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Is This How Skynet Begins Bezos Nvidia Join OpenAI In Funding Humanoid Robotics Firm

States Must Act Now To Save Rural Lives From Fentanyl Crisis

Apparel Retailer Express Moving Toward Bankruptcy

Post upside crash pulse

NORAD Fighter Jets Intercept HighAltitude Balloon Over Utah

Rise In MailInVoting A Convenience Or Pathway To Fraud

GOP Lawmaker Demands Congress Must Take Action Against NGOs Facilitating Border Invasion

Prosecution Of FarRight But Not Antifa For Same Riots Constitutionally Impermissible Judge

Systemically Racist US Homeownership Grows More Diverse

Stocks chop and bonds flatten after hawkish Waller Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Russia Russia Russia Has Been A Long Elaborate Lie

Best Week For Bullion In 2024 As MegaCaps MeltUp On Bad Breadth

Its Slightly Racist To Be A Taylor Swift Fan BLM CoFounder Says

Markets General Dynamic Looks Like Potential BlowOffTop Nomura Warns

New Cell Phone Records Prove DA Willis Affair

Once Valued At 57BN Vice Media Stops Publishing And Nothing Of Value Was Lost

The Message This Week From Central Bankers No Urgency No Rush

AsUS EU Pile New Sanctions On Russia WSJ Declares Punitive Measures Already Failed

That Didnt Stop Me Biden Brags That Supreme Court Cant Stop Him from Canceling Student Debt

As Market Abandons Hope of Imminent RateCuts Goldman Doves Admit Defeat Again Pushing First Fed Move Off To June

CBP Seizes 65 Tons Of Meth In Eagle Pass Largest Haul Ever At A Port Of Entry

Reddit Files To Go Public Set To Capitalize On AI Market Boom

3 charts The big implosion in volatility

Small Cap Stocks May Be At Risk According To NFIB Data

Futures Flat After Nvidia Sparks Biggest Rally In Over A Year

Joe Bidens EV Mandate Vision For America Is In Full Collapse

El Salvadors Bukele Slams Soros At CPAC

President Bidens Transfer of Other Peoples Debts To You

Shares Of Intuitive Machines Soar After First Successful US Moon Landing In Half Century

US Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Has 10Year Backlog Of Claims

Commodities clipped equities slightly softer awaiting geopolitical updates Newsquawk US Market Open

Which Countries Have The Largest Gold Reserves

Chinas Shock Statement Palestinians Have Right To Use Armed Force Against Israel

Stevia Has Potential Side Effects On Gut Microbiome And Brain But Experts Explain Bottom Line

Unprecedented NowFired CBS Reporter Who Investigated Biden Laptop Story Has Personal Files Seized By Network

Ukraine Says It Shot Down Another Large Russian Spy Plane

Goldman Trader With Stocks At All Time High The Markets RiskReward Profile Has Changed

The Elites Versus The Rest Of Us

Dishonest And Unprofessional Ackman Fires Off 77 Pages To Business Insider Over Claims His Wife Plagiarized

Peter Schiff Household Debt Highest In Nations History

House Dems Squeeze Johnson Over Freedom Caucus Demands

Family Sets Up GoFundMe For Suspect Who Allegedly Started Shootout at KC Super Bowl Parade

Jamie Dimon Sells 822000 Shares Of JPMorgan For The First Time As Stock Hits AllTime High

Intellectuals For Sale

Netanyahu Finally Presents Gaza PostWar Plan To Cabinet Its Sure To Anger Biden Admin

Elon Musk Blasts Googles Insane Racist AntiCivilizational Programming

NVDA Adds Record 250BN In Market Cap Overnight Two Goldman Sachs Or A Whole Netflix

What A Racist Douchenozzle Musk Blasts Woke AI Geminis Product Head As Google Halts Image Generation Over Inaccuracies

Judge Overseeing TrumpGeorgia Case Once Donated To Fani Willis Campaign

Greece Protests Netflixs Portrayal Of Alexander The Great As Gay

US Existing Home Sales Disappoint As Price Hits Record High For January

The Feds Solution To The Mess It Created It Will Tighten And Loosen At The Same Time

US Services Sector Slumps In Feb Manufacturing Hits 17MonthHigh

NYCs NonCitizen Voting Law Struck Down By Appeals Court

Within 10 Years Interest And Medicare Will Each Cost 16 Trillion A Year

Initial Jobless Claims Plunge Near Record Lows Fed Questions Datas Accuracy

AIphoria Nvidia Blowout Sends US Futures Soaring Pushes Japan And Europe To New Record Highs

The CBO Revised The Cost Of Bidens Energy Policies Up By 466 Billion

Ukrainians Growing Discontent With Countrys Outlook

The Coming Collapse Of El Nino And Flip To La Nina

More important than NVDA now

Cell Service Outages Reported Across US

NVDA earnings boost market sentiment with Equities Antipodeans bid whilst USD dips US PMI IJC due Newsquawk US Market Open

Aluminum Prices Soar After Biden Says Major Sanctions Package Against Russia Is Imminent

Deutsche Bank Sees Brent Oil Price At 88 By The End Of 2024

Mask Off Googles Gemini Blames Its Own Creators For AntiWhite Racism

Lara Trump Vows LargestEver Legal Ballot Harvesting Operation If Elected RNC CoChair

Groq AIs LPU The Breakthrough Answer To ChatGPTs GPU Woes

Venezuela Blocks Flights Carrying Deported Migrants From US Mexico

VDH What The Left Has Bequeathed Us

Another UK Ship On Fire Near Yemen As Sea Becomes Littered With Disabled Tankers

Why Are There 30 Cuts In This 2 Minute Biden Speech

Is An XClass Solar Flare Responsible For Nationwide Cell Outage

ECB Claims Bitcoin Has Failed Again Says Recent PostETF Gains Are Flash In The Pan

