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This Is the Ultimate Nightmare Scenario in Taiwan

North Korea Sends Balloons With Gifts of Sincerity Across Border There Was a Nasty Surprise in Them

CNN Analyst Shocked by Judge Merchans Handling of Jury Instructions

Stefanik Questions Whether Trump Judge Selection Was Random

Brace Yourselves for a Trump Conviction Because the Judge Just Tilted the Scales

End Bidens Disastrous Floating Humanitarian Pier Experiment Off Gazas Coast Now

Dem Lawmaker Proposes Solution if Alito Thomas Wont Voluntarily Recuse Themselves

New Legal Reports Oppose Previous Legal Reports and Inconvenient Violent Attacks Get Ignored

One Major Retailer Will Scale Back Its Annual Pride Collection

European Union Member States Are Yearning for Changes Ahead of Parliamentary Elections Poll Shows

Greg Price Recaps CLOWN SHOW aka MerchanBragg Trump Trial Proving It REEKS of Lawfare in 1 Brutal Tweet

The Morning Briefing Americas Eyes Are Now on the Kangaroo Court Jury

This Super Liberal City Was Actually Flying Alitos Controversial Flag Until Recently

NRA Scores Big Win at the Supreme Court

Based Fetterman Praised for What He Did During Yeshiva Universitys Commencement

Jill Biden Did Not Just Say That About Donald Trump

New Video of Scottie Schefflers Arrest Makes the Louisville Police Look Ridiculous

CNN Admits Something Weve All Known About the Trump Hush Money Trial

Bidenomics Update Baby Its Kohlsd Outside and Other Bad News

Jonathan Turleys Latest Thread Provides MUCHNEEDED Insight Into What Is Really Going on with Trump Jury

Biden Goes Off In Absurd Rant When Asked If He Could Serve Another Four Years

Ilhan Omar Cori Bush Humiliated Into Deleting Ignorant Memorial Day Tweets

Heres What KJP Had to Say When Confronted About FullBlown Freakout Mode Reports

Ken Burns Has an AntiTrump Meltdown During College Commencement Address

The One Word a Majority of Consumers Used to Describe Fast Food Says a Lot About the Economy

Dennis Quaid Explains What Pushed Him Into Supporting Donald Trump

An Attack on America Is Coming Thanks To Bidens Negligence

Dems Attending Trumps Trial Pose No Threat Feverish Flag Furor Continues and Trump Is HitlerAgain

AntiTrump Account Should Have Never Posted This Tweet About De Niro and Famous GOP Actors

LIVE RESULTS Texas Runoff Elections

KJP Desperately Tries to Pivot As Doocy Asks About Biden Meeting With Key Witness in Hunters Trial

Heres How Biden Will Get on the Ballot in Ohio

FullBlown Concession From Biden Campaign Trump Campaign Responds to That NYC Press Conference

A Trans High School Athlete Won a State Title at a Womens Event

WATCH Deranged ProAbortion Feminist Assaults ProLifer Quickly Regrets Her Decision

The Morning Briefing Democrats Are Bathing in Desperation and FlopSweat

Biden Taps US Oil Reserves for Political ReasonsAgain

Alito Tells the Usual Suspects to Pound Sand Over Recusal Demands

What Really Worries Me About a Potential Guilty Verdict

Massachusetts Man Accused of Secretly Giving Girlfriend Abortion Pill

Watters De Niro Has a Telling Moment in OffScript Remark at Press Conference

Incredible Victory Former Trump Campaign Spox Unseats Incumbent in Texas State House Primary Runoff

Heres What Caused Cracker Barrels Stock to Tumble

Did Trumps Trial Help His Chances Lets See What the Markets Suggest

Evidence Shows the Random Judge in the Trump Trial Has Major Conflicts of Interest

There Is a Lot at Stake Right Now If Xi Jinping Invades Taiwan He Wont Stop There

In New Ad Hogan Says Republicans Cant Count on His Vote

Heres What a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan Would Mean for the Rest of the World

Gonna Leave a MARK Amber Duke Absolutely WRECKS Keith Olbermann Over Alito Flag Controversy

I Did Not Know Cracker Barrel Had Totally Bought the Woke Rainbow

Do You Want to Guess the Problem Sunny Hostin Has With Caitlin Clark

Chairman Jordan Reiterates Demand for Answers From AG Garland on MaraLago Raid

Trump Responds to De Niros Clown Show of a Presser

Misogynistic Drag Queen Promotes Irreversible Transgender Top Surgery

An Illegal Alien Who Was Removed From the US Several Times Was Arrested in New York

Record Number of Americans Think Joe Bidens America Is Out of Control

Trump and Biden Are Tied in This Democratic Stronghold

What Was the AP Thinking Admitting This About That NYC Biden Campaign Press Conference

Legal Experts The Trump Trial Jury Instructions Are Not Normal

NewlyRevealed Text Messages Present New Sordid Problem for Joe and Hunter Biden

Justice Alito Responds to the Flag Controversies Tells Democratic Senators to Pound Sand

Judge Merchans Instruction to the Jury Will Leave Your Jaw on the Floor UPDATED

A CBS News Report From Over 40 Years Ago Proves Global Warming Is the Ultimate Hoax

Heres How the CCP Responded to a US Delegation Visiting Taiwan

Does This Tweet From a Former Obama Aide Mean That Dems Are Panicking About Trump

Did Joe Biden Fall Asleep at a Memorial Day Ceremony

Heres How the Biden Administration Is Reportedly Handling Iran Nuclear Deal

CBS Host Pushes Buttigieg on Why So Few EV Charging Stations Have Been Built With 75B Investment

