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The Defense Department Lost Track of Millions Sent to Chinese Labs

Does Everyone Hate Caitlin Clark Because Shes a Straight White Btch

CNNs Top Legal Analyst Anger at the Supreme Court Over Trump Case Should Directed at the Biden DOJ

Trump Continues to Dominate in the Polls

Bidens Reputation as an Ally of Labor Unions Just Took a Major Hit

Democrat Giggles Mocks News Coverage About the Young Girl Raped By an Illegal Immigrant

New DHS Doc Reveals It Labels Trump Supporters Catholics As Terror Threats

Another Girl Was Just Murdered and Raped by an Illegal Immigrant

You Wont Believe the Resolution Democrats Unveiled for Pride Month

Guess Who Is One Shart Away From Mandatory Retirement

Shocker Robert Reich Adam Kinzinger and Others Lie About Thomas Dissent in US V Rahimi

Dem Rep Mark Pocan Giddy at Idea of Serving Netanyahus ICC Arrest Warrant Im Available

This Democrat Mayors Home Was Just Raided by the FBI

Is There Another Supreme Court Leaker

This Democrat Mayor Insists the US Needs Illegal Immigrants

Three Columbia University Deans Placed On Leave Over Disparaging Antisemitism Texts

Why The Associated Press Article About the TX Girl Murdered by Illegal Aliens Is Disgusting

Get Ready for a OnceinaLifetime Thermonuclear Space Explosion That Will Be Visible From Earth

Why the Latest GOP Attempt to Hold Garland Accountable Over Biden Tapes Could Get Hairy

The New York Times Has Bad News on Bidens Support Among Another Key Demographic

Code Pink Showed Up at Jake Tappers House and Got Quite the Surprise

Greatest Fundraising Bonanza Ever Andrew Cuomo Bill Maher Say Braggs Trump Trial Was Mistake

Two Illegal Aliens Arrested in Connection With Murder of 12YearOld Girl in Texas

Missouri AG Announces Hes Suing New York Over Unconstitutional Lawfare Against Trump

What This Dem Communications Director Tweeted Explains Why Trump Can Stick Around

Heres What Stands Out About the Reactions From NJ Politicians to Norcross Indictment

Todays String of Supreme Court Decisions Blew Up Another Liberal Narrative Again

Thousands of Illegal Aliens From This ISIS Hotbed Have Entered the US Illegally

Oliver Darcy Forgets Hes on CNN

So Thats Why The Washington Post Refused to Disclose This Key Detail About Israels Hostage Rescue

Dem Rep and MSNBC Host Chuckle Over the Rape of a Minor By an Illegal Alien

Taxpayers Spend 600k Per Unit to House Homeless In This Democrat City

Trump Takes Yet Another Group of Voters Away From Joe Biden

Voters Are Turning Against This Democrat Governor

New York Now Requires Paid Breaks For Breastfeeding Employees

LOOK on Nicolle Wallaces Face As She Experiences a Biden Cheap Fake in RealTime Is PRICELESS Watch

The Morning Briefing Confirmed Joe Biden Is No Ladies Man

GOP Lawmakers Demand Answers From Mayorkas After ISISLinked Illegals Successfully Crossed Bidens Border

An Illegal Alien Was Charged With Killing a Maryland Woman Heres How the Democrat Governor Responded

Who Will Have the Last Word at Next Weeks Trump v Biden Debate Its Already Been Decided

Bowman Apologizes As Propaganda Remarks Come Back to Haunt Him for Primary

PETA Thinks Its Figured Out a Way to Convince Men to Go Vegan

May Border Numbers Show Crisis Is Never Going to End With Biden in Office

This FY Alone More Than 13K Criminal Illegal Aliens Arrested In the US

Apparently a California City Found This Traffic Sign to Be Homophobic

Leftists How Dare Conservatives Draw Attention to All Those Violent Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens

Unholy Alliance Seeks Closer Cooperation With RussiaNorth Korea Mutual Defense Pact

This Is Going to Be a Close Race

Dem MD Gov Livid After Brutal Murder by an Illegal Alien but Stops Short in Saying One Thing

The Facts the White House Cant Censor Anymore

Holy Cow This New York Poll Is Bad for Biden

Rand Paul and Mike Lee Take Biden to Task for Sidestepping Congress With Security Guarantees for Ukraine

CBS Raises Eyebrows for What It Told Viewers to Expect From Biden in Debate

Lets Talk About Jen Psakis Role in Bidens Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden Takes a National Polling Lead for the First Time in 2024or Does He

Mollie Hemingway WRECKS Jennifer Rubin for Encouraging Biden to Campaign on Attacking SCOTUS

Disney VP Takes Leave of Absence After Date with Undercover Reporter for James OKeefe

RFK Jr Responds to News He Didnt Qualify for the Debate

Trump Outraises Biden for May

Trump Reaches Out to Mother of Rachel Morin Guess Who She Hasnt Heard From

Republican Senators Grill Bidens Judicial Nominee

MSNBC Legal Analyst Says Its Dangerous to Peddle This Theory About the Trump Trial

Dem Rep Cites Phantom Poll Showing Biden Winning Reelection and Dems Retaking the House

What This Dem Comms Director Tweeted Explains Why Trump Remains on the Political Scene

New Poll Trump Is Still Up in Key Swing States

Bidens DOJ Went After a Doctor for Exposing Trans Care for Children Heres How He Responded

Dont Expect to Hear From the White House Much Over the Next Week

HELLOOO LAWSUIT James OKeefe Exposes Disney VP Saying The Company Will Never Hire a White Male

Its Not the Iowa Poll That Has Frank Luntz Gobsmacked

Hewitt Identifies the One Crucial Aspect About Trump Those on His VP Short List All Agree On

Dr Scott Atlas Gives It Right Back After Potshot From Fauci

Biden Summons His Top Guys to Make Sure He Doesnt Get Obliterated by Trump in the Debates

Here Are the Colleges the Biden Department of Education Said Permitted Antisemitism to Run Amok

Joe Biden Is the Cheap Fake

The Cheap Fake Real Video Fake News Edition

Report Reveals Secret Democrat Plot to Replace Joe Biden

After This Failed Program Does Anything Work in Joe Bidens America

Democrat States Stockpiling Abortion Pills In Anticipation of a Trump Win

Poll Shows Bidens Immigration Gamble Isnt Working

Family of Woman Killed Raped by Illegal Immigrant Says Death Never Would Have Happened Under Trump

Why Did The White House Cancel Its Meeting With Israel

The Morning Briefing Nobody Is Really in the Mood for President Harris to Happen

Alinsky Tactics Are Very Outdated and the Left Hasnt Caught on Yet

Democrats Are Working Hard to Try and Fool Voters Into Thinking Bidens Age Just a Number