UK Quits Treaty Allowing Oil Firms to Sue Governments Over Climate Policy

Zelensky Opens Ukraines National Guard To Foreigners Amid Severe Manpower Crisis

Positioning Is Worrying And Nobody Seems To Care

WTI Extends Gains After Big Product Draw Smaller Crude Build

Teamsters Union Makes First Major GOP Donation Since 2004 Following Trump Meeting

ADNOC CEO Global Energy Demand Growth Is Unsustainable

Milei Secures Argentinas First Budget Surplus Since 2012 After Only One Month In Office

Lack Of Credibility Places US Deterrence Under Great Strain

I Hope Public Is Waking Up Border Invasion Sparks Migrant Crime Crisis In Major Cities

US stocks rallied on Nvidia wave Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Florida May Require History Of Communism Classes In Public Schools

Jeffrey Epstein Had Secret Panopticon Recording Room To Monitor Guests Lawsuit

Bulls take yet another victory lap

NVDA triggers market melt up while bonds flatten on falling jobless claims Newsquawk US Market Wrap

All Of The Elements Are In Place For An Economic Crisis Of Staggering Proportions

Everything Is Awesome Right

Will Resurgent Inflation Savage The Tech Trade

Hedge Fund Have Never Been Longer Momentum And Magnificent Stocks Full Summary Of What The Smart Money Is Doing

Fed Fears Notable Financial System Vulnerability As Renowned CRE Investor Tells Team Stop All NYC Underwriting

Nvincible Nvidia Surges After Smashing Estimates Guiding Sharply Higher

Pundit Class Now Openly Touts Benefits Of Ukrainians Dying

US Court Ruling Sends Venezuelas OilBacked Bonds into Collapse

Israeli Jets Attack Damascus Apartment Building Killing Two

Bankruptcy Judge Allows Rudy Giuliani To Appeal 148 Million Defamation Verdict

Supermarket Scramble Food Spendings Share Of Disposable Income Hits Highest Level In Three Decades

US stocks finished mixed but futures were boosted afterhours on NVIDIA earnings Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

The Mantra For The Next Cycle Allocate 1 To Bitcoin

Google Kinda Apologizes After Woke AI Gemini Exposed As AntiWhite Racist

WTI Holds Gains Despite API Reporting Large Crude Build

The Year Of Cascading Crises

NVDA sold into earnings bonds tumble on awful 20yr auction Newsquawk US Market Wrap

LateDay FOMOing Lipstick Rescued Market Pig Ahead Of Jensens Big Night

Executive Order On Border Biden Team Freaks Out Mulls Desperate PreElection Hail Mary

The Pitfalls Of Central Planning

NatGas Soars After Chesapeake Cuts Production Outlook Amid Vicious Bear Market

No Ones Got To Me I Aint Scared Of Sht NYC Trucker Boycott Leader Chicago Ray Steps Down

Seattle Activists Declare Homosexual Intifada

Kiwi Kiwi Kiwi Oy Oy Oy This Is The Most Important Thing To Focus On Right Now

UK Warns It Could Restrict Arms Sales To Israel If Rafah Offensive Proceeds

China Blasts US For Giving Israel License To Kill After UN Veto

Are The Magnificent Seven In A Bubble Ask The Nifty Fifty

A Stunning 10 Million Illegals Have Entered The US Under Biden Tucker Warns They Are Destroying The Country

Boeing 757200 Diverted From Route After Suffering Damage To One Of Its Wings

Hunter Biden Says DOJ Misrepresented Sawdust As Cocaine To Make Him Look Bad

Futures Slide Ahead Of Earnings By The Most Important Stock On Planet Earth

DC Man Sues Lottery After Being Told 340 Million Win Was Mistake

3 charts we are watching The furious China bounce

The Feds Big Problem There Are Two Economies But Only One Interest Rate

Uber Sues Its Insurer Claiming It Fails To Honor Coverage For Drivers In Accidents

Exxon Threatens To Take Billions Of Dollars In Climate Investment Out Of The EU

US futures are lower ahead of NVDA earnings NZD bid Crude softer FOMC Minutes due Newsquawk US Market Open

Dozens Of Major Companies Say 2024 Will Be The Year Of Cost Cutting

Houthis Warn EU Playing With Fire After Deploying Warships On Red Sea Mission

World On Threshold Of Natural Hydrogen Gold Rush Geologists Say

FOMC Minutes Show Most Officials Fear Risk Of Cutting Too Quickly Staff Mention Financial Stability Issues

ChatGPT Had A Public Meltdown But OpenAI Says Its Fine Now

Hopes Dreams Of The LongVol Crowd Rest On NVDAs Shoulders

American Totalitarian Crypto Dollar May Come Before The Election

Yields Surge After Terrible 20Y Auction With Biggest Tail On Record

Close To A Deal Or Its About To Blow Up Speaker Johnson Enters McCarthy Territory As March Deadline Looms

Service Members Speak Out Against DEI Training In The Military

FOMC Minutes Preview So About That Rate Cut

Googles Gemini AI Blasted For Eliminating White People From Image Searches

Jackpot NYC Mayor To Give Migrants Preloaded Debit Cards Worth Up To 10000

Hedging The Most Important Stock On Planet Earth Goldman Outlines NVDA Earnings Implications

Day Two Of Julian Assanges Last Stand In British High Court

The 12 things you need to know ahead of the NVDA print

China Bans Stock Selling At Market Open Close Limits Shorting

American Students Are Falling Behind Poor Math Scores Are Now A National Security Threat

Ozempic Users Slash Snack Buying At Supermarkets Survey Finds

US Leading Indicators Disappoint Equal Longest Losing Streak Since Lehman

PayToPlay Trump Faces A Staggering Cost For Appeal

Walmart Hits Record High After Earnings Beat Despite Soft Guidance Warning About Choiceful Consumers Spending Less

Musk RevealsNeuralinks First Human Patient Controls Computer Mouse With Mind

Assange Judge Worked For MI6 Defense Ministry

Ethereum Outperforms As Bitcoin Soars Goldman Notes ETFs Dominating Flows As Liquidity Improves