These Dems Were Too Busy Coddling Terrorists to Know What Memorial Day Means

Pete Hegseth Reveals the Stakes Need to Save the Pentagon After Military Labeled Him an Extremist

Theres Been Some Real Red Flags About How the Bidens Are Handling Hunters Upcoming Trial

Newsom Signs Radical ProAbortion Legislation in Response to Arizonas ProLife Law

Biden Campaign Gets Dismantled by Tim Scott for Dishonest Ad

FullBlown Freakout Democrats Are Having a Panic Attack Over Joe Bidens Electoral Prospects

Story of Mentally Ill Man Who Thinks Hes a Woman Who Stabbed Six People Four GIRLS Just Got CRAZIER

Heres What Jason Kelce Told His Wife When She Was Venting About Harrison Butkers Speech

One Supreme Court Justice Claims Shes Cried Over Recent Rulings

Biden Blasted for Complete Disaster That Is the Gaza Pier

General Hospital Actor Fatally Shot During Attempted Robbery in LA

Netanyahu Calls Weekend Strike in Rafah a Tragic Mistake

McCaul Issues a Warning From Taiwan Amid Escalating CCP Aggression

Legal Circus Involving Five Americans in Turks and Caicos Could Have Been Avoided If They Did This

Dear Mainstream Media Youre Squirming and We Love It

THIS Is Nuts and Honestly Really Scary TSA Agent Targets Conservative Jan 6 Passenger

A Trans High School Athlete Won a State Title Womens Event

A Tech Company Posted a Job for Whites Only Heres What Happened Next

The End Is Near Bidens Terrorist Aid Pier Is Sinking

Are Democrats Right to Be Descending Into a FullBlown Freakout Over Bidens Chances

Nearly Half of Seattle Museums Employees Stage Walkout Over Exhibit on Confronting Hate Heres Why

Are Both Biden and Trump a Drag on Senate Races

Reject Their Nonsense

Burglaries Are Out of Control in This City Heres How Police Are Dealing With It

Unhinged The Biden Campaign Held a Press Conference and It Was a Train Wreck

Will Trump Be Convicted

Judge Cannon Denies Jack Smiths Gag Order Request

Another Desperate Attack on SCOTUS Turns Out to Be Complete and Utter Garbage

Shock Vox Got It Right

Cracker Barrel CEO Seeks to Revitalize Beloved Chain and People Are NOT Optimistic About the Future

Effort to Draft WHO Pandemic Treaty Fails

Heres Which Voters Hillary Clinton Is Blaming for Her 2016 Election Loss

Trans Activist Teaches Viewers About His Marshmallow Wand Removal While Sitting at Disney

Heres How Many Times NonCitizens Try to Infiltrate US Navy Bases Every Week

Oregon Movement to Join Greater Idaho Picks up Steam

The Left Is So Desperate for Votes They Are Paying People to Vote Democrat

Trump Delivered a Brutal Line to Heckling Libertarians

I Cant Stand These Democrats Part 2

American Flags Fit Into The National Park Experience

Why a Hung Jury Is Likely in the Trump Case

How Do New Yorkers Feel About ProHamas Campus Chaos Heres What a New Poll Shows

Heres What Squad Members Think Memorial Day Is About

Jack Smith Files Gag Order Request Against Trump for Lashing Out Over Deadly Force Authorization

Taiwans New President Is Taking a Page From the Reagan Playbook

Should We Be Worried About Trumps Polling Lead

To No Ones Great Shock Ilhan Omar Doesnt Know What Memorial Day Commemorates

GOP Governor Reveals Something That Most Probably Knew About Gavin Newsom

Trumps Makes Surprising Remarks About Nikki Haley

Heres the Video of Biden CBSs Margaret Brennan Thought Was a Deepfake

Woke Whiners VERY Upset About How WOKE They Really Are After Reading How Woke Are You List and LOL

Comedian Hilariously Rips Into San Francisco

Hillary Clinton Cant Just Accept the Fact She Lost In 2016 Because Trump Is Better

Joe Biden Plans to Address Trumps Hush Money Verdict In a WH Presser

Chris Sununu Governors Get Along Except Everyone Hates These Two

US Reps Show Support for Taiwan in Surprise Visit Defying CCP Warnings

A University System Just Repealed Its DEI Policy

Supt of Denali Park Service Tells Construction Workers They Cannot Fly the US Flag It Detracts

Elizabeth Warren Blames Greed Not Bidenomics for Red Lobster Bankruptcy

Buttigieg Grilled Over Biden Admins Failed Promises of Building EV Charging Stations

Dartmouth Faculty Censure School President for Shutting Down ProHamas Encampment

Over 40 Mayors Beg Joe Biden to Create Jobs Program for Illegal Immigrants

Durbin Whitehouse Seek Meeting With Chief Justice Roberts As They Continue to Attack Alito

Joe Biden Kamala Harriss Memorial Day Message Shouldnt Surprise You

This Part of Bidens 2024 Online Strategy Is Going to Fail Miserably

Heres Bidens Embarrassing Moment at West Point

Breaking General Hospital Star Johnny Wactor Dead at 37 Following Attempted Robbery in Los Angeles

Liberal Outlet Censors Sen John Kennedys OpEd On Protecting Womens Sports Due To Loaded Language

The 400 Pineapple Is Now Sold Out in the US

Joe Bidens Latest Racist Comment Is Low Even for Him

ProHamas Activist Disgustingly Mocks Rep Brian Mast for Having No Legs

Mayhem Has Engulfed This Distant French Territory

CBS News Polls the Uninformed Biden Reads a Kenyan Script and the Press Reports the Press Hates Flags