Illegal Alien Crossings Increase Despite Bidens Executive Order

Axios Headline Highlights Troubling News for Biden Campaign

The Story About the Illegal Alien Who Allegedly Raped a 13YearOld in NYC Just Got Much Worse

We Now Know Whats to Blame for That 911 Outage in Massachusetts

Heres How This California School District Trains Staff About Illegal Immigration

New Research Paper Shows Which States Affected by Pollutants From East Palestine Train Derailment

There Will Be a Price to Pay Consequences Are Coming for Universities That Allowed ProHamas Mobs

AOC Has Quite the Take on How PACs Work

The Transcript Is Here for Bidens Amnesty Announcement and It Doesnt Help the Cheap Fake Narrative

Heres Which State Just Became the First in the Nation to Require 10 Commandments Posted in Classrooms

Bill Maher Had to Call Out This Zombie Lie When Interviewing a Black Radio Host

CNN Guest Highlights Bidens Latest Hail Mary Move and Why It Wont Work

Daily Mail Reveals Secret Democrat Plot to Replace Biden

Gavin Newsom Gets a Big Win Screws Over Democracy

CBS News Ratioed Into Oblivion for Posts Providing Cover for White House on Cheap Fake Narrative

Progressive Mayors Recall Effort Receives Twice the Number of Signatures Needed to Oust Her

Surprise AOC Doesnt Seem to Understand How PACs Work

DOJ Omits One Inconvenient Detail About the Club Q Shooter

Heres the Part of Dr Phils Trump Interview That Would Probably Make Libs Vomit

Dem Strategist FactChecked Live on CNN and It Was Chefs Kiss

We Had Another Creepy Incident Where FBI Agents Accosted LawAbiding Americans Again

Eugene Vindman Could be Headed to Congress After Primary Win

RESULTS Elections in Virginia Georgia and Oklahoma

Hawley Grills Boeing CEO in an Exchange Even the Left Is Praising

How Could the Democrats Dump Biden If He Somehow Got Even More Senile and Weird

Press Pushes Fake News on Fake Videos and NBC News Blames Bump Stocks for Shootings When None Are Used

Bowman Looks Even More Doomed to Lose With This Unusual Favor He Asked Jewish Leader in 2022

WH Fact Sheet on VP Harris Actions to Address ConflictRelated Sexual Violence Had Glaring Omission

Greg Gutfeld Rattles Off a List of Cheap Fakes the Media Either Ignored or Helped Push

The Morning Briefing Glitch Biden Unveils His Illegal Alien Dem Voter Registration Plan

Israel Approves Plans for Offensive Against Hezbollah in Lebanon

KJPs Deepfake Hoax Sleepy Joe Scandal Seinfeld vs the Mod

Jerry Seinfeld Ridicules ProHamas Heckler Kicks Him Out During His Live StandUp Show

Democrats and Their Allies Sure Are Increasing Their Attacks on SCOTUS

Democrats in Disarray Over Boycotting Netanyahus Speech

Is Biden Responsible for Alvin Braggs Prosecution of Donald Trump

Climate Lunatics Vandalize Stonehenge

Only a Democrat Could Think This Was a Top Issue Concerning the IsraelHamas War

Truly Unprecedented Human Smuggling Attempts Are Escalating in This Unlikely Sector

What a Joke Republicans Blast NY Magazine Cover Story on GOP Women

How the Liberal Media Is Coping With Trumps Historic Level of Black Voter Support

Progressive Commentator Tried Attacking Trump Over His Age It Blew Up in His Face

Broward Brouhaha When HS Girl Volleyball Player Turns Out to BeSURPRISEa Guy

NEW Rumblings From Inside the Biden Campaign Range From Delusional to Despondent

Will the Democrats Dump Senile Weird Biden

Kamala Harris Sure Looks to Be Obsessed With Pride Month

Remember Bidens Failed 230M Humanitarian Pier in Gaza Well

A Semi Driver Accused of Causing Fatal Crash Is an Illegal Immigrant

Jerry Seinfeld Has the Best Response to ProHamas Heckler Who Interrupted His Live StandUp Show

GOP Has Evidence of Illegal Immigrants Voting Amid Bidens Border Crisis

Lawmakers in This State Passed Legislation Defying on Parental Rights

Surreal Gaslighting Team Biden and News Media Collude on Insulting Cheap Fakes Lie

Biden Lays Down Illegal Alien Relief Just After His Border Crackdown Order

Former Obama Fundraiser Ditches Dems to Back Trump

A Florida Public School Employee Allowed Her Son to Play Girls Sports Heres What Happened Next

John McGuire Is Claiming Victory but Bob Good Isnt Giving Up in Too Close to Call VA5 Race

WHOOPS CBS News Explains Why Wrong Version of a Video Was Removed From Biden Cheap Fake Hackery

The Warning Signs are Flashing Red

Biden Suffers Another Brain Fart When Announcing Amnesty Plan

Sanctuary City Swallows Massive Red Pill After Illegal Alien Child Sex Offender Was Freed

911 Services Down Statewide in Massachusetts

KJP Repeatedly Pressed on the Timing of Bidens Latest Amnesty Handout

Why Is Putin Visiting North Korea

Is There Another Trump VP Name Not on the List

Several School Districts Across One State Help Children Change Their Gender Without Parental Consent

Police in This Democrat City Will Begin Recruiting Illegal Aliens

Cori Bush Claims She Miraculously Healed Homeless Womans Tumors by Laying Hands on Her

Powerful Democrats Ignore Legal Violations by Liberal Supreme Court Justice

Trump Campaign Blasts Bidens Latest Amnesty Attempt

THEYRE NOT YOUR KIDS Corey DeAngelis Obliterates Call for Federal Regulation of Homeschooling

Seattle Is Masking Again

One Media Campaign Against Trump Appears to Have Failed Spectacularly

Heres Why New York Democrats Are Now Looking to Ban Masks

One State Is Taking Action Against Pfizer Over COVID19 Vaccine

Obamas Body Language When Biden Speaks Really Says It All

Biden Yells Gibberish At Press the Same Day As KJP Gaslights American People on Cheap Fake Videos

Why Everyone in the Biden White House Needs to Be Drug Tested

Dr Faucis Beagle Scandal Becomes Worse Politico Says Youngkin a Loser Despite Winning Approval Numbers

OffDuty Secret Service Agent Robbed at Gunpoint During Bidens California Trip

Did DOJ Destroy the Special Counsel Audio Interview With Biden

Savage Animal Republicans React to the Arrest of an Illegal Alien Charged With Rape Murder

Jimmy Carters Family Offers an Update on the Former President

The Morning Briefing Dems 2024 Platform Your Reality Is Wrong Stupid Voters

A PLOT Will Stancil Trips Over His OWN Tweets Claiming Bidens Senility Is Just RightWing Propaganda

Palestinians Have Once Again Shown How the Two State Solution Remains a Dangerous Fantasy

