwinds Could See Oil Become Even More Overbought

High Crimes And Misdemeanors Gaetz Drafts Hunter Biden Subpoena Challenges McCarthy To Sign And Date

Ray Epps Charged With Misdemeanor In LongDelayed WristSlap

Oil Prices Hit 10 Month Highs As Azerbaijan Military Action Threatens New War

Are House Conservatives Trying To Force McCarthy Out Via Shutdown

China Selling Treasuries And Mercedes Selling Cars

Yuan Dominates US Dollar In China CrossBorder Payments

UN To Discuss How To Better Control The World At Annual General Assembly

FDA Has Gone Rogue In Its Approval Of New COVID19 Boosters Dr Robert Malone

US stocks finished lower on the eve of the FOMC as yields climbed after hot Canadian CPI data and oil hit a YTD peak Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

India Rejects Trudeaus Absurd Accusations It Assassinated Canadian Citizen Expels Diplomat In TitForTat

Spinning The Press On Hunter Biden Lee Fang

Zelensky Disappointed Bidens Lackluster UN Speech Only Briefly Focused On Ukraine

Deliberately Distorting Data To Downplay Devastation Of Bidenomics

WTI Holds Gains After API Reports BiggerThanExpected Crude Draw

Stocks and Bonds slide after hot Canada CPI on eve of FOMC Newsquawk US Market Wrap

The Peculiar Power Of Denial

Bond Yields Blasted To 16 Year Highs Stocks Sink Ahead Of Fed

House Republicans Set Date for First Biden Impeachment Hearing

Peter Schiff Puts The UAW Strike In Its Economic Context

AI Bubble Bursting Hedge Funds Are Furiously Shorting Semi Stocks

Milley Stoltenberg Agree We Must Prepare Ourselves For A Long War In Ukraine

Digital Second Amendment Unveiled AntiWoke AI Bot Equips Users With Newest Weapons Of Digital Age

Final Fed Hike Will Be Stock Rallys Last Gasp

New Footage Reveals Wreckage Of F35 Jet Amidst Speculation Of Potential Cyberattack

Reeling Europe Crushed By Merkels Catastrophic Legacy

Azerbaijan Launches Major Ground Operation In Karabakh Against Armenians

Sick Thoughts Of Capitulating

Canadian CPI Triggers PanicPuke In Bonds 5Y Treasury Yield Highest Since 2007

All The Key Positioning HF Exposure And Market Levels Ahead Of The Fed Decision

October Weakness Before The YearEnd Run

Housing Starts Plunged In August As RenterNation Collapses

UAW Boss Warns Strikes Will Expand Friday If Automakers Fail To Make Substantial Progress In Labor Talks

Futures Flat As Traders Brace For Central Bank Deluge Watch Surging Oil

They Were Laughing Rogue Gang Of Teens Brutally Beat Gas Station Clerk In Lawless Seattle

After Steamrolling Credit Suisse AT1 Investors UBS Is Selling CoCo Bonds Of Its Own

3 charts we are watching What is the next delta in housing

Biden Administration Puts Uranium Between Hard Rock And No Place On Critical Mineral List

Rocket Lab Shares Crater On Botched Space Mission

10 things you need to know about the oil rally

COVID19 Vaccines Revealed To Be Neither Safe Nor Effective Watchdog

This Week Will Be Bumpy SP Futures Slide Europe Asia Slump With Brent At 95 Ahead Of Central Bank Barrage

TSMC Instructs Suppliers To Delay Chip Equipment Deliveries Report Says

What Comes After A Soft Landing More Slowing

This Is Bad Really Bad

European bourses weaker US futures contained DXY lower Fixed firmer US NAHB due Newsquawk US Market Open

3 charts we are watching tired generals

Where Air Pollution Is Cutting Lives Short

TME weekend Tech unraveling cheap hedges and oil chasing

Ukrainian DraftDodging Scandal Deepens With New Arrests As Citizens Attempt To Flee Service

Rule Of 72 How Long Does It Take To Double Your Money

Oil Surges To 95 As China Crude Stockpiles Hits A Record 114 Billion Barrels

Myocarditis COVID19 Vaccines How The CDC Missed A Safety Signal And Hid A Warning

Homebuilders Finally Face Reality Confidence Plunges In September

What If Disinflation Turns Out To Be Transitory

Climate Protesters Arrested After Marching Outside NY Fed Building

Theres No Evidence Of Anything If You Sweep It All Under The Rug

Tesla Slips After Goldman Lowers Earnings Target Citing Price Cut Pressure

Tight Rope Walking

Watch Live MuskNetanyahu Discuss AI Innovation

The Coming Collapse Of The Global Ponzi Scheme

Another Utterly False Article Musk Blasts WSJ For Report On Tesla Potentially Building Saudi Gigafactory