AOCs Wild Claim of a Second Trump Term Doesnt Add Up

Republican Lawmakers Daughter Killed By Violent Haitian Gangs

Clowns Kathy Hochul Denigrates New Yorkers Who Dare to Support Trump

MSNBC Got a HUGE Wake Up Call Talking to Immigrants and Minorities at Trumps Bronx Rally

What The Daily Show Did to Kamala Harris Was Brutal But Accurate

This State Enacted a Law Allowing Cops to Arrest Illegal Aliens Heres How the Biden Admin Responded

Video Captures Illegal Immigrants Throwing Rocks Sand at Border Patrol Agents

New Video of Scottie Schefflers Arrest Paints a Very Different Picture

Look Whats Come Back to Haunt Hunter Biden at His Gun Trial

Comedian Takes Aim at San Franciscos Anarchic Tendencies

You Have to Be an Exceptionally Bad President to Lose Silicon Valley

That Monster Rolling Stone Calls Trumps Promise of Cheap Gas Energy Independence Awful

The Night Before Trump Speaks Libertarian Party Convention Turns Into a FreeForAll

Chuck Schumer Admits Democrats Ultimate Goal And Its Not Good

Fast Food Is Now Considered a Luxury Item Thanks to Bidenflation

Half of UCLA Med School Students Fail Basic Tests Thanks to DEI Push

Xi Jinping Asks American Tourists to Save Chinas Failing Economy

Tinfoil Haturday Special Ops Soldier Shoots Illegal Chechen Photographing His Kid Then it Gets Weird

NYT Analysis Finds Elon Musk Using X to Criticize President Biden

Oh So Thats Why Lloyd Austin Is Going Back to Walter Reed

CNN Reporter Shocked By Massive Trump Rally In DeepBlue State

A Catholic Monk Came Out As Trans Heres How His Diocese Responded

A New National Poll With Key Data on the Trump Trial Just Dropped

Will Chinese Athletes Get Away With Doping at the Paris Olympics

Tired of Waiting for Border Agents Illegal Aliens Call a Lyft and Become Gotaways

This Axios Headline on the Economy Is Something Else

Republican Governor Banned From All Tribal Lands in Her State

ICJ Issues Ruling in Case Against Israel

The International Court of Justice Required Israel to Respond DURING THE SABBATH

Dont Laugh Heres How Joe Could Pull Off a Heroic Escape from the Brutal 2024 Campaign

What Do We Make of These Latest Battleground State Polls

In Stunning Rebuke Chicago City Council Backs Effort to Block Mayor From Canceling ShotSpotter

What Are They Trying to Hide Lawmakers Skewer ATF Over Fatal Arkansas Raid

Yes This Actually Happened on Wheel of Fortune

The Polls Dont Lie Thousands of People Show Up to Trump Rally In DeepBlue State

When a Cancel Culture Outlet Cancels Jobs Fanning the Flag Enflamed Fires and Racial Restaurant Fortunes

Joe Biden Says the Quiet Part Out Loud About the Election

Mike Johnson Threatens to Punish ICC If It Proceeds With Israel Arrest Warrants

University Officials Refuse to Say If ProHamas Students Should Be Expelled for Harassing Jewish Students

Harvard ProHamas Students Meet Their Consequences

Are Some Nonprofits Threatening National Security

WHO Director Tells Us to Abandon Meat to Fight Climate Change Guess How That Went on Twitter

The Morning Briefing So Much for the LawfareTrump Rocks the Bronx

The Trump Reich Hoax Cruz Unchained MSNBC Elitism

House Passes Bill Banning Noncitizen Voting in DC Elections

Portland Voters Oust Woke SorosBacked DA

Poll Would Kamala Harris Be Stronger Than Biden Against Trump

Kaitlan Collins Turns Into a Sputtering Mess After Ted Cruz Exposes CNN As Propaganda Network

Germany Would Of Course Arrest Netanyahu If ICC Issues Warrant Israel Responds

Secretary Blinken Confronted Over Biden Admins Withholding of Military Aid to Israel

US Forced to Take Action As Hamas Continues Attacking Gaza Pier

Is Donald Trump Going to Get Convicted Of Course He Is

What The Daily Show Did to Kamala Harris Was Brutal and Accurate

IDF Announces the Bodies of Three More Hostages Have Been Recovered

Another Fake News Story About Trump and the Third Reich Just Imploded

The LithiumIon Battery Energy Storage Facility Blaze You Hadnt Heard AboutIs Still Burning

Assault Disturbing Tactic Used by Rashida Tlaib Handler on Reporter Raises Big Questions

Stars and Stripes

UN Command is investigating North Korean balloons that carried bags of filth over border

Its a nightmare Family of dead Fort Campbell soldier increases reward for information to 55000

VA extends moratorium on home foreclosures for veterans in default

JBLM soldier who deserted to avoid child sexassault trial faces murder charge for cab drivers death

Newport News seeks commitment from US Navy on downtown military housing

VP Harris to address US Air Force Academy graduates

Are you with me Biden and Harris launch Black voter outreach and warn of a second Trump term

Hong Kong court convicts 14 prodemocracy activists in citys biggest national security case