This Stunner of an Iowa Poll Is Another Loud Alarm Bell for the Biden Campaign

Illegal Alien Arrested in Connection With Sexual Assault of 13YearOld Girl in NYC

Is This the Next FTX

Remember That Trans Woman Who Went Topless at the Biden White House Well

Sheriff Has a Message for Biden After Maryland Mom Murdered by Illegal Immigrant

Sorry Libs Recent Poll Shows Trump Hush Money Circus Didnt Damage Him

Wildest Year Ever in NJ Politics As Democrat Power Broker Indicted on Racketeering Charges

Lets Talk About That Weird Viral Video of Obama Escorting a Frozen Biden Off Stage

CNN Steps on a Rake With This Segment About Trump Supporters

WATCH Netanyahu Releases Video Hitting the Biden Administration Libs Get Big Mad in Response

Another Fast Food Chain Is in Serious Trouble

Biden Announces Mass Amnesty for Hundreds of Thousands of Illegal Immigrants

MSNBC Host Tests New Talking Point to Prepare for Bidens Possible Obliteration in the Debates

Former Harris Aide Identifies the One Republican She Believes Would Be the Greatest Threat in VP Debate

Why Chuck Schumer Had to Delete His Fathers Day Tweet Last Night

Why Bidens Staff Might Be Supremely Irritated With Obama Right Now

Bidens Would Face Lawsuits Over These Incidents If This Were Any Other Family

NYT Opinion Writer What Have We Liberals Done to the West Coast

Who Is Wanda the Stuffer And Why Did She Get Arrested

The Climate Movement Cannibalizes Itself

I Cant Stand These Democrats Part 4

Biden Admin to Announce Largest Relief Program for Millions of Illegal Immigrants

Bill Mahers Fathers Day Message Is Almost Perfect

ProHamas Agitators Show Up to Ted Cruzs Home for the 23rd Time

CNN Freaks Out Over MAGA Republicans Calling US a Republicand the Big Problem This Exposes

The Morning Briefing Trump Shouldnt Have Wussed Out When Agreeing to These Sham Debates

Texas Gov Abbott Heres Proof Voter Fraud Is Real

Florida Police Intercept Illegal Immigration Attempt

Chuck Schumers Fathers Day Tweet Was So Cringey He Had to Delete It

Yellen Pressed to Explain Voter Frustration With the Economy Under Biden Heres What She Had to Say

Is It Fair to Say That Jimmy Carter Is Dead But No One Has Told Him Yet

Gretchen Whitmer Seems to Have Audio Issues Any Time Shes Pressed by the Media

FAA Is Investigating Another Safety Concern Thats Been Raised With Boeing and Airbus Jets

So a Local Texas Dem Got Engulfed in a Jussie SmollettStyle Fiasco


KJP RightWing Critics Are Sharing Videos of Biden in Bad Faith With History of Misinformation

Heres What AOC Claims Is a Core Threat to Democracy

Biden Expects Us to Believe He Cares About One Flag One America

Bidens Insane Title IX Regulations Will Not Take Effect in Several More States

More Data Confirms Bidens NotSoSecret 2024 Advantage and Republicans Need to Take It Seriously

A School District Mandated Students Staff to Participate in Equity Summits

WaPo Executive Editor Has Resigned The Reason Behind It Isnt Hard to Figure Out

ISIS Terrorists Crossed Our Southern Border Rand Paul and Lindsey Graham Are Demanding Answers

Jen Psaki Agrees to Transcribed Interview on Afghanistan Withdrawal but Theres Still a Catch

Heres How a Majority of Palestinians Feel About a TwoState Solution

TwitterX User Shares Childrens Book About Joe Biden and Its a Wild Ride

The California Exodus May Be Just Beginning

Senator Cotton Notices a Pattern With Russia and Democrats

New Video Montage Shows Why Most Americans Think Biden Is Too Old to Be President

A Biden Spokesperson Did Not Just Say That to Explain Joes Wandering Off at G7 Summit

Bill Maher Pinpoints the One Issue Thats Going to Get Dems Fked on Election Day

Democrats Law Directly Linked to Increase In Fentanyl Deaths

Biden LA Fundraiser Features Attacks on SCOTUS Trump but Is Really a Telling Comment on Biden

This Is Why Democrats Are Panicking About Joe Biden

Trump Reveals the Two Democrats He Plans to Oust

MD Sheriff Has a Message for Biden After Arresting an Illegal Who Murdered a Mother of Five

Latest Palestinian Poll Should Kill Further Discussions About Ceasefires

CNN Bullies Ticketmaster Into Canceling Tucker Carlson Tour

Biden Has Another Embarrassing Moment at FundraiserObama Has to Intervene

Like Father Like Son Bidens Fathers Day Post BACKFIRES in a Gloriously Hilarious Way and OOF

As Joe Manchin Leaves the Democratic Party West Virginia Politics Sure Have Changed

New Bill Would Automatically Enlist Men Into the Draft

Liberal Media Tries to Play With Fire on Trumps Birthday But It Doesnt Go Over Well

Black Detroit Pastor Criticizes Biden Obama But Thanks Trump for Coming to the Hood

El Savador Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape Murdering a Mother of Five

Why This Airport Is Bursting at the Seams With Illegal Immigrants

If Youre Joe Biden and Youve Lost CNNs Jake Tapper You Know Youre in Trouble

Harford County Sheriffs Message After Rachel Morins Murder ANNIHILATES Joe Biden Watch

Stars and Stripes

Body of Air Force colonel recovered after plane crash in Alaska lake

Navy relaxes careerending mandate for sailors who fail two consecutive fitness tests

Lockheed Martin subsidiaries reach 70 million settlement for claims they overcharged Navy for parts

State Department expert on IsraeliPalestinian affairs resigns amid Gaza crisis

Japan space agency hit by multiple cyberattacks but officials say no sensitive data taken

Israeli strikes on tent camps near Rafah kill at least 25 and wound 50 Gaza health officials say

Taste of Japan Pairing Japanese side dishes with alcohol

Why tempura so tempting to Japanese foreigners

Korea kids corner Fun kids cafes near Camp Humphreys

Billions in federal funding aimed at SDs Ellsworth Air Force Base B21 projects

How the Dayton Air Show took flight 50 years ago

SpaceX claims it has 800M impact in Texas Cameron County

Vandenberg Space Force Base launches test of unarmed reentry vehicle for next generation of ICBMs

Connecticut has growing blue economy What exactly does that mean

Mystery debris found on North Carolina trail came from SpaceX craft NASA confirms

Carters next potential milestone First former president to see 100

3 dead in bombing of Kharkiv as Russia launches missiles on Ukrainian energy facilities

A year ago Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin challenged the Kremlin with a mutiny

A US envoy visits Hanoi days after Putin saying USVietnam trust is at alltime high