Intel Shares Higher On Reports Of 10 Billion In Chip Act Incentives

Rising Equity Valuations Are Helping To Avert A Credit Downturn But

Home Depot Sales Slide ForFifth Quarter On Weak Housing Demand

Futures Slide As Focus Turns To Nvidia Earnings Tomorrow

Uncontrolled Reentry Of Defunct EU Satellite Expected This Week

The Most Concentrated Market In History A Macro Guide To The Magnificent 7 In 13 Charts

If only there were signs Call options frenzy

Air Canada Says Freight Demand Beginning To Improve

European bourses mixed US equities lower RTY lags Dollar softer Antipodeans supported by the PBoC 5yr LPR cut Newsquawk US Market Open

German Govts WitchHunt Against AfD Paves Way To Dictatorship

Watch Pelosi Goes On Unhinged Rant About Trump Being Blackmailed By Putin

Bidens War On Domestic Energy Intensifies

Houthis Boast Of Fresh Attack On Several American Warships

Dont Fear AllTime Highs Understand Them

Ford Slashing Prices And Increasing Incentives On Electric MachE F150 Lightning

How Can We Fix NATO Spending If Nobody Understands What Drives Global Economics

Mexican Army Kills 12 Suspected Cartel Members In Shootout Near Texas Border

Im Not Going Anywhere Haleys Hawkish Position On War Takes Center Stage In South Carolina Primary

Everyones In The Pool Goldmans Flows Guru Sees Positioning Warning Signs Ahead Of NVDA Earnings

US Is Lone Veto Of UN Resolution Demanding Ceasefire In Gaza

NYT Publisher Defends Coverage Of Bidens Age Says Its Made White House Extremely Upset

NTSB Argues Against Having Third Party Examine Evidence From East Palestine Derailment And Chemical Spill

Cybertruck Engineer Addresses Legacy Medias Claims About Rusting

Goldman Boosts Physical Uranium Trades Amid Soaring Prices

US To Hit Moscow With New Major Sanctions Package Over Navalnys Death

FBI Warns Of Widespread QR Code Scams By Cybercriminals To Steal Your Money

Palo Alto Plummets 20 Wiping Out All 2024 Gains After Slashing Revenue Guidance Amid Spending Fatigue

US Claims Russia To Launch AntiSatellite Nuclear Weapon Into Space This Year

US stocks were led lower by tech weakness ahead of Nvidias earnings Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Utahs New Sovereignty Act Will Overrule The Federal Government Constitutional

All You Need To Know About Nvidia Earnings Tomorrow

NVDA sold ahead of earnings Soft CAD CPI eases global inflationary fears Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Biden Running For ReElection Is One Of The Greatest Gags Ever Put Over On The American Public

Bonds Bullion BigTech Fear Bid Stocks Skid Ahead Of NVDAs Big Day

SBF Jail Photo Leaks Former Inmate Says Crypto Convict More Gangster Than 6ix9ine

Tech tremors All eyes on NVDA

Fani In The Hot Seat Former Harvard Professor Warns DA Willis May Have Committed Perjury

Goldman Stocks Ignored Hot CPI PPI Ignored Market Length Ignored Rising Geopolitical Tensions Ignored Rising Rates Kept On Doing Its Thing

War Expands With Massive Israeli Airstrikes 60km Deep Into Lebanon

GOP Efforts To Shore Up Election Security In Swing States Face Challenges

12 Fellas Down 1 To Go Nikki Haley Has Terrible No Good Very Bad Weekend On Social Media

This Is A Cycle Of Illusion You See What You Want To See

Pentagon Confirms 32M Drone Downed Off Yemen Same Day UK Tanker Destroyed

Almost Entire Population Of California Under Weather Alerts Amid Atmospheric River Pounding

Cognitive Tests For Presidential Candidates A Good Idea Reagans Daughter Says

Hillary Clinton Claims Wannabe Dictator Trump Will Pull US Out Of NATO Militarize American Law Enforcement

COVID Vaccine Shedding Is Real FDA Pfizer Documents Are Proof Clinicians

Goldman Focused On PutBuying As UBS Warns Of Difficult Phase For Equity Markets

FedEx Founder Issues Dire Warning About Unsustainable Government Debt

Key Events This Week Nvidia Earnings And FOMC Minutes

Americas Fat Kids Now in Ozempic Marketers Crosshairs

Medvedev Warns Of Nukes On Berlin London Washington Before Russia Would Return To 1991 Borders

A Market Only A Mother Or AI Could Love

Presidents Day News Round Up Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Cummins Fined 16 Billion Over Allegations It Outfitted Dodge Rams With Software To Cheat Emissions

Quinn Hard Decisions Used To Lead To An Easy Life

With Charge Offs Soaring Capital One To Buy Discover Creating Credit Card Giant

How The US Regime Subsidizes Immigration Both Legal Illegal

Who Is The WOAT President

Enough Is Enough Squad Member Tlaib Comes Out Against Biden

VDH Bidens Lies On Top Of Lies On Top Of Lies

George Santos Sues Jimmy Kimmel For 750K Over LateNight Prank

Moore The Biden Bull Market Is Just Bull

China Plunge Protectors Emerge In Last Hour Of Trading To Push Stocks To Session Highs After 10Day Holiday

Why America Will Never Overcome Its Mountain Of Debt

Rheinmetall Shares Reach New High On Plans ForAmmunition Plant In Ukraine

Markets Bullishness On Euro Against Dollar Looks Misplaced

Futures Flat With US Markets Closed For Presidents Day

Crew Abandons Cargo Ship After Houthi Attack US MQ9 Reaper Downed By Rebels

AI And Fed Have Our Back And Hot Inflation Is Not A Problem After All Puzzled Goldman Trader Asks Is This Market Unbreakable