Hunter Biden Sues IRS Claims Whistleblowers Tried To Target And Embarrass Him

Peter Schiff This Story Will Have A Tragic Ending

Military Finds F35 Debris 80 Miles FromPilots Ejection Area

How Far Are We From Revolution

Trump Leads Biden Nationally As RealClear Asks What Happened To DeSantis

Your WiFi Can See You

US stocks finished flat as participants await a profusion of central bank activity Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

250 Million NYC Condo Sees Price Slashed To 195 Million After A Year Without Selling

Schumer Blasts House GOP Stopgap As HardRight Screed That Wont Pass Senate

High conviction neutral

Illinois Chicago Set To Become More Dangerous As Cash Bail Ends

Heres How The Market Will React To Next Weeks Government Shutdown Lessons From The Past

Markets chop in the calm before the central bank storm Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Kunstler Party Of Chaos Is Certainly Trying To Provoke Something Like Civil War

Bitcoin BigTech PumpAndDump Gold Gains As YieldCurve Crushed

Operation Choke Point 20 How US Regulators Fight Bitcoin With Financial Censorship

First France Now Korea ProbesiPhone 12 Radiation ConcernsTo Curb Public Anxiety

Moderna Plunges After Pfizer Sees Just 24 Of Americans Seeking Covid Boosters

How Do You Lose An F35 US Military Cant Find Stealth Jet After Mishap

Thanks Joe Gas Prices Have Never Been This High This Time Of Year

Shutdown Looms Once Again As McCarthy Has Two Weeks To Pull A Rabbit Out Of Something

The Oil Price Shock Is A Direct Consequence Of Interventionism

Key Events This Busy Week Central Banks Galore Including Fed BOJ And BOE

5 Americans Freed From Iran Prison As US Hands Over 6BN In Controversial Deal

Journal Rejects Request To Retract Study Suggesting Negative COVID Vaccine Effectiveness

Musk Considers Saudi Arabia Meets Erdogan About Potential Tesla Factory In Hunt For New Locations

Full Impact Of Global Rate Rises Yet To Be Felt In Markets

Gagging Donald Turley Slams Smiths Narrowly Tailored Motion To Silence Trump


Extreme Weather Threatens Religious Sites

As Assassination Drives India and Canada Apart China Gets a Free Pass

Joe Biden Gets Bad News From Poll

Mary Trump Issues Ominous Prediction About Donald Trump

Ukrainian Drone Strikes Russian Security Building in Kursk Report

Donald Trump Slams Defective F35s After Fighter Jet Crash

Ukraine Map Reveals Counteroffensive Progress Amid Verbove Breakthrough

DeSantis Opposes Ukraine Joining NATO

Sean Penn Shuts Down Hannity With 10Word Taliban Response

Laughter at Dogs Dramatic Reaction After She Bangs Her Head on the Door

Bryce Young Injury What We Know About the Panthers QBs Status

The Royals Top Christian Dior Fashion Moments From Diana to Meghan

The Dangers of Sleeping With Your Cat in the Bed From a Feline Expert

Woman Falls in Love for First Time With Man She Met on Craigslist

Mom Teen Daughter Charged After Newborn Found in Trash Bag in Car Trunk

Video Shows Police Officer Save Dog Tied to Fence Amid Ophelia Flooding

How to Watch Eagles vs Bucs Week 3 Game TV Betting Info

Why Do the Kansas City Chiefs Have an NKH Patch on Their Jerseys

Joe Biden Continues GaffeFilled Week

Russian Allys Latest Comments Show Growing Tension With Putin

Putin Mocked for Appearance Early90s Track Suit in Newly Unearthed Videos

Polands President Defends Recent Decision on Ukraine

Burger King Sparks Furious Boycott Calls Over Russell Brand Advert Move

Trump Plays Up AntiAbortion Credentials Following Recent Criticism

Gavin Newsom Finds Unlikely Allies After Gender Legislation Veto

Questionable Stock Trade Patterns in Ramaswamys Wall Street Past

Joe Biden Continues His GaffeFilled Week

Chinas Floating Barrier Sparks Fury From Philippines

Transgender Spokesperson for Ukraine Breaks Silence on Suspension

Matt Gaetz Clashes With Fox News Maria Bartiromo in Heated Interview

UK Pledges to Continue Ukraine Support No Matter Who Wins 2024 US Election

Taylor Swift Cheers on Travis Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium

America Faces Savings Disaster

Ukraine Just Had Its Best Week Since Counteroffensive Began

Tropical Storm Ophelia Track Shows Impact to These States

Donald Trump Says UAW Workers Are Toast Unless Leadership Endorses Him

Crimea Rocked by Explosions Again After Black Sea Fleet HQ Strike

Azerbaijan Issues Warning as Russian Ally Teeters

Putins Military Suffering From High Turnover of Senior Officers UK

Lauren Boebert Denies Having Too Much to Drink Before Theater Antics

Saltwater Wedge in Mississippi River Sparks State of Emergency

Democratic Senator Pressured to Resign Over Indictment Alleged Corruption

NASA Is Dropping an Asteroid Sample Down to Earthand Its Landing in Utah

Trump Lashes Out at Disloyal Howard Stern After Radio Hosts Criticisms

Prince Harry Has UK Press Judgement Day Coming Down the Line

Vet Reveals The 5 Best AtHome Enrichment Ideas For Your Dog

Cat Trying to Grip for Dear Life on Slippery Floor Delights Viewers

Brides Mother Slammed for Demanding Money From Stepuncle for Wedding

Maren Morris Sends Message to Adam Mac After AntiLGBTQ Backlash

Invictus Success Shows Harry and Meghan a Path To Rebuild Public Image

ExWagner Commander Arrested for Attempted Return to Russia

Crimea Black Sea HQ Strike Sparks Furious Reaction From Russian TV Figures

Poland Issues Warning to Zelensky After UN Comments

I was poor and faced 11 rejectionsthen my dream came true

We Quit Our Jobs for a Side Hustle and Made 179K in 5 Months

Reason New Mom Is Refusing to Take Baby to Meet Parents Cheered

How to Watch Bengals vs Rams Week 3 NFL Game TV Betting Info

Wordle Today 826 Hints Tips and Answer for Saturday September 23 Game

Trump Team Reacts to Bidens Plan to Join UAW Picket Line

Ukraine War Map Shows Crimea Strikes Amid Black Sea Headquarters Damage

Notre Dame QB Sam Hartman 5 Things to Know About Fighting Irish Starter

How To Watch Bears vs Chiefs Week 3 Game TV Betting Info

Videos of Tropical Storm Ophelia Show Heavy Flooding Powerful Winds

Lachlan Murdoch Has a Huge Fox News Headache on His Hands

Bob Menendez Indictment What Charges Could Mean for 2024 Senate Race

Biden Mocked for Saying Hes Been to Every Mass Shooting

Teacher Arrested After Kids Find Meth in Hair Scrunchie Police

Ukraine Needs Full ATACM Capabilities Ret US General

Six Times Kate Middleton Wowed in Regal Ballgowns

Trumps NY Lawyers Bad Start Will Likely Get Worse Kirschner

Roger Stone Issues Warning to Matt Gaetz About Weasel DeSantis

ExTrump Aide Claims Peter Navarro Was Seen as a Liability by White House

Satellite Image Shows Smoke Rising From Crimea Black Sea HQ After Strike

How to Watch Cowboys vs Cardinals Week 3 Game TV Betting Info

MAGA Prophet Warns the US Establishment Is Poisoning Food Water

Auto Store Worker Charged in Strangulation Death of Alleged Shoplifter

Conservatives Slam Kamala Harris New Gun Violence Position

Trump Banned From Making Threats Intimidation in 2024 Ballot Case

Japan Says It Cant Cut China Out of Economy Amid Rising Military Tensions

For Some iPhone 15 Is Worth Going Into Debt

Archaeologists Discover Previously Unknown Language From Ancient Tablet

Each NFL Teams AllTime Sack Leader From Bruce Smith to Tony Brackens

Ukraine Is Closing the Net on Russias Black Sea Fleet

Bipartisan Bill to End Government Shutdown Puts Democrats in Bind

COVID Map Shows 10 States With Most Positive Cases Last Week

Video Ukraines T64 Sneaks Up on Russian T72 in Fiery Tank Duel

Bidens Border Policies Have Made Every US City a Border Town

Tropical Storm Ophelia To Drench Atlantic States With Months Worth of Rain

Social Security Agency Demands Billions Back After Accidentally Overpaying

Bryan Kohberger Hearing Delayed Due to Unexplained Illness

Exclusive Pakistan PM Preparing Response to Enemy India Being Strengthened by US

Republican Praises Nancy Pelosis Leadership as House GOP Falls Apart

AOC Responds to Lauren Boeberts Sexually Lewd Theater Show

Kari Lake Surprised by Blistering Attack From Original Wonder Woman

When Does the Time Change Fall Back Sparks Confusion About Clocks

Joe Biden Suffers Two Speech Gaffes in Just Over 24 Hours

ABCs Ginger Zee Sparks Outrage Over Drag Queen Video

Photos Show Old Lake Mead Boat Slowly Sinking as Water Levels Recover

Prince Archies American Accent Goes Viral Adorable

James Webb Telescope Finds Key Ingredient for Life in Jupiters Moon Ocean

Zelensky Hails USUkraine Missile Plan

Video Smoke Rises Over Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ after Missiles Hit Crimea