Pilots fear collisions as staffing crisis leaves Australian control towers empty

Likely Yemen Houthi rebel attack targets ship in Gulf of Aden as Eisenhower reportedly heads home

New commander takes charge of 2nd ID at ceremony in South Korea

Air Force colonel identified as 1 of 2 men missing after small plane plunges into Alaskan lake

Departing Air Force wing commanders Super Hercules gets a checkup in Tokyo

Remains of Pearl Harbor sailor to be buried next week at Arlington National Cemetery

US garrison in Germany produces podcast aimed at piquing interest beyond the Army

US military reattaches floating pier off coast of Gaza for second time

West Point colonel charged with drinking with cadets making sexual comments

US bans sales of Kaspersky antivirus software citing ties to Russia

California firefighters gain on blazes but brace for troublesome hot weather

US will boost Ukraines air defense by pausing exports to allies

South Korea summons Russian ambassador as tensions rise with North Korea at border

Airmen suffered paralysis amputation in 2023 vehicle rollover on Pacific island

Israels pledge to guard aid route into Gaza falls flat as lawlessness blocks distribution

Taste of Japan Nagoyas morning service tradition a breakfast of champions

Have fun in South Korea through ROK Cultural Immersion Program

My Paradise Uncovering legends myths in Okinawa

Thailand Kitchen Simple recipe for Thai chicken coconut soup

Betty Humphreys widow of pilot for whom South Korean base is named dies at 93

The Supreme Court upholds a gun control law intended to protect domestic violence victims

Brig Gen Mitchell Johnson will be next to lead North Dakota National Guard

Nonstop attacks about Trump Bidens mental acuity loom over 1st presidential debate

Demand for better cybersecurity fuels a booming job market

EU nations agree to start membership negotiations next week with Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine may fire USprovided missiles deeper into Russia in selfdefense Pentagon says

Japans space agency was hit by multiple cyberattacks but officials say no sensitive data was taken

S Korean shipbuilder buying Philly Shipyard from Europes Aker for 100 million

As climate change imperils Talibans shift from opium impact could be felt worldwide

Some lifesaving food assistance entered South Darfur UN says but aid groups say more is needed

Supreme Court upholds gun control law intended to protect domestic violence victims

ODU football team welcomes Navy pilots for workout

Nevada fake electors case dismissed by judge

Fla dentist an Army veteran sent dozens of violent threats texted FBI agent middle finger emojis

Ukraine claims three oil refinery strikes inside Russia as Moscow says naval attack thwarted

With temperatures and tensions soaring forests are burning in Israel and Lebanon

Fentanyl fight Yellen aims to cut cartels from illgotten money

King takes over US Armys air and missile defense command in Europe

Acquitted of rape midshipman may face assault charge after July hearing

USC drops complaints wont discipline professor who said Hamas are murderers

Trump Biden propel migrants to forefront of contentious race

South Korea will consider supplying arms to Ukraine after Russia and North Korea sign strategic pact

Israels pledge to guard an aid route into Gaza falls flat as lawlessness blocks distribution

Lebanese officials work to maintain friendly relations with Cyprus following Hezbollah threats

US underscores ironclad commitments to Philippines after latest clash with China

Japanese government moving ahead with landfill work for Marine Corps runway on Okinawa

No military training value National Guard chief criticizes deployment of troops to USMexico border

North Korea says deal between Putin and Kim requires immediate military assistance in event of war

China has no favorite in BidenTrump race US intelligence finds

US soldier convicted of theft in Russia and sentenced to nearly 4 years in prison

USS Ronald Reagan returns to Guam for first time in two years

Navy to name towing salvage ship in honor of Narragansett tribe

737 Max crash victims families seek 25 billion fine on Boeing

Overpowered and overwhelmed Black veterans pay tribute to fallen troops to commemorate Juneteenth

And then there was one Mark Rutte Romanias president withdraws from the race for NATO chief

You can never give up An inside look at how Ukrainian tank crews in Germany train for war

Putin signs deals with Vietnam in bid to shore up ties in Asia to offset Moscows growing isolation

UN says Israeli use of bombs in civilian areas probably violated laws of war

Rifts seem to appear between Israels political and military leadership over conduct of Gaza war

Gang violence in Haiti has displaced nearly 580000 people a new UN reports says

Alberto seasons first named tropical storm dumps rain on Texas and Mexico which reports 3 deaths

Find community at the Belgian Bar

Four of the best places to visit in Krakow Poland

Two new Demon Slayer attractions are opening at Universal Studios Japan

Camp Zama community theater group aims to entertain with Willy Wonka Jr musical

Jinju City unveils Jinju in the Forest with new barefoot path

VIDEO Zipline over the beautiful waters off Okinawa at Mega ZIP in Onna Village

Hyatt Regency Guam June Happenings Summer Fun Activities

Military athletes race for spots on USA team for Paris Olympics

A US aircraft carrier and its crew have fought Houthi attacks for months How long can it last

Vicenzabased soldiers assist with recovery of WWII Thunderbolt fighter pilot in Italy

In Atlanta to promote fentanyl actions Yellen announces sanctions against Mexican cartel

Donald Sutherland the towering actor whose career spanned MASH to Hunger Games dies at 88

Teflon Mark Rutte set to bring consensusbuilding skills from Dutch politics as next NATO chief

Russia obliterates Ukraines frontline towns faster with hacked bombs and expanded air base network

Fate of latest ceasefire proposal hinges on Netanyahu and Hamas leader in Gaza

Tropical Storm Alberto weakens over northeast Mexico after heavy rains killed 3

Heat wave claims lives of at least 125 in Mexico this year hitting countrys most vulnerable

Willie Mays baseball star of prodigious power and grace dies at 93

Pentagon alarmingly slow at fielding new weapons government report says

South Korea again fires warning shots at North troops in DMZ

US has withdrawn about 30 of troops from Niger ahead of full departure Pentagon says

Russia and North Korea sign partnership deal that appears to be the strongest since the Cold War

As Kyiv celebrates first Pride since invasion LGBTQ troops demand equality

Russia and North Korea have had a complicated relationship over the decades

Israel says Rafah attack near completion in potential shift for war

Japan to issue new banknotes in July 2024 The first redesign in 20 years

Tokyo Cycling Route Tokyo Tower Tour

Taste of Korea Beat the heat with cool desserts at Sulbing

How did North Korean soldiers wander across the worlds most heavily guarded border

Brain dysfunction behind US sailors behavior on Japanese beach expert testifies

The Ten Commandments must be displayed in Louisiana classrooms under requirement signed into law

ExTrump adviser urges him to cut ties with China restart nuclear tests

Farright leader Bardella backpedals on taking France out of NATO strategic military command

Philippines demands China return rifles and pay for boat damage after hostilities in disputed sea

Leader of Lebanons militant Hezbollah group warns Israel against wider war

Hundreds died during this years Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia amid intense heat officials say