No injuries after landing gear retracts on KC135 Stratotanker parked in Kansas

Israel used USmade bomb in deadly Rafah strike experts say

Israeli minister says Netanyahu failing calls for elections

Share your DDay 80th anniversary photos

My trip along the Maginot Line

Roundup of Tokyo area events and festivals in June 2024

Drum Tao kicking off summer tour dates near you

Taste of Guam 4 ways to serve up Chamorro Ahi Tuna Poke

Step back in time in beautiful Yap Micronesia

US military defends Africa strategy in light of coups and a drift toward Russia

F16 Fighting Falcon drops fuel tanks during takeoff emergency over Alaska

Lava reaches wall around US military site in Iceland but defenses expected to hold

Roberts rejects Senate Democrats request to discuss Supreme Court ethics and Alito flag controversy

IRS makes free tax return program permanent and is asking all states to join in 2025

Slovenias government endorses recognition of a Palestinian state sends to parliament for approval

Money not capacity main issue for ammo supplies to Ukraine Czech official says

Xi pledges more Gaza aid and talks trade at summit with Arab leaders

Syrias Assad Iranian Supreme Leader meet in Tehran say ties strong

Israel tried to avert Iranian response to embassy attack Iranian Guards commander says

US calls Algerias proposed UN resolution demanding Israel halt offensive in Rafah not helpful

China Cambodia wind down military drills amid concerns over Beijings influence

Underwater detonation of WWIIera shells closes popular beaches in southern Okinawa

Special ops soldier under investigation in fatal shooting of Chechen man in North Carolina

Pilot injured after military fighter jet crashes near international airport in Albuquerque

JewishAmerican GI found in mass grave with Nazis handed over to US

Air Force general facing courtmartial for sexual assault denied option of retiring

Federal grand jury indicts Detroit man in new ISIS terror case

Sweden to donate 123 billion in military aid to Ukraine

Sweden seeks to answer worried students questions about NATO and war after its neutrality ends

North Koreas Kim vows to bounce back in a bigger way after failed satellite launch

Hundreds mourn gang killings of a Haitian mission director and a young American couple

VIDEO Fun outside Misawa AB Feel the power of Mt Osorezan

Majestic Mountain Secrets of Japans iconic Mt Fuji

A day of trekking at Mt Katsuu Okinawa

Yagiya Soba in Nanjo City Okinawa soki soba in a traditional setting

Latte not just an Italian coffee on Guam

Jet fuel spilled on Okinawa flowed toward Kadena Marina Air Force says

An LA Fleet Week for the history books as an estimated 100000 pack San Pedro

Heavy seas batter US Gaza maritime aid mission CENTCOM says

NASA astronauts return to Space Coast ahead of Starliner launch

Key Republican calls for generational increase in defense spending to counter US adversaries

Think tank close to Kremlin says Russia should consider a demonstrative nuclear explosion

US Treasury official visits Ukraine to discuss sanctions on Moscow and seizing Russian assets

Israels military says its taken control of a strategic corridor along Gazas border with Egypt

Another US military MQ9 Reaper drone goes down in Yemen images purportedly show

North Korea fires 10 ballistic missiles toward Sea of Japan Souths military says

Start of construction on new Baumholder elementary spurs show of jubilation

Key senator proposes 55B boost to Pentagon budget to counter axis of aggressors

Justice Alito tells Congress he will not recuse from Jan 6related cases

Israel says its taken control of key area of Gazas border with Egypt awash in smuggling tunnels

Another US MQ9 Reaper drone goes down in Yemen images purportedly show

Blinken discusses need to end Sudan war with top general

Brazils president withdraws his countrys ambassador to Israel after criticizing the war in Gaza

Colombias congress votes to ban bullfights dealing a blow to the centuriesold tradition

US soldier held in Russia charged with threatening to kill girlfriend media report says

Long road home WWII dog tag repatriated to daughter of fallen soldier

All I can do is wait Deadline looms for veterans who became sick from atomic bomb tests cleanups and were denied benefits

Okinawa prefecture says fuel from Air Force E3 Sentry leaked into stormwater drain

Military labs do the detective work to identify soldiers decades after they died in World War II

Disc golf pro Nate Sexton touts sports endless creativity at Air Force base in Tokyo

B21 Raider in flight Air Force releases photos of stealth bomber on test run

At least 22 dead in Memorial Day weekend storms that devastated several US states

British town unveils plaque honoring US soldiers who stayed there ahead of DDay

Polands foreign minister says it should not exclude the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine

Japan spots Chinas new spy strike drone for first time over waters north of Okinawa

A missile attack damages a ship in the Red Sea off Yemens coast near previous Houthi rebel assaults

We have nothing As Israel attacks Rafah Palestinians are living in tents and scrounging for food

Best allyoucaneat restaurants near Humphreys for 20 or less

King Tacos in Okinawa not chicken to serve other dishes

Japanese kendo experience gives taste of samurai life sportsmanship

US personnel in Vicenza can dodge Venice daytrip fee garrison says

South Koreas military releases rare video of Norths latest failed satellite launch

Judge denies request to restrict Trump statements about law enforcement in classified records case

25 are dead across the US after weekend tornadoes Texas is getting battered again

NATO chief and European allies urge US to let Ukraine strike inside Russia

Georgian parliament overrides presidential veto of the divisive foreign influence bill

Israeli strikes kill at least 37 Palestinians most in tents near Gazas Rafah as offensive expands

Veterans living in US territories and on Pacific islands face significant gaps in VA health care report finds

Coast Guard Cargo sailboat en route to Europe sinks off Bahamas 2 presumed dead

Trump prosecutor focuses on coverup in closing arguments and defense attacks key witness

US military to remove temporary pier from Gaza coast to repair damages

Israels invasion of Rafah reaches center of town army says

Kenyan police advance team leaves Haiti as international mission is delayed

Young American couple killed by armed gangs in Haiti devoted lives to missionary work