Westerners Pessimistic About Security

Centralized Decentralization

FDA Approves First Medication To Treat Severe Frostbite

200 Clueless Economists Demand The EU Incorporate Climate In Economic Models

Mainland China bolstered after the holiday break US markets closed today Newsquawk Europe Market Open

US Officials Concede No Active Surveillance On LongTerm Effects Of COVID19 Vaccines

Mapping The Worlds Top 50 Science And Technology Hubs

Black Activist Lawyers Idea To Stop LawBreaking Just Legalize Crime

Gaza Truce Talks Unpromising Qatar PM Admits

Is The Feds Next Move A Rate Hike

NATOs New Mission Peace Through Censorship

Zelensky Takes Dig At Congress Over 2Week Vacation Amid Military Aid Holdup

State Department Threatens Congress Over Censorship Programs

These Are The Worlds Least Powerful Passports In 2024

How The CIA Destabilizes The World

US Air Force Needs Robotic Wingmen In Fight Against Communist China Report

Fentanyl Lollipops Top Border Patrol Doctor Asked Staff For Narcotics Before UN Meeting In New York Whistleblowers

Iran Transported 28BN Worth Of Oil In 2023 Under Washingtons Nose

CDC Confirms Spread Of Unknown Outbreak Aboard Cruise Ship

This Trading Environment Is Hard To Describe Top Goldman Trader Lays Out 5 The Reasons Why Stocks Can Crash And 5 Why They Can Keep Surging

Incest Is Best The Economist Says CopulatingCousins Cool In Most Cases

Turley Obscene Award Against Trump Is Testing New Yorks Legal Integrity

Conditions Not Right For UkraineRussia Peace Talks China Says After Appeal From Kiev

Assanges Final UK Court Moment Of Truth Arrives As Wife Warns He Will Die If Extradited To US

Watch Mobs Of Violent African Migrants Riot Attack Police In Holland

Biden Says Ukraine May Lose More Cities After Avdeyevka Due To US Aid Delay

The Great Reset Didnt Work The Case Of EVs

Idaho House Approves Death Penalty For Certain Sex Crimes Against Children

License To Play God Physician Group Files Brief Against Biden In COVID

He Ingested A DrugFormer YouTube CEOs Son Found Dead In UC Berkeley Dorm

San Francisco Appoints First NonCitizen To Election Commission

Lawless America Truck Hauling Corvettes Hijacked In Grand Theft AutoLike Robbery

Taxing Billionaires Wont Reduce Taxes For The Middle Class

Heres Where People Are Living Longer

Leading Scientific Journal Humiliated After Publishing Fake AIGenerated Paper About Rat With Giant Penis

Harvard Professor SaysAll Hell Broke Loose When His Study Revealed No Racial Bias In Police Shootings

Morgan Stanley Bidens Red Hot Government Spending And Fiscal Stimulus Ends When The Reverse Repo Runs Out

The trouble with Tesla and 10 other weekend charts


Bidens Not Just Using His Cheat Sheets at Press Conferences

Dont Be Fooled Biden Still Doesnt Care About the Border

Day 1 of CPAC Was Amazing

DOJ Makes Announcement Regarding Two Navy SEALs Who Died Intercepting Iranian Weapons

Cori Bushs Campaign Continues to Be in Deep Trouble

Journalist Nails What the Russian Collusion Antics Signify for the Democratic Party

Trumps Brutal Social Media Post About Joe Bidens Age

Lady Just Take the L POLITICO Journo Who Trashed Christians and Rights on MSNBC Doubles DOWN Watch

What Is Helldivers 2 and Why Are People So Obsessed With It

Newsom Blames Republicans After Border Patrol Releases Hundreds of Illegal Aliens In San Diego

Nikki Haley Says America Will Have a Female President in 2024 Either Her or Kamala Harris

Theres More Illegal Immigrants From China Than Mexico at This Part of the Southern Border

NYT Has Bad News for Bidens Economic Claims

Woke Google AI Erases US History

Did Bidens Handlers Really Assign Secret Service Agents to Catch Him If He Trips and Falls

Heres Why the Haley Campaign Is Pretty Excited About This New National Poll

Florida Man Friday This Dashcam Video Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity Really

Gallup Boy O Boy Is Brandon in Trouble

Democrat Lawmakers in Blue State Introduce Reparations Package

Trudeau Launches AntiFreedom Crusade One Man Stands in the Way

Do Dems Really Think Weaponizing Baby Strollers Will Put Ohio in Play This Year

Brian Stelter Is Reportedly Running for School Board in NJAs a Republican

What Fraud Shark Tank Host Rips Into NY Judge Over Rogue Judgement in Trump Case

No One Cares Biden Flips the Bird at SCOTUS

Bidens Border Invasion Is Going Just As Planned

What CBS News Did With Catherine Herridges Files Could Have Chilling Effect on Whistleblowers

Nancy Pelosis Massive Stock Trade Paycheck Raises Concerns

Illegal Alien Accused of Killing Cop Files Lawsuit Claiming Disability Over Not Speaking English

Theres An Alarming Amount of Chinese Migrants Being Apprehended at the Southern Border

Speaker Johnson Responds to Bidens Executive Order News

Something Is Missing From Bidens RageLaced Tirade Against Republicans

APPALLING AIPAC Calls The Squad OUT for Working to Keep Hamas in Power and AOC Just Cant DEEEAL

The Morning Briefing Ill Vote for Anyone Who Promises to Nuke the Dept of Education

The Businesses Fleeing Corrupt New York Amid 355 Million Trump Verdict

Rashida Tlaib Declares War on Joe Biden

Former CNN Anchor Has an Announcement About His Political Future

Heres Why a Transgender Activist Was Arrested at a March for Life Event

Another Automaker Hits the Brakes on Electric Vehicles

Dr Phil Has Some Thoughts on GenderAffirming Care for Kids

Poll Americans Favor This CommonSense Abortion Limit By a DoubleDigit Margin

Presidents Can Save or Destroy a Country

So No One Finds It Fishy That the FBI All of a Sudden Threw Its Hunter Biden Source Under the Bus