Sudan accuses UAE of fueling war with weapons to paramilitary rivals UAE calls claim ludicrous

Russian warships leave Havanas port after a 5day visit to Cuba

Electric Boat suppliers depend on military submarine contract future uncertain

On Juneteenth monument dedicated in Alabama to those who endured slavery

As Paul Whelan marks 2000 days in Russian custody family blames Biden teams false promises

Baltic exercise prompts Russian flyovers as US and NATO allies execute amphibious landing

Iran signals a major boost in nuclear program at key site

Israels air defense caught off guard by Hezbollahs lowtech drones

Jihadis from Africas Sahel have crossed into Nigerias north a new report says A lot is at stake

Tropical Storm Alberto forms in southwest Gulf first named storm of the hurricane season

US Cyprus embark on strategic dialogue that officials say demonstrates closestever ties

Philippine officials say Chinese forces seized 2 navy boats in disputed shoal injuring sailors

Muslim pilgrims wrap up Hajj with final symbolic stoning of the devil and circling of the Kaaba

Defense bill proposes school choice for military in Bahrain citing woke DODEA policies

California doubles Guard troops tracking the smuggling of fentanyl into the state

24 people charged in money laundering scheme involving Mexicos Sinaloa cartel prosecutors say

US acknowledges Northwest dams have devastated the regions Native tribes

Thousands of NATO troops join drills in the strategically sensitive Baltic Sea region

Israels Netanyahu blames Biden for withholding weapons but US officials say thats not the whole story

Fourpower naval exercise overlaps PhilippinesChina ship collision

Okinawa governor opposed to US base loses assembly majority

Soldier killed another injured in car crash near JBLM

Stratotankerinvolved in flight line incident at Air Force base on Okinawa

US Patriot missiles fend off attacks during NATO drill in Romania

Artillery officer takes command of Marine training base in Japan

Valiant Shield ends with target practice in North Pacific

USS St Louis begins its first deployment

Judge orders railway to pay Washington tribe nearly 400 million for trespassing with oil trains

Record number of NATO allies hitting defense spending target during war in Ukraine

India and US vow to boost defense trade ties in first highlevel US visit since Modis election win

US Embassy employee charged with sexually abusing girls in Burkina Faso home

First Black Navy SEAL William Goines dies at 88

Asbestos discovery postpones 49 million Aviano Air Base project

4power naval exercise overlaps PhilippinesChina ship collision

Russia President Vladimir Putin makes a rare visit to North Korea an old ally

Boeing CEO appears before a Senate panel as a new whistleblower emerges

National debt will exceed 50 trillion by 2034 budget watchdog estimates

Estonia convicts a university professor from Russia of spying for Moscow

Divers find remains of Finnish WWII plane that was shot down by Moscow with a US diplomat aboard

US aircraft carrier counters false Houthi claims with Taco Tuesdays as deployment stretches on

US Super Hercules carry Japanese paratroopers during Valiant Shield drills

Courtmartial of Air Force general accused of sexual assault to start Tuesday

Strong winds steep terrain hamper crews battling Los Angeles areas first major fire of the year

Short on troops Ukraine is freeing criminals to fight

North Korea reinforcing DMZ with antitank barriers and walls reports say

COLAto reappear in Japan afterlengthy absence

Israeli officials say Netanyahu has dissolved the War Cabinet after key partner bolted government

BOTANICAL POOL CLUB in Chiba Watch the starry sky from this luxury resorts heated pool

8 exciting things to do in Seoul

Korea Kitchen Easy recipe for famous shaved ice dessert

Taste of Okinawa Captain Kangaroo serves great burgers in Motobu

US aircraft carrier captain playfully counters Houthis false online claims of hitting his ship

Tens of thousands of Marylanders receive pardons for marijuana convictions

Army lieutenant colonel says Lewiston shooter had low threat profile upon leaving hospital

Record number of NATO allies expected to hit defense spending target amid war in Ukraine

How an amputee soccer team is helping Ukrainian soldiers overcome the trauma of war

Russias Putin to visit North Korea amid growing military cooperation

China pursues significant expansion of nuclear arsenal report says

US envoy travels to Israel in bid to calm situation with Hezbollah

The war in Gaza has wiped out entire Palestinian families AP documents 60 who lost dozens or more

Biden will announce deportation protection and work permits for spouses of US citizens

Historic ship SS United States is ordered out of its berth in Philadelphia

A record number of NATO allies are hitting their defense spending target during war in Ukraine

War in Gaza has wiped out entire Palestinian families AP documents 60 who lost dozens or more

US Navy rescues crew from merchant vessel attacked by Houthi rebels in Red Sea

General returns to Okinawa this time to lead all Marine bases across the Pacific

House passes defense bill targeting abortion access transgender troops and diversity

Shooting at splash pad in Detroit suburb injures 9 including 2 children An 8yearold is critical

Army renames airdefense vehicle the Sgt Stout for Vietnam War soldier who earned the Medal of Honor

Wiesbaden celebrates 75th anniversary of Berlin Airlift

80 countries at Swiss conference agree territorial integrity of Ukraine must be basis of any peace

Philippines seeks UN confirmation of its vast continental seabed in the disputed South China Sea

Israels army says it will pause daytime fighting along a route in southern Gaza to help flow of aid

8 Israeli soldiers killed in southern Gaza in deadliest attack on Israeli forces in months

VIDEO Exploring Japan Fun at Yugawara Manyo Park in Kanagawa

Exploring Korea Walk talk with animals at Alpaca World

Chatan shabu shabu restaurant nice choice on Okinawa

Chamorro Recipe Potato salad with chicken

Coast Guard fires commanding officer of Station New York

US prepares to temporarily remove Gaza pier due to sea conditions official says

Northeastern US to swelter in the first heat wave of the season

Police identify Michigan splash pad shooter but theres still no word on a motive

Russian forces storm a detention facility to rescue staff taken hostage killing hostage takers

Chinese premier promises more pandas and urges Australia to put aside differences

Pilgrims commence the final rites of Hajj as Muslims celebrate Eid alAdha

Pakistani Taliban announce a 3day ceasefire with security forces on Eid alAdha holiday

Severe chaotic weather around US with high temperatures in Southwest and Midwest snow in Rockies

Iraqi militias target KFC other US businesses to protest Gaza war


Disney Exposed VP Admits On Hidden Camera That Company Refuses To Hire White Males

BBC Climate Disinformation Reporter Attacks Kenyan Farmer

198475 The Lottery

CancerDrug Costs Skyrocket Leaving Even Insured Patients In Financial Ruin

Biden Allies Spend 10 Million To Learn How To Meme

Marathon Uses Bitcoin Mining To Heat Town Of 11000 In Finland

Canada Set To Follow US EU Lead On Hiking Tariffs On ChineseMade EVs

More Air Defenses CrossBorder Strikes Wont Change The Ukrainian Conflicts Dynamics