Ukraine War Map Shows Zaporizhzhia Gains as Surovikin Line Breach Expands

I Worked for PutinHe Was Rational Patient and Logical

Joe Jonas Attack on Sophie Turner Spectacularly Backfires

Pierce Brosnans RFK Jr Support Sparks Fury From Fans Traitor

Meghan Markle Signals Podcast Shift With Latest Legal Filing

I Was an Astronaut I Quit for Something Far More Important

Shock as Passenger Claims Flight Attendants Sat Human Organ Next to Her

Mans Reply to Woman Refusing to Sit Next to Random Men on Flight Praised

After 80 Years the UNs Threads Show Signs of Fraying

The Senate Desecrates Itself for John Fetterman

Supreme Court Faces New Headache With Latest Clarence Thomas Report

Supreme Court Ruling Could Decide Hunter Bidens Fate

Credit Scores of Millions Could Be Improved by Biden Plan

Rocket Carrying Space Force Satellite Punches Hole in Ionosphere

Fauci Reveals Painful Disagreement With Donald Trump Over COVID Policy

Donald Trump Breaks Silence on Rupert Murdoch

Americans Deeply Dissatisfied with Government and Both Parties Study

Todays Wordle 825 Answer Hints and Tips for Friday September 22 Puzzle

Artificial Sweetener Linked to Heritable Learning Deficits Scientists Say

The San Francisco 49ers Cant Afford to Waste Their 41 Million Window

How to Watch Texans vs Jaguars Week 3 NFL Game Streaming Betting Info

Revolutionizing Growth Unleashing the Power of Revenue Operations

Seven Strategies to Move from Stuck to Unstuck How to See New Possibilities Inside of Old Problems

Menendez Indictment Reveals Devastating Envelopes of Cash Gold Bars

Matt Gaetz Effectively House Speaker as Kevin McCarthy Caves Steve Bannon

Dallas Mayor Flips to GOP Cities Need Republicans

Five Warning Signs Republicans Are Heading for Electoral Disappointment

Bipartisan Bill to End Government Shutdowns Puts Democrats in Bind

Tommy Tuberville Does Victory Lap in Battle Against Military

Donald Trump CoDefendants SelfDestructive Move Leaves Attorney Stunned

Fact Check Did Donald Trump Suggest Feeding Child Migrants to Alligators

Ukraines T64 Sneaks Up on Russian T72 in Fiery Tank Duel Video

New Evidence Undermines Key Case in Ukraines AntiCorruption Drive

Amazon Prime Video Ad Plan Sparks Outrage Cancellation Threats

Angelica Ross Rips Trolls After Backlash Over Emma Roberts Scandal

Kathy Griffin Under Fire Over Kanye West Bianca Censori Comments

UAWs Shawn Fain Issues Challenge to Joe Biden as Strike Expands

How To Watch Panthers vs Seahawks Week 3 NFL Game TV Betting Info

Man Arrested and Charged for Killing Black Bear in Alabama

Highly Contagious Cat Virus Outbreak Forces Pet Shelter Closure

New Clarence Thomas Report Throws Wrench in Upcoming Supreme Court Case

Government Shutdown Would Add Body Blows to US Economy

Ukraine Finds Defects in More Than Half of Tanks Sent by Ally

Smoke Rises Over Russian Black Sea Fleet HQ after Missiles Hit CrimeaVideo

Bone From Sizeable Beast Could Be Ancient Battle Elephant

Are COVID Drugs Creating Super Viruses Scientists Weigh In

Juvenile Whale Hit by Boat Propeller Left With Severe Head Injuries

Andrew Luck Hilariously Embraces Capt Andrew Luck Internet Meme

How to Watch Chargers vs Vikings Week 3 Game TV Betting Info

17 Factors to Consider When Building a Safer Workplace Environment

NATO Chief Says Weakening Russia Will Help US Focus on Challenging China

Donald Trumps Letter to Joe Biden What We Know

California Turns on Its Homeless Population

Medicaid Would Be Given to Every Child Under New Senate Bill

Caitlyn Jenner Weighs in as Trump Rep Takes Trans Swipe at DeSantis Aide

Putins Soldiers Are Rapidly Dying Report

As Biden Dawdles on ATACMS Expert Suggests Next Best Thing for Ukraine

Why Russell Brands Defense Will Eventually Backfire

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Creating an Inclusive Higher Education Environment

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Lauren Boebert Theater Video Sparks New Democrat Setup Theory

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Combat Footage Shows Entrenched Russian Soldier Hold Off Dozen Ukrainians

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Buccaneers LB Shaquil Barrett Honored Late Daughter in Win Over Bears

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Key Factors That Will Decide if Interest Rates Are Raised Again

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