FBI Is Now Probing Illinois Dictator Mayor

Bidens Border Invasion Is Going Just As He Planned

Morning Joe Demands More Billions from Communist GOP

I Cannot Even Believe How Badly McConnell Blew This Ditch Mitch Calls Justified After Ukraine Antics

Ron DeSantis Has No Faith Nikki Haley Can Beat Trump

Viral Clip Completely Distorts Bernie Morenos Response on Abortion and a ProLife Culture

ElectionDenier Hakeem Jeffries Thinks Bidens SoCalled Accomplishments Have Been Extraordinary

WH Aides Instruct Biden to Ramp Up Attacks on Trump to Disguise His Poor Memory

The Morning Briefing Could the Experts Get Any More Disgusting

Chad Felix Greene DROPS Lefties BULLYING Him in Thread for Posting Facts on Death of OK Nonbinary Student

New Biden Video Attacks GOP Over Ukraine Aid but Thats Not What People Noticed

House Dem Trots Out a New Russian Collusion Narrative

Indiana Parents Say Their Child Was Removed From Their Home Over Preferred Pronoun Usage

Why Does Liz Cheney Still Insist on Trying to Tell House Republicans How to Run Things

Who Are the New KC Shooting Suspects

Team Biden Is Losing the Battle on Two Fronts Now

Speaker Johnson Slams Biden for Latest Race Smear of Republicans

New York Appeals Court Announces Decision on Dems NonCitizen Voting Scheme

The National MS Society Ousted a 90YearOld Volunteer Heres What Happened Next

Dr Phil Is Changing His Tune on GenderAffirming Care for Kids

Heres How Control of the Senate Is Looking

Wait Thats Why It Took So Long for This Newspaper to Release the KC Shooters Mugshot

Bidens Border Crisis Is Now on Full Display in Times Square Billboard

Rep Wesley Hunt Shares Hard Truths for the Biden Administration on the Border

El Salvadors Bukele Has the Perfect Response to a BBC Reporter Concerned About His Crackdown on Crime

Dirty Laundry Being Aired in Don Henleys Lawsuit Over Lyrics From The Eagles Classic Hotel California

Lawyers Are Looking at WillisWade Disqualification the Wrong Way

Former Democratic Senator Has a Meltdown Over Fact Checking Joe Biden

Ted Cruz Reveals Why the Mainstream Media Is Willing to Call Out Joe Biden

Trump Floated Ron DeSantis As a Possible VP Pick Heres How DeSantis Responded

Wow Border Patrol Reveals How Many Criminal Aliens Have Been Apprehended at the Border Since October

Heres What Nikki Haley Had to Say About Alabamas Supreme Court IVF Ruling

One New York County Makes Bold Move Protecting Womens Sports

New Testimony Reveals an IRS Contractor Stole Much More Than Trumps Tax Returns

Heres Why One Male Trans Athlete Refuses to Compete Against Men

Former CNN Anchor Announces Hes Running for Congress

New Report Reveals Alarming Details About Commanders Attacks on Secret Service Agents

Wellness Check on Leftists After the NY Times Does the Unthinkable in Finally Fact Checking Joe Biden

Is It Too Late

Elementary School Assistant Principal Kids Reading Porn in Schools AOK

Is John Olivers Offer to Justice Clarence Thomas Illegal

Another Republican Governor to Deploy Troops to the Border

The New York Times Continues to Be a Target of the Biden White House

LargestEver COVID Vaccine Study Finds What Many of Us Already Suspected

Dark Times Are Ahead No One Will Protect You

Chris Murphy Sure Is in a Foul Mood About His Terrible Border Bill Failing

Biden Campaign Is Getting a Loud and Clear Message From Voters on His Campaigns TikTok Account

Liberal Fox News Host Shut Down Over Trump Freakout

US Ambassador to UN Explains Veto of Resolution Calling for Humanitarian Ceasefire in Gaza

What Shocked Some Nevada Residents Concerning Their Recent Voter History

Speculation Sparks After Biden Visits California Does Gavin Need to Standby

Nancy Pelosi Isnt the Only One Peddling Russian Interference Nonsense

Boeing Announces Leadership Shakeup in Wake of Door Plug Failure

Not All Republican Senators Want the Mayorkas Impeachment to Go Away

Why This Republican Governor Called for a State of Emergency In His State

One Countrys Military Is Taking Trans Inclusion to a New Level

The Biden White House Is Not Happy With The New York Times Right Now

6 TikTok Weirdos Who Need Their Phones Taken Away

Biden Buys Another Round of Votes in Defiance of the Supreme Court

Heres What New Yorks AG Is Threatening If Trump Doesnt Pay Civil Fraud Fine

New York Attorney General Letitia James Prepared to Seize Trumps Buildings

Guess Whos Closing Stores in Chicago Now

Shock 2024 Poll Is This Deep Blue State in Play

Will Trump Seek Revenge If Reelected Former President Has a Drop the Mic Response During Town Hall

Will Charles Barkleys Swipe at San Francisco Anger Liberals

After Criticism Tucker Carlson Explains His Point in Showing the Russian Metro Station

Trump Thinks He Knows Why Nikki Haley Lingers Around Even Though Shes Toast

The Idiocy Is Getting Overwhelming

Media Wowed Over Bidens Supposed Mental Powers

Trump Floats New Name on VP Shortlist

Will Senate Republicans End Up Helping Mayorkas

Radical Left Looks to Upend Prosecutor Race in One of Ohios Largest Counties

No Way Media Starting to Make It Clear Biden Could Have Fixed the Border All Along

This Is the Way Thomas Massie Introduces Bill to Demolish the Department of Education

New Charges Filed in Kansas City Parade Shooting

No Ones Talking About What Was Sent to Speaker Johnsons Home Church

Republicans Host Panel Discussion on Importance of Building the Future of the Party