North Korea appears to have fired a missile into the sea Japan and South Korea say

Remembering a Band of Brothers leader on DDays 80th anniversary

Biden highlights US commitment to Israel Ukraine IndoPacific in West Point speech

Remains of Merrills Marauder identified 80 years after death in Burma

COVID will still be here this summer Will anyone care

Leaders of South Korea China and Japan to resume trilateral meeting to revive cooperation

Farright Israeli settlers step up attacks on aid trucks bound for Gaza

Ceremony marks 20thanniversary of National World War II Memorial

North Korean rocket carrying its second spy satellite explodes after liftoff

Russia to build Central Asias first nuclear power plant in Uzbekistan

Ukraines Zelenskyy gets more air defense missiles from Spain to fight deadly Russian glide bombs

Papua New Guinea says Fridays landslide buried more than 2000 people and formally asks for help

Yemens Houthis say they attacked 3 ships 2 US destroyers

Aid trucks arrive in Gaza but no deliveries yet

History still connects us today Cavoli says in Belgium speech honoring US war dead

Relations between EU and Israel plummet as Spain Ireland prepare to recognize a Palestinian state

UN chief trusts Israel will comply with ICJ order to halt Rafah assault

Russian strike on home improvement store in Ukraine kills 11

EU should follow US on tariffs over Chinese goods Italy minister says

South Korean Chinese and Japanese leaders discuss cooperation North Korea as they gather in Seoul

Emergency convoy delivers provisions to survivors of devastating landslide in Papua New Guinea

Scuffles erupt between police protesters demanding return of Israeli hostages still held in Gaza

After World Court ruling Palestinians want action not words

Death toll rises in Texas Oklahoma and Arkansas after severe weather roars across region

Russian attack on Ukraines Kharkiv kills 14 injures dozens

Macron begins the first state visit to Germany by a French president in 24 years

Taiwan president extends goodwill after China drills US lawmakers arrive

Netanyahus split with Biden and the Democrats was years in the making

Israeli military proceeds into Rafah despite court ruling

At least 15 dead after severe weather carves path of ruin across multiple states in the South

Bangladesh evacuates hundreds of thousands as a severe cyclone approaches from the Bay of Bengal

Kamala Harris is gaining swingstate voters trust to step in for Biden

Special Counsel Jack Smith seeks Trump gag order over FBI use of deadly force rhetoric

2 men will go on trial for allegedly helping Hong Kong authorities gather intelligence in UK

Japan announces plans to join US in jointforce drills in June

Israels allies grapple with bid for ICC warrant against Netanyahu

VIDEO Beyond Shibuyas exciting scramble crossing Hachiko statue

When crows attack in Japan Be on lookout for these creepy creatures

Fun in Korea Dynamic Maze and Alive Museum in Seoul

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin undergoes medical procedure at Walter Reed

Louisiana first in US to make possessing abortion pills without prescription a crime

Trumps massdeportation plan would have big economic consequences for South Florida

Italy resumes UNRWA funding in Palestinian aid package

US and allies move to tap frozen Russian funds despite Kremlin threats

The US defense secretary will visit Cambodia one of Chinas closest allies after regional talks

Car bomb in the Syrian capital kills one Drone strike near Lebanon border targets two vehicles

UN court order demanding Israel to halt Gaza offensive further isolates US position

South Africa hails World Court ruling on Israels Rafah assault

US to send another 275M in air defense munitions and equipment to Ukraine

Defense secretary tells US Naval Academy graduates they will lead through tension and uncertainty

NASCAR and Donald Trump Why the presidential candidate is attending CocaCola 600 race

Stuck in Manhattan for hush money trial Donald Trump turns New York City into campaign set

US rapper Nicki Minaj held by police at Amsterdam airport

Spanish defense minister says Gaza war is real genocide

Nepal sherpa scales Everest for record 30th time two climbers go missing

US deeply concerned over Chinas military drills in Taiwan Strait State Department says

UK says World Court order to Israel over Rafah will strengthen Hamas

US European powers divided over confronting Iran at IAEA diplomats say

North Korea appears to be preparing to launch its 2nd spy satellite South Korean military says

Food bound for Gaza rots in sun as Egypts Rafah crossing stays shut

Reaction to World Courts order for Israel to halt Rafah assault in Gaza

Chad swears in president after disputed election ending years of military rule

SecDef Austin expected to meet with Chinese counterpart in Singapore

Pratt shares laughs advice and thanks on USO promo call for Garfield flick

Congress appoints Army veteran Thomas Austin as new Architect of the Capitol

Feds tell agencies to support domestic violence victims seeking time off

Rep Barr to Blinken Dont accuse Israel of breaking international law in Gaza

Ukraine aid from Russian assets is moving forward in G7 draft

Russian prison population fell by 50000 last year media report

China sends dozens of warplanes and ships near Taiwan to show its anger over islands new leaders

Egypt agrees to send aid trucks through Israeli crossing to Gaza but impact is unclear

Microsofts UAE deal could transfer key US chips and AI technology abroad

Top UN court declines to issue preliminary orders in MexicoEcuador dispute over Quito embassy raid

Former US Marine pilot can be extradited Australian magistrate rules

Wreck of famed P38 fighter flown by Americas top ace found in Papua New Guinea

Aid deliveries from US temporary pier distributed to people in Gaza three US troops suffer injuries

Workers still displaced from US Forces Japan headquarters building after May 2 fire