Geopolitics And Demand Growth Underpin Need For Commonsense Energy Policies

OvenLike Conditions Result In Over 1000 Deaths During Hajj In Saudi Arabia

House Committee Forms Group To Tackle CCPs Role In Fentanyl Crisis

You Will Be Tagged And You Will Love It

Housing Downturn in Austin Texas Is Remarkable AsInventory Spikes To Record High

Why Has China Purchased Farmland Near 19 Different Military Bases Inside The US

Total Lawlessness Looting Has Made Gaza Aid Delivery Nearly Impossible UN Chief

Supreme Court Broadens Use Of Expert Testimony Against Accused Criminals

BeijingHosted Ukraine Peace Conference Why Not

Washington Approves Another 360 Million Arms Sale To Taiwan

Maher Audience Silenced After Andrew Cuomo Admits NYC Trump Trial Should Have Never Happened

Gold Is Goldmans Preferred US Presidential Election Inflation Hedge

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Americans Are Going Off Grid In Anticipation Of What Is Coming

DHS Intelligence Experts Group Classified Military Service Religion TrumpSupport As Indicators Of Domestic Extremism Terrorism

Affordability ChargingInfrastructure RangeAnxiety Continue To Keep Americans From Fully Embracing EVs

Von Greyerz As Dominoes Fall Gold Will Stand Stronger Than Ever

Leader Of Maryland LGBTQ Dems Caught In Alleged Pedo Sting Trying To Meet With Young Boy

Ukrainian Drone Swarms Target Four RussianRefineries In Major Attack

For The First Time Since The Financial Crisis CMBS Investors Face Europes First AAA Loss

The State Wants To Nationalize Second Mortgages What Could Possibly Go Wrong

EU Tariffs Of Up To 381 On ChinaMade EVs Are About To Take Hold

Biden Haemorrhaging Voters In All Demographics Womens Support At 20YearLow

Existing Home Sales Tumble In May As Prices Set New Record High

US PMIs Surprisingly Surge Despite Plummeting Hard Data EU PMIs Slump

A Fundamental Shift Higher In Valuations

After Internal Revolt Robert Winnett Will Not Join WaPo As Editor

NJ Transit Amtrak Issues Spark Travel Nightmare During Rush Hour

Appeals Court Denies Steve Bannons Emergency Bid To Avoid Prison

Futures Fall Tech Rally Fades Ahead Of Record 5 Trillion OpEx

Deals Off Canadian Officials Tell China

An Unnerving Feeling of Something Not Being Entirely Healthy Beneath the Surface

Allstate Reports May Pretax Catastrophe Losses Of 14 Billion

Subdued risk tone following downbeat EZ PMIs with equities softer bonds bid Newsquawk US Market Open

If The White House Has A Strategic Avocado Reserve Now Might Be The Time To Dump

EU To Ban ReExport Of Russian LNG

Never Would Have Happened Trump Talks Ukraine Nato And Hints At The Next AI Trade In Explosive Interview

Ukrainian Drone Swarms Target Four Russian Refineries In Major Attack

Everything Is Frozen ThirdDay Of Cyberattack Leaves 15000 Auto Dealerships Crippled

LeftLeaning Outlets Amplify Their AntiBitcoin Bias Following Trumps Endorsement

SPY QQQ Short Interest Drops To AllTime Low Triggering A Market Alert At JPMorgan

Trump Seeks Recusal After Allegations Surface Over Judge In 454 Million Case

Russia Will Never Withdraw Troops As Precondition To Negotiate Putin

School Apologizes For Teaching Children That ISIS Is A Terrorist Group After Muslims Complain

Another Week Reminiscent Of The Mid1990s But Goldman Hedge Fund Honcho Warns Of Noisy Summer Ahead

US Bans Kaspersky Antivirus Software Citing Russian Influence

Its All Rigged Alvin Bragg Drops All Charges For Columbia Protesters Who Took Over Building

Color The Dot Plot

California Legalized Drugs Cartels Took It Over

Being Frank About Costcos 150 Hot Dog Combo

IsraelIntent On Launching An Incursion Into Lebanon Blinken Warns

The Game Theory Of Bidens Replacement And Trumps VP Pick

US Bank Deposits MoneyMarket Funds See Small Outflows As Stock Market Decoupling Hits Record High

The Anxiety Economy

Goldman Trading Desk With Stocks At All Time High There Is An Eerie Feeling That Something Is Not Healthy Beneath The Surface

US Navys Air Sea Assets Track RussianSub Off East Coast While Rest Of Flotilla Heads South

What Does This Party Have To Run On

Markets chop on quad witching and Flash PMI day Newsquawk US Market Wrap

Crude Pops Gold Drops Crypto Flops As NVDA Suffers Worst Week In 2 Months

WH Calls House Intel Chairs Comments About Russian Space Nuke Program Irresponsible

Record July Fourth Travel Expected As Gas Prices Will Remain Stable Until After Labor Day

Time To Care About BTC Weakness And Evaporated Shorts

The Unsustainable AIDriven Lending Boom

Tomorrows QuadWitch OpEx Will Be The Largest Ever Opens Window Of Weakness As Gamma Unclenches

Watch Gavin Newsoms Oakland California Transformed Into Warzone On Juneteenth

ExOpenAI Chief Scientist Launches SSI To Focus On AI Safety

Insane Senate Dems Blasted For Adding Women To Draft

Thailand Joins China In Driving Gold Bull Market

SNB Unexpectedly Cuts Rates Again As Swiss Inflation Continues To Ease

10m for a midlevel AI product manager

New Yorks Top Court Declines To Hear Trumps Gag Order Appeal

Continuing Jobless Claims Keep Rising California Initial Claims Crash

US Housing Starts Building Permits Plunge To COVID Lockdown Lows

Bank of England Keeps Rates Unchanged In Dovish Hold August Rate Cut On Deck

US Stocks At AllTime High Nasdaq Futures Gains For 8th Day After SNB Unexpectedly Cuts Rate

All Of The Worlds TrillionDollar Companies In One Chart

Canada Is Americas Least Helpful Ally

MovingCrews Train To Become Heroes In The War On HumanTrafficking

Equities in the green CHF slips postSNB and GBP softer ahead of the BoE Fed speak due Newsquawk US Market Open

Markets Overheat Time to Hedge

Chinas Copper Exports Jump To Record On Export Arbitrage

How To Trade Europes Political Risk

After A Year In Recovery The Economy Is Once Again Contracting

Arizona Judge Declines To Dismiss Election Interference Case

Goldmans Flow Of Funds Guru Sees Explosive Trading Session Tomorrow As Market Faces The Event