Chairman Jim Jordan Shares What He Expects to Hear From James Biden

The Military in One Country Is Taking Trans Inclusion to a New Level

Nikki Haley Wont Like This New GOP Primary Poll From Her Home State

New Evidence in the J6 Pipe Bomb Story Is Bound to Cause a Stir

Kathy Hochul Does Damage Control After Trump Verdict It Doesnt Look Like It Will Work

Vulnerable Democratic Incumbent in Wisconsin Is About to Get a Republican Opponent

CBS News Selectively Edited Tim Scott Quoting Scripture

Late Night Hosts Show Early Onset Dementia

The Major Political Issue Gaining Importance Ahead of 2024 Election

I Have a Different Idea Than the GOP Establishment on What I Should Care About

The Biden White House Is NOT Pleased With The New York Times

Nikki Haley Gave a Particularly Telling NonAnswer About Whether Shed Support Trump

Illegal Immigrant Deported Five Times Allegedly Killed 10YearOld Child in HitandRun

Chaya Raichik Calls Down the Thunder on GHOULS Rushing to Blame Her for Tragic Death of OK Student

The Morning Briefing War on Women Woke Medical Charlatans and Man Boob Milk Fantasies

Is Biden About to Actually Do Something About the Border

House COVID Panel Requests Testimony From Cuomo Aides

Scientists Fear a Zombie Deer Disease Could Mutate to Infect Humans

Illinois Mayor Accused of Dressing Behaving Like Movie Gangster

Illegal Immigrants Assault New York Police Officers Again

Heres What Happened When Harlem Residents Learned Luxury Building Will Be Turned Into Migrant Shelter

Do Texans Support Gov Abbotts Plan to Militarize the Southern Border

Prepare Yourself to Be Labeled a Crazy Person for Wanting Answers About the J6 Pipe Bombs

Kathy Hochuls Damage Control After Trump Verdict Doesnt Look Like It Will Work

Ann Coulter Points Out an Uncomfortable Truth About the Kansas City Shooting Suspects

Why the Media Skipped Over a Foiled Mass Shooting Plot in California

Three High Profile Figures Indicted in 2021 Assassination of Haitian President

Liberal Comedian Offers a Bribe to Clarence Thomas to Resign

You Are NOT Kind You Are NOT Righteous JK Rowling Decimates Trans Activists in StraightFIRE Post

The Fix Is In The 455M Poison Pill in Trump Judgment

Trans Athlete Causes Multiple Injuries in Girls Basketball Game

Biden Lost to the Air Force One Stairs Again

The Only Way Well Survive

Nancy Pelosi Revamps the Russia Hoax

Conspiracies on the Left Are Cool

Heres Why That Presidents Day Poll Is Total Garbage

Prepare Yourself to Be Labeled a Crazy Person

Democrat State Asks for Volunteers to House Illegal Immigrants

Scientists Are Worried About a New Viral Infection And Its Got Nothing to Do With COVID

Police the Media Wont Name KC Shooter Suspects Because Theyre Minors Theres Just One Problem

This British Health Officials Take on Transgender Chestfeeding Is Something Else

Dad FactChecks Daughters Viral TikTok Saying He Abandoned Her

Biden Manages to Trip Almost Takes a Header on Short Stairs Has Weird Response on Newsom Being Plan B

What Fraud Kevin OLeary Destroys CNN Host Over Latest Trump Verdict

Remember Bidens EV Mandate Well

Theres Something Very Troubling About Who Was Just Appointed to San Franciscos Elections Commission

Trump Overwhelmingly Outperforms Biden on Key Issues

AI Moves a Little Closer to Replacing Some of Us

Mixed Bag in Virginia SMRs Roadkill Claims EV Mandates

The Morning Briefing A Little Dutch Wisdom for TrumpWeary Republican Voters

Hundreds Detained Across Russia for Mourning Navalny

A Teacher Was Filmed CrossDressing at School Heres What Happened Next

Heres Why This California Library Was Forced to Close Down

Trump Keeps Undermining Efforts to Increase Mailin Balloting Among Republicans

All Hell Breaks Loose Harvard Professor Recalls One Study That Caused the Left to Implode

Why the Trucker Who Vowed to Protest Driving to NYC Over Trumps 355M Fraud Ruling Deleted Viral Post

Biden Administration Will Reportedly Make a Change to EV Plan This Spring

Total Devastation There Was Another Massive House Explosion in Northern Virginia

Ann Coulter Owns Bill Maher ALL OVER AGAIN with Receipt After He Mocked Her in Shooter Ethnicity Debate

Cringe Democrat Party Presidents Day Tweet Is Deleted After Its Pointed Out That Someone Is Missing

Tucker Carlson Is a Convenient Distraction for Our Failed Elite

This Major Issue Continues to Gain Importance Ahead of 2024 Election

CBS News Pushes False Gun Control Narrative in the Aftermath of the Kansas City Parade Shooting

A Historic Church Held a Funeral for an Atheist LGBTQ Activist The Archdiocese Finally Responded

Im More Concerned With What Happens in America

Mass DeportationIt CAN Be Done

US Lawmakers Grow Tired of Qatars Hostage Games

Hillary Clintons Comments on Trump and NATO Are Not Going Over Well

Feds Charge Minnesota Man for Aiding ISIS Threatening to Blow New York Up

How Hurs Report Hid Bidens Obstruction

Madness Heres What Happened After a British Member of Parliament Criticized Hamas

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Stars and Stripes

Washington State University to honor former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

Cyberattack on health tech firm cripples US military pharmacies worldwide

German army sergeants get upclose look at American armor in Bavaria exchange

Far behind Trump Haley confronts prospect of first South Carolina loss

Army doctor will plead not guilty in sex abuse case opening at Joint Base LewisMcChord

Former Austrian leader Sebastian Kurz convicted of false statements

Ally of late Kremlin critic Navalny says authorities threaten to bury him on prison grounds

US and South Korea fly warplanes in interception drills after North Koreas missile tests

Israel plans to build 3300 new settlement homes It says its a response to a Palestinian attack