Airman on Okinawa awarded medal for subduing violent airline passenger

Wreck of Americas most lethal World War II sub found near the Philippines

Preserve their legacy Old Guard places flags on graves of fallen service membersat Arlington for Memorial Day

Military beards gain new momentum as House panel OKs Air Force pilot program

Trump holds rally in South Bronx as he tries to woo his hometown

Putin wants Ukraine ceasefire on current frontlines sources say

German police clear proPalestinian protesters from Berlin university

School teacher Army vet remembered as the jolly uncle at school in South Korea

Taiwan calls Chinas military exercises around island irrational provocations

Israel to expand Rafah campaign after 1 million civilians moved

5 Spirited Away locations you can visit in Japan

35 things to do in Sendai Festivals nature and attractions

A guide to CU Ramyun Library Finding the most popular ramyeon

Federal suit by Marine families alleges Osprey not safe in any mode

Legislation proposes partnership with nonmilitary hospitals in IndoPacific as fix to onbase medical understaffing

From Herndon Climb to hat toss Naval Academy Commissioning Week traditions

Blinken will head to eastern Europe as concerns mount about Ukraine Moldova and Georgia

Defense spending measure would bar Chinese lidar in US military systems

Zelenskyy visits Kharkiv in show of support for city pounded by Russian strikes


Initial Jobless Claims Rise Near 8Month Highs But

OPEC Could Jolt Oil Higher Confounding Bearish Speculators

Futures Rates Drop As Salesforce Implosion Sours Mood

China Halts Beef Shipments From JBS Plant In Colorado Over Feed Additive Drug Banned In 160 Countries

Go Find Another Job Judge Judy Slams Progressive DAs Says Theyd Be Better Suited Selling Ice Cream

Not Everything Is High Dow Puke vs Semis Groupthink

Which Central Banks Are Selling Gold

US equity futures softer DXY unwinding recent advances JPY is bid US Q1 GDPPCE due Newsquawk US Market Open

Dozens Attend Divisive Biden Black Outreach Event In Philadelphia

Boston On The Brink As Millennial Mayor Pushes Decriminalization

Chinese National Arrested For Allegedly Operating Worlds Largest Botnet

McDonalds Top US Exec McFactChecks Social Media Buzz Around 18 Big Macs

Yellen Pivot Is Fading Liquidity Drains From The System As Treasury Issues Fewer Bills

There Have Not Been Any Discussions Musk Denies Report Of Trump Admin Advisory Role

Skewered Stuffed On Gamma Nomura Warns Conditions For A CrashDown Are Building

Like Bidens Busted Gaza Pier So Drifts Away Our Economy

KohllapseRetailer Routed AsConsumer Turnaround Stalls

Elite Colleges More Likely To Have TentCities Research Confirms

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules For NRA In Free Speech Case

Stocks Surge After SP Dow Jones Index Live Feeds Suddenly Disrupted

Rabo Hush Money Trial Could Not Only Boost Trumps Odds Of Winning But Also Taking The House And Senate

WTI Extends Losses After Crude Draw Production Holds Near Record Highs

Trump And Musk Discussing Advisory Role In Next Administration Report

Why Are Vast Numbers Of People Relocating To Small Towns All Over The Country

Goldman There Is Growing Fatigue Around The Lack Of Performance Outside Of AI And Mag 7

3 Copper Charts We Are Watching The Correction

Moderna Shares Rise On Report US Govt Preparing Funding For mRNA Bird Flu Vax

Beware Of A Market Trading At AllTime Highs

US Pending Home Sales Plunged To Record Lows In April As Rates Rose

Judge Denies Hunter Bidens Frivolous Bid To Halt Delaware Gun Case

The 150000 Housekeeper Wage Inflation Kicks Into Second Gear

Q1 GDP Revised Lower To Just 13 Lowest In Two Years As Consumption Slows

It Wont Be A Shock To See Another Bank Fail Soon

ZeroPercentDown Mortgages Return What Can Go Wrong

Goldman Veteran Will Be Next Cleveland Fed President

An Older Anxious Mildly Paranoid Analyst

Kim Jong Un Sends Hundreds Of ShtFilled Balloons Into South Korea

Tail Wagging The Dog in Tech

The Power Grid Expansion Part 2 A LongerTerm View

Gaza Pier Operations Suspended Indefinitely After It Breaks Apart By Heavy Seas

BlackRock Adds Own Bitcoin ETF To Income And Bond Funds

Business Exodus Continues Chinas Cofco Has Enough With CrimeRidden Downtown Chicago

Missiles Pound Bulk Carrier Twice In A Day In Chaotic Red Sea Brent Crude Moves Higher

Futures Slide As Bond Yields Spike To 3 Week High

ConocoPhillips Announces 225 Billion Deal To AcquireMarathon Oil

Is The Federal Reserve Just Winging It

Momentum Cools Just As Indexes Hit Record Highs

Equities in the red EUR softer postGerman State CPI Crude continues to rise Fed speak due Newsquawk US Market Open

Knock On Wood

The Hekaton Billionaire

5 Reasons To Sign Up For Your Digital ID

Yen May Ironically Get Help From The Fed Of All Places

Study Finds Intermittent Fasting Protects Against Liver Inflammation And Cancer

This Is Insanity Judge In Trump Case Issues Unbelievable Jury Instructions

Is HyperInflation That Destroys A Currency A Solution

Ugly Beige Book Negligible Job Gains Lower Discretionary Spending More Pessimistic Outlook

USMade Bombs Used In Deadly Strike On Rafah Tent Camp

COVID19 Vaccine Litigation Against Mayo Clinic Revived By Federal Court

Worst Since The Great Recession Dallas Fed Services Survey Slumps In May As Respondents Fear Inflation Is Getting Pretty Scary