Zelenskys Government Crushes Press Freedoms In Ukraine NYT Now Admits

Fewer Than Half Of The Hostages In Gaza Still Alive US Intel Believes

The Price Of Everything The Value Of Nothing

Philly Fed Hope Hammered As Inflation Expectations Soar

No Tax On Tips

Boeing 737 Makes Emergency Landing In India After Engine Fire

TikTok Bans Womens Rights Ads For Being Offensive

Ukraine Drone Strikes Score Direct Hits On Two More Russian Oil Depots

A Most Dangerous Assumption Mining The Future To Spend More Today

WTI Extends Gains After Surprise Crude Inventory Draw PumpPrices Set To Soar

We Spent A Billion Dollars Fighting The Houthis And Lost

Major Cyber Incident Paralyzes Thousands Of US Auto Dealerships

Price Discovery Equals Short Sales

Louisiana Orders Schools To Display 10 Commandments In Every Classroom Including Colleges

The Reversal And The Big VIX Short

Mike Rowe Gives Us Something To Stand For

US stock markets were mostly lower amid tech weakness firmer yields and soft data ahead of quad witching Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

US Ready To Back Israel Against Hezbollah If Diplomacy Fails

CBS News Claims Original Video Of Biden Wandering Off Was Digitally Altered

Houthis Release Dramatic Video Of Bulk Carrier Being Blown Apart In Red Sea

Tech weakness hits stocks ahead of quadwitching Newsquawk US Market Wrap

8 Signs That Extremists Are Taking Over Our Country

Bullion Black Gold Bid But Bad News Was Bad News For BigTech

The Hypothetical Nightmare Scenario McElligott Explains The Danger In Chasing The AI Gamma Squeeze

Appeals Court Revives Case Against COVID19 Vaccine Requirement

The Music Just Stopped Japan Banking Giant Norinchukin To Liquidate 63 Billion In Treasuries European Bonds To Plug Massive Unrealized Losses

Democrats Play The Blame Game On Rent Inflation

Putin Kim Sign Pact Vowing Mutual Defense If Attacked

The Weird Monoliths Are Back

Expensive Incompetence US Giving Up On 230 Million Gaza Air Pier

The Problem With Juneteenth

US Markets May Be Closed But Tech Stocks Continue To Melt Up

Texas Sees 74 Drop In Illegal Border Crossings Since Operation Lone Star Gov Office Says

Ring Of Fire Heat Dome Stalls Over 76 Million Americans In Eastern Half Of Country

Germany Moves Closer To AfD Ban Green Claims Party Is Security Risk For People Democracy

After West Rejected Putins OvertureDocument Of Ukraines Surrender To Be Next Proposal Kremlin

Ryanair CEO Its A Complete Scam These People Are Not Refugees

Macrons Idiotic Ukraine Policies Have Paved Way For Triumph Of The French Right

Poland Was Just As Much To Blame As Britain For Sabotaging Spring 2022s Peace Talks

APAC stocks mostly firmer DXY Crude contained UK CPI due Newsquawk Europe Market Open

How And Why Bird Flu Is About To Enter The Mass Testing Phase

Israels Top Generals Approve Battle Plans For Lebanon Offensive

Ethereum Spikes After SEC Drops Investigation

White House Fuming Cancels Meeting With Israelis After Netanyahus Public Scolding

MSNBC Contributor Posts Image Claiming Trump Needed To Be Helped Off Stage

Dell SMC Nvidia To Build Elon Musks Grok Supercomputer InMemphis

Snitches Give Stitches Oregon Moves To Make Reporting Microaggressions Mandatory For Doctors

Ecuador Suspends China Visa Deal Amid Flood Of USBound Migrants

The Woke Movement Is Actually Corporate Enslavement The Culture War Is A Fight To Stop It

Muddy WatersCarson Block Makes Bullish Bet On Mining Stocks

Soaring SOX From Oversold to Overbought

KWEB The Tech Laggard Play

Manufacturing Obituaries Media Falsely Reports Noam Chomskys Death

Japan To Issue Bonds With Shorter Maturities As BOJ Begins Tapering QE

Jim Jordan Weighs In On House Resolution Nullifying Bannon Navarro Charges

Juneteenth News Round Up Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

This Is Noah The Short Story Of A FentanylAddicted Child In Utopian Hellhole San Francisco

What Recession NYC Targets Crackdown On 250 To 1000 Dinner Reservation Resellers

Modis Nod To Closer Ties With Taiwan Suggests Indias Evolving Act East Policy

Goldman Tells Top Clients To Start Shorting The MiddleIncome Consumer

Were Currently Watching The Collapse Of The Daily Beast As 70 Of Unionized Staffers Gutted

Anger Signs Of Rebellion Among Egyptian Troops As Sisi Remains Silent On Gaza

Are PumpPrices About To Surge Again API Reports Gasoline Inventory Draw

On The Edge Of The Programmable Ledger CBDCs

US stocks edged higher in rangebound trade heading into the Juneteenth holiday amid softer yields and Retail Sales miss Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

Netanyahu Rips Biden Inconceivable That US Weapons Were Ever Halted

We Approach State Singularity

Apple Reportedly Halts Work On Vision Pro 2 Focuses On Cheaper Version As Demand Falters

Dollar clambers off Retail Sales induced troughs amid a deluge of Fed Speak ahead of Juneteenth Newsquawk US Market Wrap

The Glue Binding Democracy And A Free Economy Has Melted

Magnificent 7 Stocks Fade As NVDA Becomes Worlds Largest Company Ever

Federal Judge Blocks Bidens Rewrite Of Title IX

The Bull In No SellOffs

376 Days And Counting

CBO Figures Out How To Math Raises 2024 US Budget Deficit By 400BN To 19 Trillion

Biden Announces Deportation Protections For Some Illegal Immigrants

Hot On The Campaign Fail Secret Service Agent Robbed WH Spox Mocked After Biden Propped

Putin In North Korea Solidifies AntiWest Cooperation With Kim

Holding And Hoping

Why Consumer Sentiment Fell To A SevenMonth Low

Dramatic Footage Shows FirstHouthi Kamikaze Drone Boat Strike On Bulk Carrier

US Industrial Production Surges In May Biggest MoM Jump Since Jan 2023 As ISM Tumbles

Biden Officials To Attend Bitcoin Roundtable In DC Leaked Report

Only 28 Of The Public Has High Confidence In Higher Education New Poll Finds

Retail Sales Disappoint In May April Revised Even Lower

Consumer Survey Shows Rising Bullishness

Europe Stays Stressed

Futures Flat As Tech Stocks Rise For 7th Consecutive Day

3 Copper Charts We Are Watching

Second Time EV Startup Fisker Files For Bankruptcy Due To Macroeconomic Headwinds

Steve Bannon Predicts Leftists Will Sentence Trump To Multiple Years In Prison

CTAs To Buy 30 Billion In Oil This Week

German EV Sales Plummet 306 In May Compared To Year Earlier

Live Fire Incident Casualties Reported After North Korean Soldiers Cross Military Demarcation Line