Netanyahu seeks openended control over security and civilian affairs in Gaza in new postwar plan

Harvard Columbia face spike in legal fees after antisemitism claims

Trump ballot clash thrusts Supreme Court into 2024 White House race

German business outlook inches higher but remains gloomy

Ukraines top diplomat tells skeptics at the UN that his country will win the war

A decade after crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 planes still at risk of vanishing off the map

Sudanese militiamen carry out wave of abductions seeking slaves and ransom

Somalia announces deal with Turkey to deter Ethiopias access to sea through breakaway region

Mexican president defends disclosing a reporters phone number saying the law doesnt apply to him

Mexico president denies report of allegations that close associates took drug money during campaign

Navy sailors filmmaking son brings Filipino enlisted stories to the small screen

Example of the Armys core values Col Frank Rubio honored after breaking US record for longest continuous spaceflight

Senate bill proposes Coast Guard not punish sexual assault victims for minor infractions

Navy unveils new robotics warfare specialty

4 charged in transporting suspected Iranianmade weapons on ship that US Navy SEALs died intercepting

Ukrainians in Chicago area hopeful anxious on second anniversary of war

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalnys mother says shes resisting pressure to agree to secret burial

US Congress members praise Taiwans democracy in a visit thats certain to draw Chinas scrutiny

Gaza aid delivery hampered by Israeli attacks on police rising chaos

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Sales rise swiftly for Army veterans who bejeweled Taylors TNT bracelet

Navy names ship after Chippewa James D Fairbanks a former sailor Marine and Seabee

Army plans to demolish WWIIera neighborhood on Hawaii installation

Former Fort Bliss soldier extradited to Mexico to face murder charge

House lawmakers seek study of overseas barracks in effort to improve military housing

Lithuania to upgrade living conditions for US troops defense minister says

Air Force shows off pricey housing upgrades for airmen and families in Japan

Navy charges chief aboard Japanbased destroyer with espionage

Robert Port who led AP investigative team that won Pulitzer for No Gun Ri massacre probe dies

5 people have been injured and a suspect arrested in an incident at a school in Germany

Desperate for soldiers Ukraine weighs unpopular plan to expand the draft

US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan as tensions with China simmer

China plans to send San Diego Zoo more pandas this year reigniting its panda diplomacy

Why isnt desperately needed aid reaching Palestinians in Gaza

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What the Pentagon has learned from 2 years of war in Ukraine

Carrier USS Carl Vinson returning to San Diego after tense deployment in the IndoPacific

PATRIOT 24 brings National Guard civilian agencies together for disaster response training

Air Force F16 jettisons fuel tanks during emergency over Yellow Sea

When Summer Haskins heart stopped a 911 dispatcher firefighters and her husband helped save her life

US announces charges against Russian businessmen and their facilitators in a message to Putin

Sweden and Hungary move to smooth over tensions ahead of vote on Swedens NATO accession

France says Russian forces threatened to shoot down surveillance aircraft patrolling the Black Sea

The American citizens fighting and dying for Israel in the Gaza war

Iran begins first election campaign since the 2022 mass protests over Mahsa Aminis death in custody

At trials start exHonduran president cast as corrupt politician by US but a hero by his lawyer

New military prosecutors replace generals and admirals in more than 2500 courtsmartial in just 2 months

Ukrainian immigrant goes from stocking shelves to US Army role supporting his native countrys defense

4 charged in the deaths of two Navy SEALs boarding ship carrying Iranianmade weapons to Yemen

US Coast Guard takes over cleanup of Western Alaska diesel spill

To keep whales safe Coast Guard launches boat alert system in Seattle

Black soldiers executed for 1917 Houston Riots get new headstones depicting honorable discharges

ExFBI source accused of lying about Bidens and having Russian contacts is returned to US custody

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalnys mother says shes resisting pressure to agree to a secret burial

Online fundraisers for violent West Bank settlers raised thousands despite international sanctions

US increasingly isolated at G20 as Gaza crisis worsens

Former Haitian police chief accused in 2021 presidential slaying resigns as OAS representative

Families bid farewell to miners killed in Venezuelas worst mining accident in years

F22 Raptors take flight in Air Force Academy Class of 2024s official painting

Navy beefs up oversight of its drinking water systems in wake of Hawaii fuel spill

Commercial spacecraft enters moons orbit ahead of Thursday landing attempt

James Biden tells GOP lawmakers that Joe Biden had no involvement in familys business dealings

Germany says Europes largest economy in troubled waters cuts its growth forecast

Zelenskyy invites Polands leaders to border to resolve farmers protest affecting flow of weapons

UN top court shouldnt urge Israel to immediately withdraw from Palestinianclaimed lands US says

UK mulls restricting arms sales to Israel if it goes into Rafah

Rebels linked to the Islamic State group kill at least 2 dozen civilians in eastern Congo

Cuba welcomes Russia minister as a dear friend suppresses news of Navalnys death

5 Marines killed in helicopter crash mourned at Miramar ceremony

Payday dispute prompts maintenance worker walkout at NSA Naples

UK lawmakers seek reassurances about nuclear deterrent after reports of a failed missile test

France honors foreign Resistance fighters as WWII hero Manouchian is inducted into the Panthon

Army recruiting ahead of last year as service prepares to restructure units for a smaller force top general says

Three slain Minnesota first responders remembered for their commitment to service

Lawmakers have lots of work to do to finish spending bills next week

Pentagon seeks to downsize infrastructure build humanfocused housing in new facilities strategy

Lithuania to close 2 more checkpoints with Russian ally Belarus as tensions along the border rise

Rape and sexual assault took place during Hamas attack Israeli association says

Syria says an Israeli strike that hit a Damascus residential area killed 2 people