Yields Spike To Session High After Subpar 7Y Auction

The case against small caps

When Will Gold Silver Miners Start Believing In Their Product

Top MidDay Observations From Goldmans Trading Desk

Top Medical Journal Slaps Down Scientific Americans Laura Helmuth For Unscientific Trans Activism

Kremlin Claims NATO Training For Nuclear Strike On Russian Territory

The US Fiscal Nightmare Yellen Cant Expect A Strong Ecoonomy With Higher Spending Taxes

American Airlines Shares Plummet After Slashing Optimistic Guidance Issued Last Month

Negotiations For The Global Pandemic Treaty Have Broken Down But Fearmongering Of What Is Coming Next May Revive Them

Furiosa Box Office Flop Signals The Death Of Feminist Boss Babe Films

Scientific Misconduct Has Eroded Public Trust And Accountability

Chaos In Mexico Angry Mob Attempts To Set Fire To Israeli Embassy

Rates Reviving

US stocks declined as yields continued to rise following another weak auction Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

3 Volatility Charts We Are Watching Emerging Signs of Stress

Goldman Says Buy China Stock Dip After Rally Stalls

BofA Gives 0DTE VolmageddonRisk AllClear But

Puerto Rican Voters Could Secure Republican Majority In Florida

Iran Is A NuclearThreshold State But Biden Is Pressing Allies Not To Confront It

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Quantitative Brainwashing

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US Home Prices Reached New Record High In March Despite Soaring Rates

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Futures Rise On Apple China Sales Rebound As Attention Turns Back To Inflation

Apple iPhone Shipments In China Rebound 52 Market Share Loss To Huawei May Be Stabilizing

Elon Musks xAI Raises 6 Billion To Accelerate AI Race Against OpenAI

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Wall Street Now Sees Ethereum Hitting 14000 In 2025 Heres Why

US equity futures in the green USD softer Crude bid amid heightened geopol tensions Fed speak due Newsquawk US Market Open

IDF Tanks Reach Center Of Rafah As Hamas Claims Indiscriminate Bombing Of Population

Supreme Court Rejects Lawyer Michael Avenattis Bid To Overturn Conviction

With First Debate Looming Goldman Breaks Down AssetMarket Impacts Of Election Scenarios

Planes Grains Automobiles And Coinz

Ugly 5Y Auction Sends Yields To 2 Week High

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Everybody Is Loving This Former NYC Hotel Worker Says Cash For Housing Migrants Is Going Around And Around

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Memorial Day Jet Fuel Demand Outshines Gasoline

Brazil the forgotten ex darling

EU Ministers Mull Sanctions On Israel As Ireland Spain Norway Recognize Palestinian State

Capitalizing on Cheap Volatility

Trump Biden Escalate Attacks On RFK Jr Who Plans To Spoil The Election For Both

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Illinois School District Set To Produce Next 8 Million Superintendent Pensioner

Rafah Mass Casualty Strike Does Not Cross Bidens Red Line

Progressive Florida City Outraged By Pride Mural Vandals Manhunt Underway

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Trust The ScienceThat Just Retracted 11000 Peer Reviewed Papers

Mayor Pete Bombs CBS Interview Blames Airline Turbulence On Climate Change As Host Laughs In His Face

Traders Turn Cautious With Hopeful Momentum Tiring

Futures Flat With US Closed For Memorial Day

Trans Sports Agenda Drag Queens Carry The Olympic Torch To Launch Summer Games

Yields Will Stay Higher For Longer With Commodities

Mises Caucus Just Exploded Libertarian Party Nominates LeftWinger Chase Oliver

Elon Musk Reportedly Building Gigafactory Of Compute For AI

NATO Chief Backs Calls For US Weapons To Strike Hard Inside Russia

EVs Twice As Likely To Hit Pedestrians As Gasoline Vehicles

The Massive Immigration Wave Hits Americas Schools And Shelters

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Visualizing Daily Protein Sources By Region

Norway Closes Borders To Russia Fearing Acts Of Sabotage

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Gallant In Rafah Vows To Advance Deeper Despite World Court Demand For Ceasefire

Judge Approves ClassAction Lawsuit Against American Airlines Over ESG Pension Investments

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Holy FK US Military Hid Quantico Breach Attempt By Jordanians In Box Truck In Possible DryRun

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Global Outrage After Deadly Israeli Strike On Refugee Tent Camp In Rafah

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Saving Our Democracy This Memorial Day

NATO Country Says Goal Should Be Breakup Of The Russian Federation

Would Returning To The Gold Standard Resolve Our Most Pressing Monetary Problems

Twister Chaos Tears Through Texas Five Dead Dozens Injured

New US 275M Munitions Package Only Prolongs Ukraines Agony Russia Says

EU Says ChatGPT Outputs Too Much False Information To Comply With Rules

India ATHs

The Greeks Are Biggest Worriers About Their Financial Future

Checking in on China

Goldilocks does Europe

Polands New Russian Influence Commission Aims To Influence The Next Presidential Election

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How Much Of Indias Wastewater Is Left Untreated

Hidden Food Threat Experts Warn Of Dangers Of RNAi Crops

These Are The Worlds Wettest And Driest Countries

Gov Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Arizona Doctors To Provide Abortions In California

Hartnett Magnificent Inflation

24 GOP Governors Tell Biden Not To Sign WHO Pandemic Agreement

Hypocrite Dems Demanding Alito Recusal Played Dumb Over Virulent AntiTrumper Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Vivek Ramaswamy Calls For LibertarianNationalist Alliance

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Why Are They Drugging The Students

Sinaloas TopAssassin Extradited To US For Flooding Nation With Fentanyl

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Sam AltmanBacked Oklo Signs Deal To Power Another Data Center

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Injuries Reported AfterQatar Airways Boeing 787 Hits Turbulence

Cocaine Meth Found In TractorTrailers During California Border Searches

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Penn Protestor Who Claims She Was Left Homeless Is Daughter Of Affluent Celebrity Game Show Host

Elon Warns AI Will Do Everything Better Than You Make Employment Obsolete

OJ Prices Squeeze IntoBlueSky Breakout As Food Inflation Fears Soar

The US Is Now More Openly Allowing Ukraine To Use Its Arms To Strike Inside Of Russia

Were Numb To Chaos Baltimore Crowned Americas Overdose Capital

A Fork In The Road Of The EU

Putin Decree Allows Seizure Of US Property Assets If Russian Funds Taken By West

Wanted By ICC Netanyahu Set To Address US Congress

Hedges The SlowMotion Execution Of Julian Assange Continues

Ukraine Hits Base In Crimea With US LongRange Missiles In Further Escalation

CJ Hopkins Asymmetric Idiocy

1 In 7 American Kids Live In Poverty

Palestinians Stranded In Gaza After Paying Egypt 5000 Each To Flee

Irans Military Concludes No Foul Play In Raisi Helicopter Crash

Trump Suggests Nikki Haley Will Be On Our Team In Some Form

First McDonalds Now Burger King Admits Consumers Are Broke With Planned Reintroduction Of 5 Meal Deal

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Inflation To The Nines

The 10 most important observations from this week

Supreme Court Faces Historic Finish To Eventful Term

US Special Forces Operator Kills Undocumented Chechen Outside Home InPossible Spy Incident

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Republicans Are Winning The Voter Registration Battle In Battleground States

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Unity Vs Division Leftists Appalled That Black And Latino Voters Turn Out For Trump

Average US Vehicle Age Hits 126 Years As Inflation Takes Toll

Exceptionally Strong PBoC And Chinese Private Sector Buying Continues To Boost Gold Price

Putin Wants Ceasefire Which Freezes Current Lines In Ukraine

House Republicans Take Aim At Biden Energy Policies Vow To Install Different Vision In 2025

DARPA And DoDBacked AI Chip Company Seeks To Raise 70 Million

The Doom Of The Total State

Janet Yellen Acknowledges Cost Of Living Is A Problem For Consumers

Behind The ClowardPiven Downfall Of America

Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman Endorses President Trump Says Nation Going In Wrong Direction Under Biden

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The WHOs Pandemic Treaty And A Bird Flu Crisis Are Both Arriving At The Same Time

Best Macro Week In 4 Months Is Bad News For Most But Nasdaq And Ethereum Surged

House Panel Approves Measure To Rehire Troops Fired For Refusing COVID19 Vaccine

First Time Since GFC Holders Of AAA CREBacked Debt Hit With Losses

Biden Admin Is Hiring A Meme Manager Hilarity Ensues

Watch US Deploys AntiAir Defense System On Gaza Aid Pier

Ukraine Enforces Desperate Conscription Laws As Russian Troops Close In On Kharkiv

Trump Says Bronx Residents Being Left Behind By Biden Policies During Raucous NYC Campaign Rally

UMich Sentiment Inflation Expectations Worsen In May But Bounce From Flash Prints

The Situation In The UK Has Turned Tragicomical

Houthis Claim IsraeliLinked Ship Attacked In Mediterranean Sea Two Others In Red Arabian Seas

Nvidia Slashes AI Chip Prices AsHuawei Launches China Discount War

Rage Against The Inflation Denialists

Macron Caves To Rioters Postpones Voting Reform In NickelRich New Caledonia

Competing Forces On Rent Where Do We Put 8 Million Illegal Immigrants

Durable Goods Orders Suffer Yet Another Downward Revision

The Risk Of Recession Isnt Zero

Futures Rebound After Thursday Rout As Rate Cut Expectations Fade

SpaceX Reportedly Plans Liquidity Round For Insiders At 200 Billion Valuation

Many Americans Say They Will Never Retire

Loose Talk About The End Of Everything VDH

ETH Surge Time to Pause Amid Volatility Spike

The Start Of DeDollarization Chinas Move Away From The USD

US equity futures modestly firmer Dollar softer in quiet trade and Bonds gain modestly Newsquawk US Market Open

Exposing The CIAs Secret Effort To Seize Control Of Social Media

RateHikes Are Off The Table But Theres No Rush To Cut Goldman Trader Says Doesnt Get Much Cheaper Than This To Protect Your Book

Will The Trump Jury Exercise Blind Justice Or Willful Blindness

Market Beyond NVDA

Wall Street Is Suddenly Freaking Out About LowIncome Consumers

EPA Awards 50 Million To Group That Says Palestine Is A Climate Justice Issue

US Service Member Critically Injured In Gaza Pier Op To Bypass Israeli Blockade

Schiff Silver has New Support At 30

Something Is Off In Equityland Nomura Warns Of Incoherent Vol Behavior

UCLA Med School Prioritized Racial Diveristy Leading To Shocking Decline In Medical Knowledge Report

Rand Paul Fauci And NIH Emails Sound Like The Mob Talking

UNs Top Court Orders Israel To Immediately Halt Rafah Offensive

Goldman Again Changes Forecast For First Fed Cut Pushes Back To September From July