European bourses gain Dollar is firmer AUD benefits postRBA US Retail Sales due Newsquawk US Market Open

Goldman Tells Top Clients To Fade The Beating Heart Of Americas Economy Short The MiddleIncome Consumer

Your Lyin Eyes Corporate Media Panics With Fact Checks Over Bidens Obvious Decline

Watch CNN Data Reporter Speechless At Historic Loss Of Black Support For Biden

Watch Live Boeings Outgoing CEO Massacred In Senate Testimony

Why Trump Is The Best Choice For Bitcoin

MacheteWielding Ecuadorian Illegal Arrested After Brutal Rape Of 13YearOld Girl In NY

Record Demand For Stellar 20Y Auction

Not Babylon Bee California Proposes Restraining Orders To Stop Thieves

AI Existential Crisis Or Excuse For Cronyism

Europe Aims To Reduce Reliance On China For Critical Minerals

Resiliency Is The Defining Word Of 2024 Goldman Says Recessionary Fears Should Remain On The Backburner

Peace Through Strength The Stark Contrast Between Trump And Biden

Elon Musk Slams Extinctionist Movement Who See Humans As A Plague

Its Just Not Right Major Venues Now Punishing People For Using Cash Vs Plastic

ExBiden Appointee Arrested Charged With Felony Over Alleged Hate Crime Hoax

We Can Be Lied To About Anything

Key Events This HolidayShortened Week Retail Sales Housing And PMIs

French Markets Stabilize After Le Pen Says Shell Work With Macron In Appeal To French Moderates

The Real Story Behind the Feds Soft Landing Narrative

Cracks Are Appearing Goldman Trader Warns SP Is No Longer Telling The Story Of Global Market

Futures Flat As European Stocks Stabilize

Vietnam Hit By Widespread Internet Disruption AfterUndersea Cables Fail

Overbought SPX Meaningless or Misleading

How Does Crypto Perform In An Inflationary Recession

LA City Council Removes Homophobic No UTurn Signs

Europe to hold or not to hold

US equity futures tentative Dollar flat Antipodeans lag after mixed Chinese data Newsquawk US Market Open

Upcoming Report Will Expose Horrors Of Bidens Lost 85000 Migrant Children In America

It Would Be A Bad Idea For Japan To Sanction Indian Companies On AntiRussian Pretexts

Tesla Begins TestingFull SelfDriving On Chinese Roadways Ahead Of Rollout

Supreme Court Will Hear Shareholder Lawsuit Alleging NVIDIA Deceived Investors

Sales Cratered One Year After Bud Light Boycott Looming Uncertainty About The Brand Making A Full Recovery

House Intelligence Chair US Facing Highest Level Of Potential Terrorist Threat Thanks To Open Border

Goldman Clients Are Clamoring What Will Finally Break The AI Vs Everything Else Dynamic

Weather WrapNHC Tracking Tropical Systems Heat Dome Scorches Northeast Wildfire North Of Los Angeles

Free Money Advocates Undoing Medical Debt From Credit Reports Isnt Enough

Perfect Storm If European Risk Gets Worse Goldman Trader Offers Best Hedge

What Happened To The Biden Surge After Trump Was Convicted

Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet Amid Deepening Rifts Over Gaza Strategy

From Russia With Interest

Trade War 20 China Launches AntiDumping Probe On Pork Imports From EU AfterEV Tariffs

Schumer Seeks Bill To Ban Bump Stocks After Supreme Court Ruling

No Charges In Deadly ATF Arkansas Home Raid

Chinas New Home Prices Plunge The Most Since October 2014

Former CDC Director Predicts Bird Flu Virus Will Cause Next Pandemic

LA Studying Removing Police From Traffic Enforcement

VDH How LeftWing Conspiracies Work

Overbought Mania

US stocks and oil prices gained amid dollar weakness while participants await a slew of Fed speakers Newsquawk AsiaPac Market Open

US Has Reportedly Ramped Up IntelSharing With Israel Alarming Democrat Lawmakers

Sense And Nonsense On Petrodollars

Xi Said US Is Trying To Goad Beijing Into Attacking Taiwan

Stocks and oil bid as Dollar slips ahead of a deluge of Fedspeak Newsquawk US Market Wrap

The United States Of Go Figure

Bitcoin Black Gold BigTech Rip To Start The Week

Final Declaration Of Ukraine Peace Summit Appears Ripped Off From Chinas Peace Plan

CNN Announces New Rules For TrumpBiden 2024 Presidential Debate

5 Stocks Account For 60 Of The SPs YTD Return Charting The SP 5 vs The SP 495

What Causes Stagflation

NAACP Sues After School Goes Back To Confederate Name

Germany Could Soon Be Screening 18YearOlds To Boost Military Recruits

Nashville Journalist Faces Jail Time Over Trans School Shooter Manifesto Leak

The Summer Of Living Dangerously

Chinese May Be Probing American Military Readiness Through Base Breaches Lawmaker Says

Maladaptive Traits AI Systems Are Learning To Lie And Deceive

Storm Pilot Photographer Captures Breathtaking Images From 40000 Feet

China Trumps US As Most Diplomatic Nation In The World

The Crises And Sacrifices Yet To Come

Freaking Brilliant New Trend WriteVote Trump End Taxes On Tips On Server Checks

Prior COVID19 Infection May Protect Against Common Colds Study

Oakland Reparations Committee Demands 5 Million Just To Write Plan

Musk Says Eliminate Electronic Voting Machines After Dominions Puerto Rican Imbroglio

Worst Hes Ever Been G7 Dignitaries Admit Biden Was Losing Focus

Annexation Elimination Of Taiwan Is Chinas Great National Cause President Lai Says

One In Three People Are Boycotting Brands Over Gaza War Poll Finds

Watch Badly Wounded Gordon Ramsay Shows Off Massive Bruise Says Bike Helmet Saved His Life

Prepare For The Repricing Of Risk Globally

North Korea Reportedly Sending Shipments Of 5 Million Artillery Shells To Russia

No Place In The Public Discourse The Connecticut Bar Association Warns Critics Of Trump Prosecutions

Obama And Kimmel Puppet Biden Through 30 Million LA Fundraiser As Trump Dazzles Detroit

An Army Special Forces Veteran Creates American Flags That Dont Burn

Possible Chemical Agent Released AtPride Event In Baltimore

There Seems To Be A Sense Of Incredulousness Around What Is Going On In The Markets

Eight Israeli Soldiers Killed In One Of Single Deadliest Incidents Since Oct 7

Morgan Stanley The AI Revolution Will Unleash An Explosion In New Debt Issuance

Sick Of The Grotesque Game Of Pretend Being Played Around Joe Biden

Education Nightmare Baltimore Chicago Public Schools Spend Spend Spend As Test Scores Drop