Survivor of warship sunk by North Korea takes helm of namesake vessel

Air Force knows what failed on Osprey crash in Japan but still doesnt know why

Pentagon explores military uses of AI large language models like ChatGPT

DODEA multicultural event teaches students in Japan about everybodys uniqueness

US Army Corps of Engineers prepares for further Tonawanda site cleanup

157th Air Refueling Wing puts on a show in El Salvador

Contamination around Fort Story base is under control Navys 5year review says

Body of New Hampshire Marine killed in helicopter crash comes home

Supreme Court wont review legality of splitjury guilty verdicts in military system

How the Kremlin weaponized Russian history and has used it to justify the war in Ukraine

Bulletriddled body found in Spain was Russian defector Ukraine says

Air Force B52 bomber Philippine fighters make show of force over South China Sea

South Korean government warns striking doctors to return to work or face legal action

Iran accuses Israel of sabotage attack that saw explosions strike a natural gas pipeline

Houthis shot down Reaper drone in Yemen Pentagon confirms

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Japanese police say Marine private assaulted nightclub worker on Okinawa

Former US soldier arrested to be extradited for 1978 German cold case

American man admits to attacking 2 US tourists and killing 1 near famous German castle

Navy destroyer trains near India following drills in South China Sea

South Korea taps military hospitals for emergency services amid physicians strike

General held up by Senate confirmation stall takes command of Camp Pendletons largest fighting force

Worlds most harmful cybercriminal group disrupted in 11nation operation

The UN Security Council is voting on a Gaza ceasefire on Tuesday with the US certain to veto

Ukraine premier in Tokyo says his country needs missiles but expects new US aid to come through

Ukraine says Polish border blockade is hurting war effort

Taiwan protests after China boards a tourist boat near Kinmen Island

US warns against Israeli assault on Rafah in draft UN Security Council text

Gaza says Nasser Hospital situation dire Israel calls operation precise

US condemns Rwandas support of armed M23 rebels in eastern Congo and calls for troop withdrawal

Canada to send more than 800 drones to Ukraine to support its fight against Russia

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Ospreys grounded after November crash may fly again soon report says

White House promises major sanctions on Russia in response to Alexei Navalnys death

Marine veteran and crypto lawyer John Deaton to challenge Democratic Sen Elizabeth Warren

Navalnys mother in video pleads with Putin to release her sons body

Putin says Russia has no intention of putting nuclear weapons in space denying US claims

Australia plans naval expansion as regional tensions mount

US vetoes Arabbacked UN resolution demanding immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Attacks on ships and US drones show Yemens Houthis can still fight despite USled airstrikes

AFRICOM responds to Somali militants claim that US strike killed civilian hostages

Okinawa student held by Japanese police for unauthorized entry into Marine base

Two men charged with murder in deadly shooting at Kansas City Super Bowl celebration

VP Harris announces 58B for water infrastructure projects says clean water is a right

UN agency says it cant deliver aid to northern Gaza because of chaos and famine fears are rising

Widow exprime minister and former police chief indicted in 2021 assassination of Haitis president

Air Force pilot honored for skill composure during risky landing at base in Italy

2 officers 1 first responder killed at the scene of a domestic call in Minnesota suspect dead

Strike at the Eiffel Tower closes one of the worlds most popular monuments to visitors

American man admits to attacking 2 US tourists and killing one of them near a famous German castle

Thai exPrime Minister Thaksin is free on parole but can he restore his old political luster

Japan will host Ukraine reconstruction conference to showcase support for wartorn country

Taliban set unacceptable conditions for attending a UN meeting secretarygeneral says

Landslide in eastern Afghanistan leaves at least 5 people dead and 25 missing Taliban official says

Is the Mexican government hiding how many people have gone missing

Exploring Japan Enjoy Shibamatas old school feel with shopping great eats

VIDEO Korea Kitchen Cooking up US Army base stew

USS Delbert D Black is back home in Florida following Mediterranean Sea deployment

Waffle House shooting in Indianapolis leaves 1 dead 5 injured police say

Stalled US aid for Ukraine underscores GOPs shift away from confronting Russia

Most of Russias opposition is either dead in exile abroad or in prison at home what happens now

South Korea doctors offer to resign amid spat with government raising worries about medical service

Israel says Brazils president unwelcome until he apologizes for comparing Gaza war to Holocaust

The Taliban vowed to change Kabul but the city may be starting to change the Taliban

Shaken Minnesota community waits for answers on killings of 2 officers and 1 firefighter

Minneapolis man trained by ISIS rapped about leaving Somalia to shoot New York up charges say

Strike at Eiffel Tower closes one of worlds most popular monuments to visitors

Mexican army kills 12 gunmen in shootout near Texas border

Navy commissions its newest ship the USS John L Canley

Presidents Day From George Washingtons modest birthdays to big sales and 3day weekends

House lawmaker criticizes plan by VA to offer lowinterest rates to vets facing foreclosure

Can Europe defend itself It may have 3 years to find out

Navys new 34 billion dry dock in Hawaii is most expensive project in services history

Solemn monument to Japanese American WWII detainees lists more than 125000 names

George Santos sues latenight host Jimmy Kimmel for tricking him into making videos to ridicule him

Over 400 detained in Russia as country mourns the death of Alexei Navalny Putins fiercest foe

Top UN court to hold hearings on legality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinianclaimed lands

Israel strikes across Gaza as US says it will block another ceasefire resolution at UN

Israeli forces carry out arrests inside Nasser Hospital as raid continues

Cherry Blossom 2024 Forecast When where to see sakura in Japan

A year after Jimmy Carter entered hospice care advocates hope his endurance drives awareness

Europes security elite braces for Trump searches for backup plans

Hungarys government declines offer to meet US senators seeking approval for Swedens NATO bid

Jordanian soldiers kill 5 drug smugglers on the Syrian border

Iran wary of wider war urges its proxies to avoid provoking US

Extrajudicial killings leave 66 dead in Ethiopia group says

New or retooled Cape Canaveral launch pads considered for SpaceX Starship

Chinas Wang says time isnt right to talk RussiaUkraine peace

US forces again conduct selfdefense strikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen